Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Onslow Park Steam Rally

One of the best shows we do every year--in fact this year it was THE best! We have done Onslow Park team rally for the past 8 years--We always have a great space with plenty of room to display my art and demonstrate..We took the caravan up on the Thursday and parked her up, then packed the van and travelled up on Saturday. We set up the stands and tables on Sat afternoon and went back to the caravan after covering it all up with waterproof was especially good because the flare-up of the polymyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis that's has been a bit of a bugger for past few weeks has burned itself out and I was feeling bloody brilliant! No Pain and stiffness (well hardly any lol) I felt like a new woman...

After a drink or three we went for a walk round the grounds and funnily enough ended up at the beer tent where there was an Abba tribute band playing and boy were they good--after bopping and having a drink we moved on..

we ended up on the Waltzers -first time in about 20 years..then on another really fast ride----and then to Bills amazement--I said I wanted to go on the big wheel!  I conquered a big fear that night--yes it was scary but I did it and lived to tell the tale!

I got the stall set out just right, with all my little paintings etc..

Lots of interest in my button bouquets , orders for some too for next year..

Its amazing how much can be squeezed into the space..

The Birch Tree Walk went to live with a lovely young girl who fell in love with it--and fetched every member of her family to see it--

And the last Squirrels Eye View went to live with a lovely gentleman...must get cracking and get another version done now!

Bill was able to go out and have a look at what was going on outside--I managed a few trips to the loo and that was it--it was sooo busy!

Some beautiful engines...

Little shire foal flat out by his mummy--Bill watched them in the ring-mum is a beautiful dapple grey..

lots for everyone to see..

Dinner on Sunday evening-we were too knackered to cook-so ended up with low-fat cheese and low cal biscuits,chutney and home-grown tomatoes--and of course a lovely bottle of wine!

and the tea lights we took with us cast a lovely romantic glow after ;-) We want to thank Ros and co for the organisation of the show--wouldn't want the job for all the money in the world! We had so many laughs with everyone all weekend, am looking forward to next years already!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Llandudno Break

We are back from our lovely break to Llandudno tonight..3 nights staying in one of the best B+B's we have ever stopped in. Walsall House  comes highly recommended by us-its just 5 mins walk from the front, just 3 bedrooms and is spotless clean everywhere..The bed is one of the most comfortable ever--the food is delicious and fact no complaints!!! Except for my bloody health as usual--had a huge flare up of the polymyalgia and the rheumatoid arthritis as couldn't walk far until the strong meds had kicked in--the steroids have gone up again too--fingers crossed it will be a short lived flare--we have a lot coming up again this week--Onslow Park Steam Rally is this Sunday and Monday..

lots of lovely touches everywhere in the room,love the little teddy om the bed!
lovely bay window -ideal for people watching!
A beautiful breakfast to start the day!
great selection of jams and marmalade's on the table..

and a different tea cosy each day!! Janis makes them all!

I fell in love with this beautiful sofa in the dining room--and would love it in my living room! It would match my beautiful colourful sideboard beautiful----but Janis said she would lie on it to stop us trying to get it in the car LOL...

I love Llandudno front..we went for a walk along there every evening..

there is a huge wind farm off shore--my new camera picked it up pretty well!

caught this shot in the afternoon..will be painting it-possibly as a class subject-watch this space!

love this shot--

It was great to meet up with Louise and Derek over at Holyhead on Sunday-- we all met for the first time years ago when there was a meet at the Cottage of Content where we did the famous Boobtiful painting to raise money for breast cancer.. we have been friends on Facebook since but this was first chance to catch up in real life! They are coming over to Ludlow next year so we will meet up again then--looking forward to it very much!  We had a scrummy 3 course meal at The Driftwood...

passed by Conwy castle on the way back to LLandudno..

We had lovely weather the whole time we were away--a bit windy but dry.. we had a bit of rain on the way home today but it didn't last very long...

We  have passed this place The Ugly House many times over the years but never stopped for a we did-- beautiful old house-dating from the 1400's  and its now a cafe..

its built out of huge boulders..

beautiful gardens, we didn't get around them as it was drizzling and my legs couldn't do the hilly bits!

must say its one of the most expensive cafes we have been in--£8.25 for a jacket spud--how can they justify that? We just had a coffee!!

Next stop was Llangollen...lovely  little place

watched these mad folk going down the rapids!

and we ended up here for a ploughman's lunch...very good it was too!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dolly Diane..

Little Tommy came round  while the lovely Dolly was being created--we thought he would either be scared or love her--in fact he took not one bit of notice of her!
He is always beaming bless his heart!
She appears to be a bit of a messy artist!

Its amazing what you can do with an old quilts, a pair of tights and some buttons!

She was quite happy to sit on the stall at the show--the kids loved her and Bill was creased when a chap started chatting to her--think he should have gone to Spec-savers maybe!


I painted this Squirrels Eye View a while ago but was never quite happy with it.. a big chunky 30in x 30in canvas ...
I decided to add a splash of autumn colour to it and entered it in the Church Stretton Arts Festival exhibition--and it had sold when we went to collect them from there this morning!

This painting has been one of my favourite ones ever since I painted it a short time ago-- 40in x 12in I just love the dramatic black and white with the splash of red in the corner. A lovely lady fell in love with it at first sight at Burwarton Show last Thursday---problem was there were no card machines working as there is no phone signal in the area--luckily she managed to find her brother who was happy to help her out with a loan of the money to buy it!!

Class of Aug 9th "Stormy Skies"

I had 2 last minute cancellations at 11pm on Friday night because of I was down to 12 students for Saturdays workshop..and they came from far and wide again---Claire's sat nav bought her the long way from Birmingham--we are not quite sure where she came but it involved a lot of country lanes so she was going back via Kidderminster! First time painting for her--we will also see her at the end of the month to paint The Waterfall!
Christine came along with another of her granddaughters-Alex for the second time... Christine's hubby stayed to watch the proceedings too,,and showed me his great camera--I liked it so much I came home and ordered one for myself! Been promising myself a new one for a bit...

Alex made a beautiful job of her painting..

Ann enjoyed working with the oils and got a really dramatic sky going on very quickly!

Looking good!

We had a good mix of subtle skies and more dramatic ones....

Jackie was starting to wish she hadn't put in quite so many waves  when it came time to drag the wave out with a brush after!

First time for Jackie who was supposed to come in March with her daughter and group of friends--unfortunately she had a fall and broke her ankle and had to put off coming until yesterday...

her daughter Michelle who was also painting for the first time had a call to say her hubby had had an accident just before we started the class...and had been rushed to hospital with suspected broken ribs--so they dashed off as soon as we finished--will be in touch with her to see how he is..

Steve was with us for the 3rd time..he and wife Sylvia chose to do the 12in x 24in canvas..he did a dramatic bold version and Sylvia went more subtle!

Here is Sylvia adding the final details to her picture!

Beautiful results from everyone as usual..

Well done ladies x