Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poppies Galore--workshop April 30th

Today was a new subject--a contemporary/impressionist poppy painting with a lovely abstract background using acrylic gave a lot of scope to everyone to do their 'own thing'
Pauline has gained so much confidence over the time she and Chris have been coming to the workshops--she was almost too scared to put paint onto the canvas in the early days--now she has come into her own and is getting bolder and more confident each time she comes!
Chris has always been pretty confident--
We met Ted on Wednesday while on the market--he was on holiday here from Kent--he has tried watercolour in the past but wanted to have a go at acrylics---he is going to check out the website for an oil workshop and come and try that next time...
Lizzie was with us for the first time-she came along with Lynda who came for the first time last year to paint Stormy Poppies..
I loved the subtle feel of Lynda's background---its amazing just how different they all turn out using the same paint!
Karen's painting turned out just great--there was a choice of using red or mauve paint for the flowers--and it was interesting to see how different they all were..
Maureen is in her element when painting -hard to believe she only started in September! She now paint pictures for all of her family as presents and has become a very competent artist!
Karen bought me a belated birthday pressie--although she had already spoiled me rotten with gifts at the time as well--it really made me laugh!
lovely vibrant,colourful results from everyone!
just had to get a photo of Lizzies lovely nails--she did them herself----what a great job she made! She must have loads of patience to do that!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

After a lovely morning at Tenbury boot sale where I picked up loads of lovely bargains--including 7 new photograph albums for just 50p we called by to see our youngest grandchild for the moment Ollie....he is a lovely little chap--always laughing bless him!
he loved his new Easter pressie of this musical steering wheel--he is a bit to small for a chocolate easter egg yet!
he loved Grandad Bill playing with him...
look close and you will see Ollies first  2 little teeth!!!
after seeing Ollie we called by to see Callum---our oldest grandson-and give him his Easter egg-his mum and dad are expecting a little girl on the 9th May....
after all that visiting it was lovely to come back and relax with a lovely G+T .

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We were up at 6.30am this morning to go down and set up at the market for the green and craft fair--Maureen whose daughter had a stall there came along to say hello-Maureen has been to 7 workshops. I was doing an encaustic demo and Maureen just loved it--she ended up having a go--and bought the last encaustic set I had left. Im sure we will be seeing some of her new encaustic art work when she comes to class next Saturday!
The lull before the storm--it was hectic all day on the market---loads of interest in the workshops-I must get on and do some more dates for them soon.One of my ''must do's''  for this week. I will try and sort out the dates up til September!
I always paint while there--and this little 8in x 10in oil painting was soon done.A passing lady spotted it and fell in love with it-and even though she knew it was wet she had to have it! So Bill disappeared into the back of the van and came out with a cardboard  box to put it in so they could get it home safely!
we went to my brothers and his family for a BBQ after getting packed up.We had a lovely time there--here are my lovely daughter Becki and her partner Wayne enjoying a beer and the sunshine!
this little chap was busy catching a huge worm while we were eating--must have some babies nearby! All in all a lovely -if long day! Tomorrow we are off to Tenbury Boot Sale--its always a good one, then we will be seeing our youngest little grandson Ollie-so another good day in store for us!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23rd Workshop--Birch Trees

we had 7 lovely ladies in class today---4 cancellations due to one thing and another--but all  are coming again! 3 of the ladies had not painted before and were quite nervous--they soon settled down though......
Judy was booked into the Birches class in Dec--which was cancelled due to the snow--so today was a complete contrast as the sun was shining beautifully!
we met Lorraine last week on the market-she surprised herself at how easy the painting came together..
Mandy bought along her sister Karen--below--a large amount of my students are recommended by word of mouth and bought along by people that have attended my workshops before--
Karen getting stuck in--she doesn't look very nervous here does she?
Sue was painting her 4th painting-- she has done 3 oil classes with me before and wanted to try acrylic as she said she hasn't got the patience waiting for it to dry! She had a practise run at home with a landscape and bought it along for me to see--she had made a good job of it--
Chris's painting had quite an 'enchanted' feel to it--and she was great at the end of class-collecting the brushes up and washing them in the kitchen.The others all helped by clearing away the palettes, hairdryers etc--the room was ready to leave in no time with all the help we had!
Helen was over from France again--2nd time in class with me. She had to leave a little earlier than the others as she had a BBQ to go to!
Helen and Judy doing their birch trees...
the hairdryers are soooo useful in class--each stage needs to be dry before going onto the next...
The art materials table is always popular--I supply everything needed to pain t''My Way'' Brushes,paint,mediums,varnish and canvas--I sold out of varnish today as everyone wanted to buy some to protect their picture
Helen with her lovely painting!
Chris, Karen and Mandy
Lorraine, Judy and Sue
What lovely results--when the paintings have been varnished the colours will be even brighter and of course will be protected against the sun and damp that we can get in out homes when cooking,showering etc.
I have had some lovely pressies from students at times--today's was very different--and will be enjoyed for breakfast on Monday--some lovely fresh turkey eggs that Sue gave us!  Sue has a small holding with lots of different birds and animals living there.She also has a lovely holiday cottage that is to let--I will put the details of it on here shortly.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Snowman Commission!

I was asked to do this painting a few weeks ago while on Ludlow market.It is to be the backdrop for the clients Royal Doulton snowmen--he was quite specific on what he wanted---he chose the Prussian blue from another painting on my stall!
he asked for some hills and a path.....
here is the base of that stage..
Ive added some snow to that...
then there was to be a rustic 5 bar gate....
and a Cotswold stone wall either side of it--here Ive just laid on lots of thick paint in grey, blue and white..
its coming together quite well now....
Ive used a silicon wiping out tool to pick out the stones in the walls...
added a few trees....I'm quite pleased with how the walls are looking so far--they are by no means nearly finished--but the texture is right
he wanted a distant village in between the hills, Ive altered this since this photo was taken and there is now a little church there!
cant do any more until the painting is dry--got lots of detail to add--more snow everywhere--the walls to finish, snow on gate, trees and village. Ive sent the photos of the painting so far to him and am waiting to hear that its what he had in mind..Ive really enjoyed doing this one and I can see how it will work as a background for the snowmen. I will have to wait a week or so for it to dry enough to do the rest. so watch this space!