Monday, June 30, 2008

Some more little stars!

Here are some more of the children who had a go at the encaustic art yesterday.Andy and Mathew had a great time and did some lovely pics.
Next we had Harriet who is being watched by little brother George. Harriet chose the pinks to do her first painting, she returned a short time later to have another go-this time using reds and yellows.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Birch Trees

I was asked today if I did my monochrome birch tree paintings in any other colour--the lady in question wanted a brown and beige combination--to match her living room-- I had some canvas with me so made a start while still at the festival,I will be working on them some more tomorrow while I'm there, so she will be able to see the work progressing. I have logged the first stages onto a copyright protection website.
I will log every stage after as we go.Its making an interesting change from black and white!

Shobdon Food And Drink

As usual we met up with all of last years exhibitors and had a quick catch up on all of the previous years events--we had our usual spot in the corner just through the entrance of the marquee.

My good friend Jones The Bead who makes fantastic beaded jewelry etc was at a wedding today so had a good friend of hers running the stall for her next to ours--cant wait to meet up with her tomorrow! She is a laugh a minute is Elaine!

We had to take Punky ( so called after the sticky up hairstyle hes got!) the baby chaffinch with us as he needs feeding every 20 mins or so and his chirping every so often had people curious as to what we were feeding in the little covered box!

We are feeding him a mixture of corned beef and brown bread crumbs mixed with water.

He gets so excited when we take back the tea-towel we use to cover his little box he dances from side to side before he starts feeding from the tweezers!

He is feeding so well, we let him out in the evening to stretch and strengthen his little wings--he can run around like a little mouse but cant fly much at the moment. I do hope we will be able to let him go soon and he can fend for himself.
When we let him out last night he jumped onto Jakes cage-squeezed through the bars and sat quite happily there with Jake wondering quite what this little ball of feathers was!
I asked for a small cage for him on Freecycle but was advised by a fellow Freecycler that Punky would be better off as he was in a small cardboard box as the baby birds tend to injure themselves on bars of cage trying to get out.So for now he will stay in his nest sized box.
We will really miss him when he goes..

Recognised this face!

When I was loading the pic of today's craft fair onto the blog-I noticed some pics of last years event and I instantly recognised this little face--Zac used exactly the same colours to do his encaustic painting as he did last year--yellow and red must be his favorite colours!

Shobdon Food And Drink Festival

Well the weather held out today and it was a lovely day-nice and sunny and not too hot in the craft marquee-pictured are the little stars of today--I forgot to bring the piece of paper home with all of their names on but I'm sure they will all recognise themselves!
The encaustic art was very very popular with young and old alike and we had a lot of interesting pictures-including some angel fish and a standard poodle!
I'm sorry I didn't get the pics on here before but the computer played up --had a big black square in corner of screen and couldnt get on to put pics on! (I didn't fall asleep like Bill told everyone I might!)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunshine Series

I am painting a new series of paintings at the moment--its going to be called my "Sunshine Collection" All of the paintings will follow a theme of bright, warm sunshine colours, warm yellow,reds,and oranges. They will brighten up any wall you care to hang them! If you have an idea for a painting in these theme, please get in touch and I will create what you have in mind.
''I Stand Alone'' is the first in this series. The silhouette of a solitary tree, which is reflected into the shimmering water. The water has been painted using a special shimmering paint in gold and red-its transparent but adds a beautiful finish.
Keep a look out for more in this series in the near future.
The price of this painting is £180 including P+P in UK please get in touch via

Rumour Has It----

That we love birds in the Jennings household!
Sparky the cat has obviously noticed and last night he bought in this little baby bird.
I think he found him on the ground, and didn't fetch him out of a nest,he was absolutely freezing and very weak, so I warmed him up in my hands before putting in a nest of kitchen towel, not expecting to see him alive this morning!
However this morning he was chirping for some food. We mashed up some mealy worms and bread with some water and we have fed him with tweezers every 20 mins from dawn til dusk , as he would be in the wild.
He takes the food very well and is quite strong.He has got most of his feathers and cant be far off being able to fend for himself. You can see how tiny he is compared to Bills hands!!
We think he may be a chaffinch but we are not entirely sure,his chest is a bit redder than appears in the photos, and we have had a pair of bull finches feeding here everyday, so maybe he is one of those?
If you think you know what he is please get in touch.

Shobdon Food And Drink Festival

We are busy getting everything prepared for Shobdon Food And Drink Festival at the weekend.

Its one of our favorite venues-set in beautiful surroundings. This year they are incorporating a garden festival with it so it should be interesting.

There will be lots of exciting foods and drinks to try, and all sorts of things going on. On Saturday night there willbe a rock and roll band playing, a bar and hot food available. There is also an acution of promises, with a Manchester United shirt signed by the Euopean Cup winning team!

We will be setting up on Friday so we can take things easy on Saturday! I shall be demonstrating both the oil painting and the encaustic art , and there will be chance to have a go at the encaustic art too.

I shall have around 50 paintings on display.
We have got one of Bills famous Christmas cakes to take along to share with the other exhibitors as we did last year, it will be nicely matured by now--it went down a treat with everyone last year!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories
The latest in my ''Summer Day'' series of paintings. This one is painted onto a Windsor and Newton deep edge box canvas.The sides have been painted. Painted in oil, the colours are fresh and vibrant. The waves lapping onto the beach are created using a palette knife which leaves the paint standing out from the canvas giving a very pleasing effect. The palm tree is gently blowing in the sea breeze. It maybe reminds you of holidays taken somewhere tropical.
This painting has been painted onto Windsor and Newton deep edge box canvas.The sides have been painted and it does not require framing.
It measures 34in x 30 in .
If you are interested in buying this painting please get in touch via the website
The price including P+P in UK is £200

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bella's Christening

We had a lovely afternoon today--my daughter Becki was Godmother to this beautiful little baby(BELLA) whose mum is Becki's best friend Shell.
Bella has been named Bella Rebecca after my Becki which is lovely!
Bills son and his wife Hayley were also there along with this other little chap-our grandson Callum.
As you can see Callum got stuck into the chocolate cakes and made a right mess!
Now Im off to do the finishing touches to the 2 paintings that have been commissioned!

Ludlow Festival

Its that time of year again---Ludlow Festival--this year its Shakespeare's Richard III.
As usual the weather has changed from bright and sunny to wet and windy--as is traditional for the festival!
It wont stop the show no doubt--they will battle on the stage in Ludlows famous castle.

The weather usualy changes for the last night of the festival-there is a fantastic open air pop concert with a firework display as a finale.

This year the line up is

The Manfreds with Paul Jones,Mike d'Abo, Mike Hugg, Tom Guiness and Rob Townsend,

PJ PRoby--'Somewhere' 'Maria' 'Hold Me'

Chris Farlow---- 'Out Of Time' Handbags and 'Gladrags'

Brian Poole---- 'Twist and Shout' 'Do You Love Me?'

Mike Pender---'Sweets For My Sweet' 'Needles And Pins' 'Dont Throw Your Love Away'

Vanity Fare---'Hitching a Ride' 'Early in the Morning'

As usual we will be outside (weather permitting) on our patio listening to it all going on in the castle, having a bbq and a glass or 3 of wine!

For more details go to

Friday, June 20, 2008

Forest Pool--Class Full

The Forest Pool class on Sat 5th July is now full.
I will be setting another date later in the year for this popular subject.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wellesbourne Art Society Demo

We had a lovely time in Wellesbourne over the past few days. We stayed at The Stag-a thatched roof pub, in Wellesbourne.
We went to the room at the fire station to do the demo.
Its a lovely big room, I had space to put up my stands with paintings on both sides, as well as some spaced around the walls.
There was a good crowd-many we had met before last November when we were there last time.
They also had some visitors from nearby art societies.
One of the members from last time bought along a painting that she did after being inspired by the demo the last time--she had made a lovely job of it!
I decided to paint a new picture that I had never tryed before in a demo.
Using just sap green and a touch of black I created a version of Serenity in Green- a landscape with water and trees.
It worked very well, everyone was amazed at the speed at which I managed to paint it!
I also painted a version of the waterfall on a black canvas.
There were lots of interesting questions asked!
Again, it was finished very quickly, I passed the paintings round to everyone to see just how much detail is in them.
Pictured are Sue (serenity) and Julie (waterfall) with the paintings they won in the raffle.
After a quick break for a chat and a coffee , I plugged in my encaustic iron and showed them the addictive craft of encaustic art.
Everyone was intrigued with it and soon the imagination of some of the members was working overtime as they had a go with the iron and waxes!
The club bought the complete set of encaustic equipment for the members to share, Im sure they will have a lot of fun with it all.
It also sounds like we will be having a group or two coming over to Ludlow to do a workshop in the near future.
While we were sat in the lounge of the pub this morning having breakfast, several very dressed up --- complete with fancy hats, ladies trooped in for a champagne breakfast before going off to Ascot in the very stretched limo that turned up outside! Great Fun!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Class Of July 12th--African Dream

African Dream is painted using acrylic paint, a beautiful warm painting, it will brighten any wall!
You will learn to use several techniques, brushes and other materials .

This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced artists.

If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website

Class Of July 19th --stormy Skies

Stormy Skies is a great painting to do to get to know how to use just a couple of colours to create a masterpiece.
This painting uses just black and white paint to create this stunning monochrome scene.
Its a very atmospheric painting.You will learn to use several techniques, brushes and other materials .
This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced artists.

If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website
There are 5 places left for this painting.

Class of 26th July--Private class

We have a private class today--one very lucky little girls birthday pressie!

Class of August 2nd -Birch Tree Walk

Birch Tree Walk has proved to be very popular with students of all ages.
Painted in acrylic paint -each and everyone is complety different to each other at the end of class---its a facinating painting to do and great fun!You will learn to use several techniques, brushes and other materials .

This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced artists.
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website

Class of August 9th--Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a popular subject--we use a black canvas to start with--something I find is easier for some students who are particularly nervous!
You will learn to use several techniques, brushes and other materials .
This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced artists.
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website
Please note there are only 4 places left for this class

Class of 30th Aug --Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset will give you the chance to be as colourful or subtle as you like!
A beautiful sunset going down behind the palm trees-its a scene familiar to many people who have holidayed abroad!
We had a great variety of colour combinations the last time we did this painting in class.
We use acrylic and oil paint to create it.
You will learn to use several techniques, brushes and other materials .

This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced artists.
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website

Class for 6th Sept--Oriental Dawn

Oriental Dawn was a popular subject with fantastic results the last time we did it in class.
Painted entirely in oil paint, the shades of grey and the brightness of the yellow sun setting across the water make a beautiful statement together.
You will learn to use several techniques, brushes and other materials .
This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more experienced artists.
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website

Class for 20th Sept

Emerald Woods has been a popular class subject over the past year.
Its suitable for all abilities including first timers and more experienced artists.
We will use acrylic and oil paint to create this painting and you will learn to use lots of different techniques and materials.
If you are interested in joining in this class please get in touch with me via the website

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I had an email today from an American site I have some of my work on.
ArtWanted has told me that this painting is in the top ten images for today (sunday 15th June)
I have had lots of great comments about this painting from people who have seen it on there!

Lots Coming Up

We have lots of things coming up on the agenda soon! We are off to Wellsbourne Art Society for another demonstration on Tuesday. We were there in November and they enjoyed themselves so much they asked me back. Ive been working on some new paintings to show them in the demonstration, and Im sure they will find them inspirational!
We are booked into an olde worlde pub for a couple of nights, so we can take in some sightseeing as well!!

I am busy making more lists for the pet sitters---now we have Jake the new parrot there is a whole load of new stuff to add to the already long list of do's and do not's !!!!
Jake really is a darling, he learns new words and expressions so quickly its unreal!! You really do have to watch what you say in front of him!!
We cover him up with a black cover at night when we go to bed and we do not hear a peep out of him until we uncover him in the morning--then he docent stop talking! I don't think we have watched any TV program all the way through since we had him!
He is so amusing, he shouts Hello Bill, Wheres Bill?
Trying to get him to say Hiya Di at the moment!
Bill is having fun with him--he whistles a tune and Jake repeats it exactly note for note back to him-hes a really clever bird.
He will be spoiled rotton no doubt when we are away as are Paddy and Sparky and the fish whenever we go away.
As long as he has plenty of company and someone to talk to him, Jake will be happy.

We are using a clicker to train him and he is responding so well to it.

Fathers Day

We had a special little visitor this morning--our little grandson Callum came to visit with his mum and dad as it was Fathers Day.
I think hes being a bit optimistic if he wants to catch that fish with the net he has in his hand!
It was the first time they had seen the garden since it started its transformation and they all thought it was great.
Little Callum was kept busy picking up the stray stones that had found their way onto the stone circle on the bottom level!!.
Trouble is with the garden being on three levels ,its not very child friendly and you have to watch the grandchildren all the time to make sure they are safe. Concrete steps are not good to fall down!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ive been very busy over the past few weeks painting a couple of commissions.
I am working from photographs sent to me by the commissioners
The painting on the top is of Nylon Pool in Tobago (named by Princess Anne when on her honeymoon) and the one on the bottom is of Swallow Falls in Wales.
Neither of them are finished yet--Swallow Falls isn't far off--Ive done some more bits to it since these pictures have been taken--the foliage has been darkened up quite a bit.
Ive still got quite bit to do to the Nylon Pool one--the gold triangle in the foreground is actually going to be the front of a glass bottomed boat, there is quite a lot of detail to do yet--coils of rope on the front of the boat!
They have been commissioned by a husband and wife who come from Wales and Tobago respectively.
They both wanted a painting to remind them of home!!.
The paintings are going to hang in their home in Tobago, we keep in touch constantly with me emailing them photographs of how the paintings are coming along, and their feedback on what has been done.
The painting of Nylon Pool has now been hung on my dining room wall for now to dry off a bit--its been on the easel all week and so far Bill, Becky and me have all walked by it and got caught on it--we have all been covered in blue paint-both paintings are on big ,deep edge box canvas and they take up loads of room.
I will finish off the rope detail at the weekend, also got to do some waves coming over the coral reef on the horizon.
Ive really enjoyed doing both paintings, Swallow Falls has been an inspirational place for me ever since I first visited it with Bill a few years ago.

Clive and Grinshill WI

We had a long journey last night to the Wi talk and demo at Clive and Grinshill.The normal room at Clive wasn't being used so we had to travel a couple of miles on to the village hall at Grinshill.

There was a full house of almost 40 members.

We set up early and sat back and listened to the Jerusalem anthem being sung and played on the organ--one of the better versions we have heard on our travels on the WI circuit!!
The members were amazed to see 2 complete oil paintings being produced in such a short time--I had quite a few questions fired at me while I was painting-and I'm always aware of the time--people need to be out of the village hall at a certain time usually so its a fine line between talking and painting! Bill keeps a close eye on the time as well, and hurries me on if need be!
Lots of the members were interested in doing a class in the future and I was asked if we would travel to the Grinshill to do a class----I explained that it would be better if they travelled to Ludlow---
By the time we get the car loaded and drive for over an hour to the location----set up the class with the easels, palettes,paint -- etc------do the class-----pack up --- drive home, unload----clean upwards of 100 brushes--I would have to charge more than I am at the moment. It would add at least 2 hours to what is already a long day ,and I don't think that would be a good thing for Bill or me!
I have kept my prices for the classes down to what they were when I first started up over 4 years ago--just £35 and that includes the canvas, paint, refreshments etc. I have absorbed the price increases of the canvas and paint etc without passing it on to my students.
I'm sure the people that were interested in coming to classes wont mind making the journey-the scenery is beautiful on route!
The raffle prize was won by Janet who chose the Summer Day painting.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Field Of Poppies

I have some places left for next Saturdays class ''Field Of Poppies''.
This is a painting suitable for all abilities-even first timers.
Its a great painting to bring out every ones individuality-we have fantastic results in previous classes wth this subject.
You will be shown each step by me in the small classes, no need to worry about going wrong because you wont get chance to--I can keep my eye on everyone because of how we set up the class. We always have a laugh in class and many friendships have been forged in the classes!!
If you are interested in coming to this class please get in touch with me via the website


Heres Sparky pretending to be a stone cat like the one on the left!
He seems to approve of the new garden-the slabs get very warm in the sun and he spends a lot of time lying on them!!
Hasnt he got a hard life?
Im coming back as a cat next time!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Tonights Sunset

I let the cat out at nearly 10pm tonight and was greeted with this beautiful sunset--had to grab the camera and get a few pics! One from the front of the house and one from the back!
Another scene I will paint when I get a minute!!
I will add it to the ever increasing pile of photos!

Book Marks

I have spent all my spare minutes lately making up a new batch of book-marks as I had sold out ages ago and not got them replaced.
Its a fiddly job to do-Bill helped by pre-- bending the carcase's and cutting the encaustic cards to size.
They are all original and unique due to the nature of the melted wax.After they have been labeled and put into their protective cellophane sleeve they make up a very pretty display.