Sunday, September 28, 2008

Class Of Sept 27th

At last Ive managed to get yesterdays class on here! What a weekend we've had! Straight after yesterdays class we had to go to a family reunion, we didn't get back very early and had so much to do when we did get back! Brushes to clean and a car to load for a craft fair today!
We had a lovely time in class ---
everyone had travelled to get to us-no-one more than Vina and her daughter Tor who were up at 6am to travel from London to do the class!
Kath and Hilary -who we met at the Onslow Park Steam Rally last month came from Shrewsbury, Eileen came from Hereford and Mike came from Wolverhampton.
So they came from far and wide to be with us!
Amazingly everyone arrived on time from all their homes!
Everyone were first timers except for Mike----
Mike has been to a couple of other classes-but he emailed tonight to say that his family thought the painting he did with me was the best one, and I'm looking forward to seeing him again soon!
Tor had some great ideas of her own for her painting-right from the start-she wanted to know if she could add some turquoise colour to her sky-instead of just blue-of course I said yes-the idea of the classes is not to end up with a carbon copy of my painting-but to learn how to use the materials, and how to learn to develop your own style.
Nothing is set in stone-and hopefully I can advise you on any changes YOU would like to make to your painting to make it completely unique
Tors painting ended up very dramatic-with a lovely old twisted tree coming in from the left hand side.
The painting that I show you is just a guide-its always very interesting to see how quickly people learn to add things to their painting -all their own ideas, sometimes with a little help from other students too!!!
.I love to watch people develop as the time goes on-and it happens so quickly too.
Kath wanted to put a pathway down to her beach, with grasses and poppies growing alongside it.
I didnt realise til the end, when she showed me, that Mike had suggested to her to put a little gate at the bottom of the path-it worked really well!
Vina's husband came to pick her and Tor up and he was gobsmacked at their results-he really couldn't believe they had achieved the results in just 4 hours!
I woke during the night feeling ill-there is a sickness bug going around the area and it looks like Ive picked it up.
I was in two minds as to whether we did the craft market today or not-I felt lousy when the alarm went off at 6am this morning.
But after a hot shower I felt a little better, and we got on with loading the paintings into the car.
We had quite a busy day--I wasn't up to normal speed, but did my best.! Haven't felt right since I got up this morning and am looking forward to not getting up early tomorrow.
Lots of interest in the classes-will update the places left and the new classes tomorrow all being well.
The commissioned paintings were picked up from my stall as arranged , and Karen loved the Poppy Delight one--she hadn't seen any recent pics of it--trusting me to get it right!
I had a guide of the colours she wanted in it-but after the bare beginning-she hadnt any idea of what it looked like!
I signed it on the side and Bill strung it so it can be hung any way she fancies.
The Trio Of Sunflowers can only be hung the way intended because of the stalks!
Its late now so will update the new classes tomorrow.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Apologies--to todays class!

We have not long got back from a family reunion, I've have just cleaned nearly 100 brushes from the class today, and Bill has given a commission -"The Poppy" its final coat of varnish as its being picked up tomorrow along with the other commission" Trio Of Sunflowers".

Bill has also loaded most of the stuff in the car for tomorrows craft fair On Castle Square.!!

I sorry I just havent had chance to load the pictures from todays "Summers Day" class.

What a great bunch you were--and from far and wide--2 from London, 2 from Shrewsbury,1 from Wolverhampton and 1 from Hereford!

I will be posting the pictures up tomorrow, after we get back from the book and craft fair.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Class Of October 18th-Winter Wonderland

We will be doing a version of Winter Wonderland on Sat Oct 18th.
Some of the Ladies Of Sundorne Wi will be coming down to do the class.
This is one of the paintings that I did for the demonstration when I was there earlier this year.
There is possibly a couple of places left for this class-but the WI is having a meeting tomorrow, so the places might be filled by Friday.

Christmas Pressies !

I have spent most of the day wrapping up Christmas presents! Because we are such a big family I start my Christmas shopping early---and as it was getting hard to see any of the bedroom floor for bags of bits and bobs for Christmas I decided to get it all sorted today!
When I emptied the boxes and bags where I put stuff as I buy it-I came across stuff I'd forgotten about!It was great fun!
I had got all the wrapping paper and gift tags last January sales so I got stuck in and got everything done!
All the parcels are in bags with the respective recipients names on, Ive just got one or two things to add to a couple of them and I'm finished! The parcels are all in the spare bedroom, so our bedroom is looking more back to normal than it has in ages.
Even the ones that I post are done and in the bags ready to go!
It will mean less stress in the run up to Christmas!
Ive even sorted out a load of clothes to put on eBay. Ive got a commission to finish tomorrow, so wont get chance to log those on until Thursday night.


Bill had said he had heard a banging noise outside a couple of days ago, when he looked he had seen a woodpecker pecking away at the hole of one of the tit boxes we have on the various trees around the garden.

I was busy upstairs this morning when I heard a noise outside-luckily I had the camera in the next room.

The picture is not clear-I was quite a distance away , in the upstairs bedroom ,
from the old cherry tree where the bird box is.I couldn't open the window in case I scared him off, but we watched as the woodpecker chipped away at the entrance of the box until he was able to fit into it-as soon as he did he proceeded to throw all the old nesting material out.
It really seemed to upset all the small birds and they constantly buzzed him-blue tits, great tits and blackbirds all kept flying close to him as if trying to get him away.
After he had cleared that box he flew onto the birch tree bird box and started working on making that hole bigger.Im not sure what he will do now he has cleared the boxes-will he be looking at nesting in them next year?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are off to Scotland!

We have been busy planning out holiday to Scotland next month.
Ive never been further north than Blackpool and Bill has been to Scotland loads of time when he worked as a long distance lorry driver , but never had chance to stop and enjoy it!

We are going to have a whole week touring around and I cant wait!

We are stopping in Carlise on the way up over night, then going on up to Montrose the next morning where we will be staying with some great friends for a couple of nights.
Then we are setting off to Dumbarton where we will stay overnight and the next morning setting off for Dumfries.
We are stopping there overnight and then heading for Kendal the next morning where we are staying for 2 nights, so we will be able to have a good look around the Lake District.
It should be beautiful-the trees will be changing colours and the scenery will give me loads of inspiration for more paintings.
My dear friend Jean is moving in here to look after the livestock while we are away-she really enjoyed herself the last time she came to parrot sit-and so did all the pets! They were spoiled rotten!

Daves Wooden Art

While we were at Bishops Castle today we found Dave Bytheway, son of one of my friends.He creates the most amazing wooden sculptures using a chainsaw! He also had this beautiful gypsy caravan that he has renovated-he hand painted it all and used real gold leaf on it.
He makes some beautiful stuff-there is a life size grizzly bear in a garden just down the road from us that he has carved!

Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair

We have had a lovely day today,first of all we went to Leominster Boot sale-we haven't been for weeks because of doing various craft fairs and also the weather. It was lovely to wander around and pick up some bargains-like a new cd system which sounds just brilliant and has been set up in the kitchen!I also bought some lovely jewelry for myself! As if I need any more!
I did also buy a lovely stand to hang necklaces and earrings off as well, so will be able to keep the new stuff tidy!
Then we went off to Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair-we have never been there before and what a great event it was.
Bill was in his element-loads of steam engines, tractors and lorries on display.
All of the streets were buzzing with people and stalls.There was loads to see.
The morris dancers were very entertaining-how they kept it up with the dancing with it being so hot I don't know--but the funny thing is neither of us noticed the spotted house in the background when we watched them! Its only now when I was putting the photos on the computer that I 'spotted it!'
We went into the craft tent and got talking to one of the exhibitors who makes soaps of all description's from goats milk.We bought some coffee soap which removes smells from your hands-handy when Ive been cleaning brushes and some nettle soap which is great for dry skin.
She gave us all the imformation for next year and hopefully we will be doing the fair ourselves.
It had a lovely atmosphere and we really enjoyed ourselves there.Its not many miles from home , cant understand why we havent been to it before!

E Bay

Ive spent a few minutes updating my ebay 'Me' page.
Ive now added all the details of my classes etc-take a look -now all I need to do is sort out just what else Im going to sell on there!
Ive got to have a massive clothes sort out this week-so I expect a lot of clothes will be going on there as well as some of the knick knacks that have been gathering dust!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Garden Nearly Finished

Well thanks to the lovely weather we have had this week the garden is very near finished.The tall plants with the white flowers are sooo beautiful-they are highly scented -especialy in the evening.They were a bargain that Bill managed to find when the food and drink festival was on, in the local Buttercross market.
The cobble stones have been placed around the little patch in the corner by the summer house, they set the colours of the plants off a treat.
The family of wooden ducks have made their home outside the shed, although there is going to be some changes there, the path is going to change direction slightly.
We are going to sit outside tonight and have our evening meal, its such a beautiful evening-we may even light up the chimanea !

Jills Class--Emerald Forest

I had a most enjoyable day today with Jill who came over from Telford for the Emerald Forest class.
Jill and myself have been in touch for a time now, emailing and we met a few weeks ago when she came over to Ludlow to pick up an encaustic kit.
We were giggling most of the day at one thing or another--Jake and Paddy were outside on the patio and Jake was talking non stop most of the time, which creased us up!
In between painting which was very leisurely, as I showed Jill some interesting websites on the computer--she loved
and both sites are very worth while looking at if you like a bargain!
Jill has gone home with lots of new ideas!
The time flew by and before we knew it , it was 3pm!
They say time flies when you enjoy yourself and its true!
Im looking forward to meeting Jill again!
The two other ladies that were coming couldn't make it at the last minute, but are coming again to do this painting.
There is also one place left in the Birch Trees class in November as Bev cant make it due to having visitors that weekend-however she is coming next weekend to do the Summer Day class which now has the full capacity of 7 people.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Emerald Forest

There are still some places left in this Saturdays class "Emerald Forest" This painting is very atmospheric to look at with the light streaming through the trees onto the pond.
This class is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced students.
Its created using acrylic and oil paint and you have the option of leaving the painting monochrome or adding the colour.
If you are interested in joining me for this class please get in touch via my website

Britsh Heart Foundation Charity Auction

I have donated 2 paintings for the following appeal.
Sian the area cordinator got in touch as I have helped this charity several times before in different ways.
Its a charity very close to my heart as my hubsband Bill had a heart attack 5 years ago and my dear Dad passed away suddenly 3 years ago with heart failure.
These arent the actual paintings--I havent time to search for the images at the moment-got a thousand and one things to be doing at moment, but they are along the same lines! A "Summer Day" one and a "Birch Tree" one.
. The auction is on Monday 3rd November at 7.30pm, at the Barley Mow Public House in Droitwich, Worcestershire. It is in aid of the Worcester Balloon Appeal, to raise £38,000 for a lifesaving Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) for the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. This will help more patients to be treated locally, whilst also supporting acutely ill patients on the ITU.
If you are able to get along to the auction please do-its for a very good cause.

Monday, September 15, 2008

AAAAHHHHHH--Little Billy

Just look at this beautiful little Cairn puppy! Little Billy was bought along to the craft fair to meet us by our friends Jan and John.They had only had him the day before and decided to call him Billy!
He is adorable.He was passed around like a parcel for a while then fell asleep on the encaustic table for a good half an hour!
Another of my students came by at the same time-Sharleen bought Choclate Chip the poodle who came to classes with her!
He used to run round like a looney for 5 minutes every class!
It was lovely for everyone to meet up again!

Food And Drink Craft Fair

We met some lovely people at the weekend while doing the craft fair!
Here are some of the people who had a go at the encaustic art-from the top-I hope Ive got the names right!! Sue ,Andy-parents of Alfie, (Stans photo didnt come out sorry!) and Minnie,
Lauren, Cortney, Amy,Laura ,Paige,Savhanna and finaly Hannah .
I was too tired last night to get the pics on here-by the time we unloaded the car and sat down it was late!
Sue and Andy and the children really enjoyed having a go and bought the complete set to carry on at home.Stans photo was very blurred so I couldnt upload it!
I know they will all have a lot of fun with it at home.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Setting Up Craft Fair

We had a bust time setting up the stalls at the craft market tonight.As usual we are in the same place, its surprising how many people come in to see us each year.
We have a lot of space to display the paintings nicely.
A table with just encaustic items for sale in the form of paintings and also the equipment to create your own works of art using melted wax.
Last year I sold out of it all in the first few hours of opening, so I have really stocked up this time.
I sold out at Onslow Park steam rally last month too. Its really becoming a popular hobby with all ages.
We will be back down at the college early tomorrow morning just to make the final few adjustments to the stalls.
I have all the class subject paintings on my freestanding stands in order of dates they are to be painted on, it makes life easier when people can have a quick glance and see how many places are left in each class and when its being painted.
There is loads of room for people to walk around both sides to see and also seats to sit and look--the husbands tend to take seat and let the ladies walk around the stalls and spend the money!
We are really looking forward to the weekend, its always great fun to do and we meet lots of lovely people!

The Party!

We had a lovely time on Wednesday evening at mums 70th birthday party.! Poor mum didnt have clue about the extra people who were there, she thought it was just going to be us children, partners and grandchildren!
The rest of the relatives were all in on the secret and everyone was seated when she walked in! There were some tears of joy from her, when she came round the corner and spotted everyone.
We all had a beautiful meal at The Queens, can highly reccommend the sirloin steak with herb butter.
There was another surprise when they bought out her birthday cake-again she had a few tears!
The cake tasted lovely and everyone enjoyed themselves chatting after.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mums 70th Birthday

We had a busy day yesterday making a birthday for mum who is 70 years old today!
We had a real game with the cake, because we made a big sponge the timing was out for cooking times so we were guessing-we got there in the end.
I then spent the evening decorating it for her-she likes a game of bingo so the bingo card ws the obvious choice of decoration.I added a bingo dobber pen.All of the numbers on the card are important ones, birthdays, etc.
We are all off out for a meal soon-she thinks its only us three children and partners etc but she is in for a surprise as all the aunties, uncles , friends etc will be there waiting!
e should get some good photos when she walks in and realises whats going on!
Im looking forward to a slap up meal-in between the cake making we were busy shampooing all the carpets with a machine hired from the supermarket--hard work but boy hasnt it made a difference! They look like new. We finished this afternoon, so have earned a good meal tonight!
Right Im off to do my hair now, will post the pics tomorrow!