Monday, April 28, 2008

Unexpected space in class

I had a call from Greg who was supposed to be joining us for the first time next Saturday to do the Emerald Wood Class.
He hadn't realised that it was his daughters birthday until his wife reminded him at the weekend! They are off to visit her, but he has said that when they are back he AND his wife will be booking up for a class.
This means there is one place going spare for this popular painting.
If you would like to join in but would like to bring a friend I can fit 7 people in so please feel free to get in touch.
This painting is suitable for all abilities from first timers upwards!

How Nice !

In this day of emails and mobile phone texts it has been lovely the past week to recieve 3 hand written thank-you letters by snail mail!

The first from Marden Wi 's program secretery Marcia Willmott thanking me and Bill for the demonstration we gave recently at their WI .

The second from John-Paul Kelly for the ''Path Through The Birch Tree'' painting.
He is very pleased with it and has also informed me that he has sent them (3 Canvas) to be mounted onto a single backing to make it easier to hang on the film sets.

The third one today came from Rachel Owen , program secretary of Lydham, More and Snead WI where we gave a recent demo.
Rachel was thrilled to se photos of the night here on the blog and has also informed me that she intends coming to a class a bit later in the year--we will look forward to it very much!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Painting Buddy!!!

I was stood painting in the kitchen last night minding my own business when I heard a flutter of wings behind me and in flew Paddy Bird onto my head!
Bill and I were both shocked as he as never been brave enough to leave the front room before in the 4 years we have had him!! He had to navigate the turns into the hall and into the kitchen, he was puffing a bit when he landed on my head!
He has never been that keen on me until a few months ago, he always seemed to like Bill the most. He simply tolerated me-what has made him change I dont know.
Most parrots take to just one of their owners, Bill can still do more with him-mainly because Im still scared of him-he has bitten me down to the bone on my fingers several times in the early days and it has always gone septic. But Im getting braver now hes being nicer to me.
He was very interested in what I was doing, he seemed to enjoy watching me paint.
He thought all his birthdays had come at once when Bill gave him a clean brush to hold as we are always taking pens and lipsticks off him as his beak goes through them like butter!!
I might get him some paint and a little canvas soon and see if hes picked up any tips!

Birch Tree Path

This is one of the latest in my monochrome collection of Birch Tree Paintings. This work is painted across 2 canvas each measuring 30cm x 76 cm which makes it a large 60 cm x 76 cm in total.
Atmospheric, as are all in the series,you can imagine walking through the woods along the path which disapears behind the trees, who knows where it will lead you too?
As always with the paintings in this collection the work will look great against any colour wall.
It will be coated with 3 coats of artists varnish to protect it and will be ready to post early next week.
The cost of this painting is £250 which includes P+P in UK
If you are outside the UK please get in touch for details.


Painted across 3 canvas each measuring 20 cm x 50cm this artwork will look great on any wall. Each canvas has been painted on all sides and has been coated in 3 coats of artists varnish to protect it. The paintings have been very popular with people this past year, they are every atmospheric to look at, and you can see different things in the backgrounds of each one!
This work will be protected with 3 coats of varnish before posting.
the price is £200 including P+P in Uk
please get in touch via

Serenity In Green

After finding that the limeted palette of sap green and black worked well I decided to continue the theme onto another painting.
This time the canvas is 50 cm wide and 100 cm long.
The colour has not come out well on the photograph-its actualy more muted like the previous painting Tranquility In Green.
I have shown a close up of the detail in the bottom of the painting.
I went back to it several times and adjusted it.The grasses were left very simple to start, but It didnt quite work, so i added some heads to them and it worked a treat.
Im really pleased with the result.
The price is £180 including P+P in Uk.
please get in touch if you are interested in reserving this work.
Please note this is an oil painting and it will not be dry enough to post for several weeks.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Room In Class This Saturday "Forest Pool"

I still have room in the class for this Saturday-its been organised at the last minute after the encaustic class had to be cancelled.
This is a lovely painting to paint as its done on a black background rather than a white one. Its suitable for first time students and more experienced ones.
If you are interested in joining in this class please get in touch via

Can You See----?????

I painted this abstract a couple of weeks ago, using a canvas that I had used during the advanced class to show students different ways of doing things.I used up some of the green paint left over from the class and created this painting that I called "Woodland Green"
Yesterday my friend Jan called to say she had been looking at the pic on my blog and she could see some eyes in the painting--when I looked I realised that there is in fact a cats face.If you look at the darker part of the painting it is quite clear! Very odd!
The painting has now been re-named "Woodland Green Cat"

Tranquility In Green

Here is my latest painting "Tranquility In Green" painted in oil onto a large box canvas 100cm x80cm.
You can see the different stages that the painting went through as it evolved.
Very muted shades of sap green, black and white make this a very calm painting.
The cost is £180-if you would like to reserve it -it will be around 3 weeks until it can be posted please get in touch with me via

Monday, April 21, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

Ive managed to get some interesting shots of tonights sunset-for the second time in a week, Bill has jumped in the car and taken me camera in hand as we tryed to get to a good place to catch the sun as it goes down behind the hills! We almost made it tonight, got some interesting shots that will make for a good painting when I get time to do it!

Lyla--Sad News

We had some sad news tonight from my daughter Becki. She had told me this morning that Lyla Cat was missing, her partner Wayne had found her dead tonight--she had been hit by a car and had managed to crawl back home and hide in some undergrowth in the garden.
Everyone is very upset by the news, she was a lovely natured little cat and she will be missed by everyone very much.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tropical Storm

Here is my latest work-Tropical Storm. The colour on the close up photo is closer to the true colour of the painting.
Painted in oil on box canvas , its a very atmospheric painting.The stormy skies in the background show a storm is coming.The palm tree fronds are starting to wave around in the wind and the waves are lapping up the beach.
If you are interested in buying this painting it is £120 including P+P in the UK.If you are outside the UK please get in touch.

Saturday 26th April--change of Class

Next Saturday was supposed to be an encaustic day-unfortunately Bev and Maureen who had booked to do that class cant make it after all. I will re-schedule the class for another date

So I have decided to hold another oil painting class instead.
Forest Pool is also a class subject for July but I have 2 people interested in doing it next Saturday.
If you would like to join them please get in touch via

This painting is suitable for total first time painters as well as more experienced ones.
It is painted onto a black background which makes life much easier!
Its a very atmospheric picture, the light just glows through the background trees and onto the surface of the pond.


These two pics were taken just 30 mins apart! Holly was as lively as a cricket when she had her bath in the kitchen sink-but after being wrapped in a warm towel and snugged up in her babygro she was soon out for the count after her bottle.She slept all night til 7:45am this morning and woke up really happy.She really is the most placid baby ever!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Class of April 19th-Stormy Skies

Well this will be a quick post-we have our little granddaughter staying the night and I'm off to bath her now---
Ive invested in a couple of new easels--couldn't get the same as the ones I have at the moment-but the new ones seem to be just as good-Evan better in some respects-I can fit a very large canvas on them!
While I was over at Kidderminster I bought some new flat brushes to replace the old ones.
I had great fun last night customising the aprons we use in class-I had bought some crayons to use on materials-you iron it after doing the design! I didn't have time to do all of them, but the ones I did do the students loved!
We had great fun in the class-we had a real mix-some newbies and some people who had been several times before-and of course Jordan aged 10years -who for some reason I kept calling Oliver all day!
We had a real laugh all through the class- I had to keep convincing the newbies that everything would be ok--they don't realise that in my mind I am at least 2 stages ahead of them and can see how the paintings will look once the water line or background hills have been put in!

At the last minute I decided to show them how something as simple as a palm tree would totally change the whole painting--3 out of the 7 decided to do one, and the difference it made was really was amazing!
Everyone who came wants to come again, so I will look forward to seeing them all again.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Lydham WI

We had a late night tonight-we were over at Lydham WI to do a demo.By the time we got the car packed with everything it was 6.30pm and we were running slightly late.I like to get to the venue and get set up before the members have their meeting, as its distracting for them to have me and Bill carrying things backwards and forwards.We arrived at just turned 7 pm and were set up for 7.30pm.
While the members did their bits and pieces I judged the competion which was "A Piece of Art " there were some beautiful pictures to choose from and it was difficult to chose 1st,2nd and 3rd.

Then at 8pm it was my turn--I will post the pictures tomorrow of what I painted.

We met some lovely people there ,and as usual the food afterwards was just superb.So after chatting with everyone and by the time the car was packed up again it was late getting back.
Checked emails and Ive got a possible commissiion to do, so good night!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Acacia Sunset

Ive been working all day on my latest painting.
Acacia Sunset has been done on a massive 150 cm x 30 cm box canvas, in acrylic paints.
I have put layer upon layer of shades of reds,oranges and yellows onto the canvas.
Each layer has been dried with the hairdryer in between coats.
It positively glows and will really lighten up any room it is hung in.
The acacia trees are painted in black acrylic and they really stand out on the bright background.
The pic on the top is a close up of the left hand side of the painting.
The shadows of the trees and grasses do not show up very well on the photographs.
If you would like to buy the painting the cost is £200 which includes P+P in Uk .If you are outside Uk please get in touch via

Path Through The Birch Trees

Ive just signed the contract to allow the film director John-Paul Kelly who has bought the "Path Through The Birch Trees" painting to use it on film sets!
It will be interesting to see if we ever spot them in any films or TV programs.
He will be hiring them out to different set designers, so they could turn up anywhere!!!

Woodland Green

This is my latest abstract Woodland Green.Woodland GreenWoodland Green is a colourful abstract using many shades of green. Lighter shades merge with darker ones,swirling and mingling with each other.All the colours that you would find in a woodland are here. Its is painted in oils onto standard edge box canvas and the sides are painted so it dosent require framing.The size is 20 in x 16in .It will be ready to post around the 24th April .The cost is £120 .If you are interested in buying this painting please get in touch with via this link

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Change Of Class Subject May 17th

The class for Saturday May 17th is now the picture above.The Birch Tree Walk will now be done later in the year.
Tropical Evening is suitable for all levels of ability's, from first timers upwards.
Please get in touch with me through my website

or if you are interested in doing this class.


Monday, April 14, 2008

LIttle Bird

We have a lodger at the moment--Sparky Cat bought in this little baby robin last night- he hadn't harmed him at all.
Previously he had bought in a dead one and after he bought in this one he bought in another dead one.We don't think he has had them out of the nest-they were all fully feathered and almost fledged so we think they had fell out of the nest.
We put this one into a tissue lined bowl and covered him over-fully expecting to find him dead from shock this morning.
However he was very much alive and kicking and wanting some breakfast went we went downstairs this morning!
He accepted some moist bread from the tweezers very well, but we decided he needed more natural food and Bill dug up some worms and cut them up for him---YUUUUUKKKKKK
not a good experience feeding wiggly cut up worms to a baby bird!!!
It is gross-but baby bird loves them, he ate 2 largish ones and is sleeping like a baby now! He should be able to fly and fend for himself quite soon, so hope we can keep him going till he is strong enough!

Joyces Latest Painting

We had a great day today, Joyce had taken a look at a copyright free book that the SAA sell and chosen a picture she would like to paint.
We had a real laugh at the different colours that we added to the sunset sky, but when they were all tickled with the tickling brush and all the colours softly merged together and the effects were really beautiful.
When the bushes and palm trees were added in the black it really made a big difference.We used the rubber ended tool to make the water lines instead of the usual knife which worked very well.
She also added some little daisies to the painting she did yesterday, they are easier to do once the painting has had chance to dry off slightly and Joyce really enjoyed doing these!
Joyce is going back to Bradford with lots of helpful hints and tips-along with my fact sheet which will help her through the different stages of the paintings.She also has bought some art supplies from me, knife, paint etc.
I will be packing her paintings up safely when they are dry and posting them to her by special delivery in a couple of weeks time.

Latest Student

We have Joyce here from Yorkshire for a few days, she is staying in a lovely little B+B nearby which is just £29 a night with a full breakfast!
One of my previous students had stopped there before and recommended it.Henwick House, Gravel Hill will be recommended by me to any students who have a long way to travel.
Joyce joined us on Friday when I met her off the train, she came for dinner with us and we had a lovely evening chatting.
She has been to some art classes before so felt she would be able to manage the advanced class ok!
Yesterday we did a one to one at home while Bill looked after the stall on the craft market,Joyce chose the popular Summer Day painting , and a great job she made of it as well.I will be picking her up shortly and we will be doing another 2 paintings today.

The Poppy

The Poppy
This is my latest Poppy Painting. As usual the photos do not do this art work justice! Red is notoriously difficult to phograph and with this one being so glossy due to the finishing varnish it has proved immpossible to get a decent picture of it!You can see the reflection of the light on this photo Im afraid.It is brilliant shades of reds and the centre is really black. This a is a very big piece of art-- each canvas measures 16 in x 20in. It needs to be hung around an inch or so apart for best effect. It has been created using many , many layers of acrylic paint.All shades of red-- Crimson, virmillion , flame red and deep hue cadium red have been used to start, ive buit up the layers and I have then mixed each colour with each other plus added some black to darken them so the reds are endless in shades.I have also used a special textured medium under the paint to create the crinkled texture that poppies have. The centres of the poppy is what grabs most people when they view it in the flesh--I have used melted wax to texturise the centre of the poppy-with larger dots in the very centre, moving on to smaller ones around the outside of those-then around the very edges I have used a new paint called Lava Rock, which consists of tiny weeny little black dots-they look just like pollen.It is then coated with coats of gloss artists varnish which brings the painting to life. Everyone wants to touch the painting because of the texture in it. This series of paintings has been very popular-each one has been completly different to the others, Im really pleased with the effect the new lava paint has had on this work-it really adds a new dimension to the work.Shame it dosent show up in these photos!! If you would like some close ups of the painting please get in touch with me and I will send you some.
Te cost of this painting is £300
This work is copyrighted with

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Round The Twist

Im having a lot of fun with my giant 5 ft canvas.
Ive just done another in my Manic series called "Round The Twist" colourful and vibrant.Its pretty obvious how the work got its name!
5ft high or wide depending on which way you fancy hanging it!
Shades of crimson and phalto green mingle with each other to produce loads of variations in between.
The price is £160 to includeP+P in uk-if you are outside uk please get in touch.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poppy Delight

Had some great news when I checked my emails after class today--"Poppy Delight" that was in exhibition at The Art Bay Gallery , Stoke On Trent had been sold.

Class of April 12th

We had an interesting time today in the advanced class.
A real mix of subject paintings.
Carole had a friends photo taken when abroad to work from -the palm trees were in silhouette in the evening,It was a real treat to watch Carole in action-she needed very little help, once it was decided she needed a black acrylic base, Carole just got on with it. Carole had bought her own canvas as she prefers to work smaller than out usual size.She also bought with her some beautiful paintings that she had done at home, which I didn't get chance to get pis of.We will call on her next time we are in Leominster and get some photos-they are really beautiful.

Hayley -Caroles daughter hadn't painted for over 6 months and was unsure what to paint, but after a look through the photos I take for inspiration and the book of copy rite free images, she decided on a beautiful bright sunset.After getting over her initial fear of the colour and the big white canvas(which was completely understandable after 6 months not painting!) Hayley did the most dramatic sunset painting.
Jan had a lovely photo of a Japanese Maple tree that is being used on her posters for her Reiki Healing sessions--it was quite a challenge for her , as we had never covered a subject quite like it before in class,but the finished painting looked really great.Jan has also gone away with some ideas for a painting for her daughter!

The final member of the class was Joyce who has never attended any of my classes, but had been to classes elsewhere so has some experience of painting wet on wet. She is having a one to one tomorrow and Monday.
I am also on the craft market tomorrow, so we will have a busy day- I will go and set up with Bill on the market, then pick up Joyce from hotel, back home to paint "Summer Day" and then after dropping Joyce back at her hotel I will join Bill on the craft Market.
It is usually quieter during the morning, so Bill should be ok on his own!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Marden WI

We were over at Marden WI last night to do the painting demo, it was a stormy evening but just as we arrived there was the most beautiful bright rainbow above the hall .For once I managed to get a decent photo of it, you can see its a double one!
It wasn't the biggest group we have ever been to but as usual we were made to feel at home and we had a great laugh all evening.
EVeryone was surprised at the speed in which the 2 paintings were done,in around an hour the two were completed, and we were treated to a lovely cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake!
Sue won the raffle and she chose the "Summer Day" painting
Most of the ladies want to have a go at the painting at some point in the future, and they were going away to check out which pictures they would like to do.
At the end of the demo, one of the ladies came and asked if she could buy "Poppy Fields" which you can see on the stands behind me.Its for her little granddaughters 4th birthday-her name is Poppy and her nanny thought it would be something for her to treasure for years to come.
I wrote an inscription on the back of the painting for her, and I hope she enjoys her surprise pressie--Her nanny said she is expecting a new dolls pushchair!!
We have been asked to go back next year to do an encaustic evening which I will look forward to.Everyone will be able to have a go at it and create a postcard size painting!