Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2 Years--where did it go?

I cant believe its been 2 years since our little Tommy was born...our lives changed so much on May 26th 2012! From the word go he has been a good little boy--sleeping through the night from about 12 weeks old--and only having his mummy and daddy up a handful of times during the night since!

A year old here...not much hair yet...

and now he definitely needs a haircut! Beautiful blonde curls he has!

He had loads of fun yesterday with Nanny Di--he got filthy out in the garden!!

fun on his truck!

he is always laughing...

he is very munchable!

he loves helping Grandad Bill in the garage..

loving the bubbles!

with his lovely mummy...

feeding the fish..

Tommy wouldn't wear the mask but grandad did! He likes a bit of fun!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kinlet WI Demo

Well since we got back from our hols on Tuesday evening we have not stopped...we were on the market yesterday--and very busy it was too...didn't stop all day talking with people about the workshops..loads of interest in them.. We are on the market again this Sunday--will be good if the sun shines on us again! When we packed up on the market it was back home to load up the van ready for a demo for the ladies of Kinlet WI and guests.. we had a lovely time there..lots of oohs and ahhhs as the pictures came to life in minutes before their eyes..

Jan and Liz were the winners of the raffle..very happy ladies indeed!


We have had a lovely break away in Blackpool for Bills birthday..Neither of us had been to Blackpool for around 30 years but we had a great deal again off the Internet so decided to chance it!!! We didn't expect too much for just £45 for 2 nights B+B for both of us but the reviews on Tripadvisor were great and we were not disappointed when we got there! The room was lovely-new bathroom,great bed--and I didn't have to use my own pillows that I take everywhere with me in case the ones in the room are not 'right'!! I have a bit of a obsession about my pillows--I cant sleep if they are not right! The whole place was spotless clean...and we didn't hear any noise from the other rooms either--we were amazed when we went down to breakfast to see so many folk there as we hadn't heard any at all.

The lights..

The scaffolding came down after we arrived!

Cheers Bill--happy birthday !

The weather was beautiful and we had this lovely sea view from our room..

beautiful view.

Look who we met at Blackpool Tower!

I have been very well for 10 days now-(-touches wood quickly) no pain,stiffness or anything!!! And we walked for miles and miles up and down the front from one end to the other--quite unbelievable,,,not sure why I'm so well--the only change has been changing from white wine to Rose--and I'm sure that cant be it LOL....maybe the Polymyalgia is finally burning itself out at last..even the tinnitus stayed away while we were on holiday..and its quiet again today..I'm loving it!

Found guilty of being a witch! We had a great time in the Blackpool Dungeons--its well worth the money to go in--or use your Tesco vouchers in exchange for tickets for there!

we were going to go in here...but thought better of it after watching video outside of the poor folk inside having the shite scared out of em!

We had a brilliant getting dressed up for these photos---

Buffalo Bill!!!  We are already looking at what dates we can get away on again so we can return to The South Beach Hotel...

well worth the money!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Forest Pool Workshop May 17th

It started as a joke by Tina -one of the students in Saturdays workshop--''Dont Forget The Swear Box" she said on Facebook to me --so I took one along with me! It did have a little money put in there by her --but it gave me a thought--why not take it every week and donate the proceeds to a breast cancer charity-as its a subject close to our that is whats going to happen every week! A few folk have been known to have a little curse under their breath when a brush stroke does not go to plan make sure you bring along some small change when you come to the workshops everyone!

It was lovely to see Margarita back again after a break--she has lost her beloved hubby and been very ill herself bless her--so a bit of  painting therapy was called for..she loved it bless her...and she was quite a star when it was revealed that she is in fact Clarice Cliff's niece..and she told everyone the story about her famous aunt! Everyone was quite fascinated by it!

Kay came along for the first time--and loved it! She was quite at home with the bashing and tickling brushes--

Chris also took to it easily--first time for her after having a gift voucher off her sister for a special birthday!

4th time for Tina-- loved the blue and purple bushes--very magical!

1st time for Annette-though you wouldn't know it from the results would you?

Another 1st timer-Hilary--she loved it-and didn't think she would be able to do it at all...

Rosemary's first time too...every ones painting had a beautiful mystical,magical feel to it---beautiful!

Tony adding his bushes at the bottom---he also ended up creating some beautiful little dragonflies on his painting..

Carol with her beautiful painting--love the vibrant colour,,

Helen loves working on a black canvas...she made a great job of the picture..

1st time for 12 year old Phoebe who came along with her Mum Jilly..

Jilly at the start of her painting--its amazing how quickly the painting comes along..

Phoebes pallet was a work of art in itself! For some reason we had a lot of messy palettes in the class that day!!

well done everyone--wonderful results from you all..

everyone was amazed-and scared at the end by adding the big tree(s) I think everyone was scared they would spoil their painting--but all did it with several of them adding 3 trees..and of course nobody spoiled their picture at all!! We also had a request from Kay to add a waterfall as well as a pool--and a couple of others did that too--it did work in OK..

well done everyone!

Demo At Severn Valley Country Park

We had a lovely evening doing the demo at Severn Valley Country Park last was lovely to see Karen  and Jackie 2 of my students there too...

Bill managed to get this cracking photo as the sun went down outside the venue--It will be painted quite soon!

Winners of the raffle...We will be doing a Summer Day workshop at the venue on Mon June if you are in the area please contact me to book in!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Demo At severn Valley Country Park nr Bridgnorth

We will be at the Severn Valley Country Park, Alveley ,Nr Bridgnorth on Thursday evening 7pm doing a demo..I will be painting 2 pictures from start to finish during the evening in front of you using oils..
The demo will be lots of fun, and there will be refreshments included in the admission which is £5 .

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I cant believe that our little Tommy is nearly 2 years old..where has the time gone to? He is a darling little chap--as good as gold-always happy and smiling he is bless him!

he hasn't quite got the hang of the car yet and still only goes backwards!

we had great fun out on his patio-he loves playing in the stones! And when I tipped the bit of water out of his car after the rain he was in his element! Boys just love getting dirty don't they?

He has been on holiday all week and Becki bought him round to see us this afternoon--he loves Grandad Bill and loves playing 'high-five' with him! We couldn't get over how much he has grown in such a short time....

love those eyes!

happy chap

his mummy says he has to have a hair cut soon--all those lovely curls --but I'm sure they will come back!