Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Welland Show

First time back at Welland Show for about 5 years...we arrived there on Thursday and got the caravan and awning set up in record time after I colour coded the poles while at the Festival at the Edge last week lol..Friday the heavens opened up and we had 14 hours of solid rain....However on Saturday the sun shone all day and we had a cracking day which made up for Friday..Then we heard the forecast for Sunday was yet more rain so we decided it made more sense to pack up and go home Saturday night as the site was a complete mud bath, and we were stuck in it en route to the marquee on Saturday morning..

I didn't get to see much of the show as usual,,,though Bill said there was lots going on when he popped out for  look..

Caravans as far as the eye could see...

We were treated to some beautiful clouds on the way home from the show...

So glad we came back--Sunday was just awful--rained all day--bet there was fun and games getting out on Sunday afternoon!

I feel a painting coming on.....

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bluebell And Tommy

Meet Bluebell..my sisters new puppy---have you ever seen such a wrinkly little doggie?

My sister has always wanted one of these from a small child,,and has saved up for ages to get her!

They should have called her Norah Batty--she looks like she has wrinkled stockings on here!

Little Tommy is growing up soooo quickly bless him..a darling little boy --he is never any trouble-- quite happy to play with anything to hand--today he had fun with the cushions!

Always happy to be outside with Grandad Bill..

and always got a smile..

Fun on the swinging seat!

Look at this cheeky little bugger...

Festival At The Edge

 We had  great time at this years Festival At The Edge..held in the beautiful Much Wenlock.We arrived on Friday morning and got the caravan,awning and gazebo set up--which proved to be a bit of a feat as the wind was quite blustery at times!
After not being used for  year the awning was a bit of a puzzle-- so before we packed up I went round all of the poles with different coloured acrylic paint to colour code it! We had plenty of room to put up tables and our stands..
I love using the old vintage looking lace tablecloths..and I have quite a good collection of them.

Dolly sat outside the stall,,and as I'm raising money for the O'Connor cancer unit at Shrewsbury hospital where my son is being treated ,people were invited to put some money in the donation tin for the cause in order to have a photo of her,,she raised quite a bit of money! Add to that the money made from selling off some of my paintings that have been around for a while and I think we raised a lot of money over the weekend..

The circus was set up nearby, the kids had a great time stilt walking and other things..

The beauty of taking the caravan is that we can have an afternoon Pimms....

I sold the pair of birches and also the Birch painting underneath to a chap who fell in love as soon as he saw them....

I don't know if the Pimm's was anything to do with it but I seemed to grow some pussy cat ears just after!

Loads going on there for all the family

Bill having a well earned drink...

All too soon it was Sunday evening and time to come home,,,am looking forward to next years already!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Festival At The Edge

Had a busy few days getting ready to do the Festival At The Edge...we had a wonderful time there last year,,meeting up with friends we had not seen for ages...
Lovely atmosphere in the evening....
Deb made a great job of her Summer Day painting--I will be running small workshops while I am there all weekend ..

With luck we won't need too have the sides on the awning and gazebo this year! We had a huge thunder storm on the Friday night last year--which is quite something to behold when you are in a caravan LOL...Hopefully we wont get a repeat of that this year!!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Bromyard Gala

We had a lovely time at Bromyard Gala last weekend...we took the caravan over on Friday which gave us loads of time to set up the stall, and relax listening to the great live music just the other side of the hedge from us with a wine or three.We made some lovely new friends, and met up with some of our old friends too which was wonderful!

went for a more shabby chic look with lovely vintage tablecloths...

Bill having a well earned rest in the corner LOL

Just about ready for the customers to start coming in..

There was lots going on --Bill enjoyed watching the remote control  'toy' lorrys etc working in the other marquee--very serious  stuff with the one lorry costing over £20,000 !!!!

Beautiful sunset on Saturday night...

one of the beautiful heavy horses on show..  next show will be Festival At The Edge-in Much Wenlock -a story telling festival which runs for 3 days so we will take the caravan again and enjoy a relaxing time listening to good music in good company..can't wait!