Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Onslow Park Steam Rally

The time came round so quickly -it didn't seem a year since we were last there-
this year was much easier now we have Bunty Van !
The caravan had hardly any weight in it this year-usually its full of paintings and paints as well as the usual stuff we need in it!
We did look a bit like new age travellers towing behind Bunty!

We had our usual space in the marquee and were able to park next to it with the caravan.
We got everything set up on Saturday so we just had to go in and take off all the cloths and sheets covering it all for the start of the show on Sunday morning.
I always get my class subjects hung first and then see what space there is after to hang the other paintings.
I had loads of room to put out everything on the tables as well and sales of art materials/encaustic art went very well.

The weather didn't seem to bad at first then all of a sudden it went very warm and there was some huge gusts of wind -it felt like the whole marquee was going to come down on us--it really was scary.
Fortunately Bill always fastens the metal stands with cable ties to every post-so they cant move however much the canvas moves.
We heard after that we had a mini hurricane and it had blown a huge branch off one of the trees and onto some cars-writing them off completely. We watched it on the news that night-and it was front page news in the paper as well.
Luckily nobody was hurt-it could have been a lot worse.
The organisers had to go round bashing in all the pegs afterwards,as the huge gusts has moved them quite a bit. The weather was great after that, and it was heaving with people in there.
As I have an L shaped stall it means people can stand and watch/chat when I'm painting and not get in the way of everyone else's stalls!

A great time was had by us all--and big thanks to Ros who organised the event for the first time--she did a brilliant job of it-some great new ideas this year and more for next year as well.
We have the Bishops Castle Michaelmas fair next in September.

Snaps From Onslow Park Steam Rally

There was soooo much to see at Onslow Park this year--shame I didnt get chance to see any of it except at night when we were heading for the beer tent-and all the steamers were lit up!
However Bill managed to escape the marquee and get some photos of various things that were around!

We met up with Sox the cockatoo who was just gorgeous-so friendly-along with her 2 friends and her owners who we meet up with every year at Onslow-cockatoos are so different to other parrots-they love being cuddled!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Sale!

I was chuffed to find I had sold another painting at the Ludlow Art Society exhibition when I went to do my turn stewarding this morning.
"Poppy" has been sold.

I must crack on and do another version in time for Onslow Park at the weekend!
I painted this 30in x 30in version especially for the exhibition.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had an early start this morning--6am on a Sunday isnt great!
We got set up early for the craft and charity fair on Ludlow Market.
It was a busy day with lots of folk around-lots of enquiries about classes and a sale of the latest "Yesterday" painting.
Its on its way down to Kent.
We had a quiet few minutes at lunch time so I decided to pop across to the Ludlow Art Society exhibition and have a look at what was on show there.I was chuffed to find that one of my paintings had been sold-

Father and Son

I love this photo of Carl (Bills eldest son) and Oliver--Little Oliver is just 3 days old here and seems to be looking at his daddy soooo intently bless him.

Carl has now gone back to work in Africa and wont see Ollie until he is 3 months old-and boy what a difference he will see in him then.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Class of August 21st

Out of the 10 students today only 3 had painted before.

This was a new class subject and it allowed for lots of personal preference to come through!

After showing the students how to do the grass background it was interesting to stand back and see how they all tackled it--it was a very interesting class both for me and the students.
When the time came to put in the various flowers we had lots of different versions going on and quite a few 'fantasy flowers'
lots of lovely colours were mixed as the paintings came to life with lots of flowers-from poppies to daisies-and a few in between!
Im off for an early night now--we are on the Craft and Country market tomorrow and Im feeling quite tired after a hectic week.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Latest Grandson -Oliver Jay

We had the news that Marce was in labour last night while we were still away on our break-and this morning we had the call from Carl to say that his son Oliver Jay had been born at 11.15am weighing 8lb.
We came home and unpacked, got the washing done and went up to Shrewsbury hospital this evening to see him.
He is a real little darling--he has slept all day bless him.
They will be transferred back to Ludlow hospital tomorrow all being well.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Break Away

After the hectic few weeks we have had, its lovely-and much needed-to have a couple of nights away....... and we are relaxing well and truly.

We have been upgraded to the 4 poster room..and its just great--there is a wonderful ceiling and cornice in the room -the detail is just fantastic--

We have been making the most of the swimming pool today-just us two in there--its been ages since we had a swim!
The time will fly by no doubt-and we will be back to it before we know it!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Todays Class "Reeds In The Breeze"

We were 2 students less today due to a bereavement-our condolences go to Gary and Elaine.

Out of the 13 students 11 were first timers--of course there were a lot of nerves to begin with-but everyone soon settled down!

I had my usual helper Natalie-who was kept busy making cups of tea and coffee for the students as they arrived, then she got roped in helping me coat the canvas with the special primer I mix myself-as there were 14 canvas to do, it took some time!
Once everyone had decided which version they wanted to paint and I got the relevant oil colours out onto the palettes the paintings came together very quickly!
Everyone got the hang of the bashing brushes and tickling brushes and we all had a giggle about the bush brushes as well!
Everyone was amazed to see just how quickly the paintings developed-and within 40 minutes we had beautiful skies and water on the canvas.
Its so interesting to see how different people tackle each stage-although they have all watched me demonstrate each bit-they all do it differently.

We stopped for lunch at 12pm--its so handy having the cafe on site--everyone gives their order in for food when they arrive and its all ready for when we stop--lovely food and reasonable prices too.
After a lovely salad /ham baguette it was time to do the bushes, grasses and poppies--
and again everyones individual personalities came through in how they did this stage.
The time flew by--the weather was horrible at times and I had to get the photos done inside for once--Karen had to dash off to an appointment before the group photo!
Everyone wants to come again--we are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Judging by the remarks on face book by some of the students friends-we will be getting some more new students--Jeni has had an offer of 2 people buying her painting and someone asking her if she taught painting as well!

All in all a fantastic time had by all-beautiful paintings created and lots of ego's boosted--
I had a lovely conversation this evening on the phone with Pat who was with me today--she was so chuffed with her achievements -and couldn't praise Painting My Way highly enough-bless her.
It makes my day when I get feedback like that I can tell you!

We are away for a few days from tomorrow--unwinding after such a hectic few weeks--I will have Internet access and will have my appointment book with me to take bookings-as usual I cant completely leave it all behind!