Saturday, October 28, 2006

Craft Fairs

We have done 2 craft fairs this week, one on thursday and one today. We were freezing cold on Thursday doing the ludlow market one, it was blowing a gale, makes life hard then when you have to tie everything down--makes you wonder why we do it sometimes--and then you get talking to some great people who are really interested in what you do and it really makes it worth it.

In between the computer had to be sorted out---many thanks to my great friends Frank and Phil-- dont know what I would do without those guys, they have got me out of many a mess with it--good job there is no hammers about here in the study!!!

Today we did a craft fair in nearby Leominster in aid of a cancer charity--it was in the Priory Church-- a beautiful setting, but again quite cold as churches always are!!!
Glad to get home and have a nice bottle of wine and unwind!!
People just dont realise how much work goes into these things--Im lucky because Bill is more organised than me and has the car loaded with everything needed before I have chance to think about it!!
Sounds,like I will have quite a few classes in the near future, there was a lot of interest in it.
I love to paint when I am at the fairs, people can then see that it really is as easy as I say!!!

What a week!!!

Had a brilliant day on Tuesday, Brian came for a one to one painting lesson after his daughter and son bought him a 'Painting My Way' gift voucher for his 72nd birthday. He produced the most beautiful waterfall painting in less than 2 hours.
He was a cracking student--he listened to what I told him and watched intently as I showed him what to do. He was over the moon with his painting.
When he had arrived that morning he said to me "I cant see how you can teach me to paint in such a short time" I said "you will see!!!!"
He went away with several black canvas, some paint and some brushes, eager to carry on what he had learnt with me.I am looking forward to seeing the results, and also looking forward to meeting Brian again as he is coming back for another session doing another painting soon.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

So busy!!!!!

Had a busy day today--dropped 2 pictures off in local shops to sell, then home to start on a BIG JOB!!!
We have started making the christmas cakes!!!
So Me and Bill have spent the past 2 hours measuing out flour and spices etc--- the fruit was put to soak in a whole bottle of brandy last night, mind you that is going into 4 cakes so its not as bad as it sounds!
Cake no 1 is now in the oven and will come out at 9pm, the house is filled with the most lovely smells at the moment.
But that means that I havent got any painting done today --I've outgrown 2 studios and now paint in the kitchen /dining room, so until cakes are finished I'm a bit stuck!!
Normal sevice will resume soon!!!!
We are doing 2 craft fairs this week so I have a lot to catch up on, small paintings to mount and bag and cards to make!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hows this for a spooky painting!

When I painted this picture I didnt notice what was hiding in the undergrowth. When I started to varnish it, I noticed lots of little faces looking at me,there are loads of little goblins peeping out of the bushes!! Look closely and you will see them too!! Very spooky, especialy so near Halloween too!!!