Sunday, April 28, 2013

Del-Boy RIP

We lost  one in a million today....Derek-alias Del-Boy passed away  early this morning...Del is Bills brother..He has been poorly for a very short time and has been in Intensive Care at Hereford Hospital. He was a larger than life character...and we have so many happy, funny memories of him...

I think this is how most people will remember  him---with a glass of Guinness in his hand!  He was a real scream after a few pints--he always turned Irish..and out would come his harmonica ...

We were with him at his daughter Shelly's wedding just s few weeks ago....Bill and Del were discussing going off to Ireland next year here.. little did we know...

Ade and Del...

Del and Sean .-Del's eldest son ---Its a very sad time for everyone--Del will leave a huge hole in the lives of everyone who knew him...but we will all remember the laughs we had,and the memories that nothing can take away....Rest In Peace Del-Boy..xxxxxxx

Birches Workshop-April 27th

It was lovely to see Jill again, she came last year and painted Reeds In The Breeze using oils-and she wanted to try acrylics as she has been bought some as a gift...she chose to do the big 40in x 12in canvas and the soft sage green and cream colours

We met Julie just last Wednesday when we were on the market....she had never painted before and was quite nervous that she wouldn't be able to do it! She chose the monochrome version but used silver paint for the foreground trees...

Ali joined us at the last minute....we did her 'Hen' party last week...and she has been wanting to paint the Birch trees for some time...

Tony has been painting for a while-and it did show! He chose the autumn colours for his painting--but they were much more subdued than my version...I thought it looked like twilight,,and the others agreed,,,,

Adding the detail to the trees,,

Ali's trees are coming on nicely here..

Jill was using 2 dryers to save time!

Tony's trees are looking great...

Gills painting had a lovely calm, tranquil feel to it..

Looking good....

What lovely results--and all so different..

While we were packing away, we noticed Barbara who runs  the rooms we use for classes--she was arranging some more flowers for the church.. isn't this just beautiful..made from leaves pinned together...just beautiful!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ali's Hen Party

Ali has been to  few painting classes with me, and asked if I would hold a painting session for her hen party---I was very happy to do so! She hired a nearby hall and arranged to have a cup cake decorating session before doing the paintings..We sat and watched enjoyed some of the lovely food and drink she had laid on! The ladies had great fun creating toppings for the cup-cakes...

they cut out flowers and birds and everyone was very creative with the things available!

some of the end results! Look too good to eat!

We had 14 to paint..and I chose the Mystical Moon subject as there were a couple of children doing it too...

getting each stage dry with the hairdryers...

my painting is on the right--

Ali--''The Hen''

the paintings soon developed and everyone was amazed at how quickly they became so different to each others...

looking good!

well done girls!

Lovely results--if you would like a ''Painting Party'' the details are on my website -price is just £15 per head -a minimum of 10 and maximum of 17 people from age 7

Reeds In The Breeze Workshop April 20th

We had 9 first time students on Saturday..and 6 who have been before--some of them only once before...Teresa and her daughters all seemed to find it quite easy--in fact-everyone of the 15 students managed to use the knife as if they had created waves every day with it! I was very impressed with them all!

We had a wonderful range of paintings -from really quiet and tranquil to more bold ones...all very beautiful!

Emily opted for some purple poppies instead of the usual red ones--and it gave a really different feel to the picture...

Jaine's painting developed quickly,
I think everyone was quite surprised at how easy each stage was...
looking good....

Donna's painting is coming along nicely here..

Jac wanted to use a redder brown as she was painting a picture for her mum who has Alzheimers bkess her---and she painted a place in Cornwall that has red /brown rocks there...its for her birthday so I'm sure she will love it!

Sue added some rocks to her picture..and decided it looked like Nessie...and the more she tried to correct it the more like Nessie it we left it at that!
Josie saw me doing my demo at the British Legion club the other week-and booked up there and then,,,

Roger had met me on the market at Christmas and came from Banbury to paint--he made a weekend of it and stayed Friday and Saturday night ...he said it was a challenge for him as he had never painted before--well he made a great job of it!

Pat and daughter Rachael were enjoying their  Christmas pressies from Rachael's daughter!
Rachael  and mum Pat said they will be back!
Cheryl must be due her artist brooch now...

Bev getting down to it...I will be putting the photos on facebook in a minute., if you want to make friends with on there its easier to find me by my email address..  or look up painting my way on there..

Monday, April 08, 2013

Poppy Workshop April 6th

I love teaching this workshop--its so much fun exploring the different mediums and can see the texture on the canvas takes a lot of drying but is worth the effort!

Karen bought along a sample of her new wallpaper so she could match the colour up--I knew I had just the colour for her..and sure enough it was a perfect match!

Jenny used shades of browns and creams and it worked be honest it seems to work in any colour combination you like..

Doreen chose the beautiful bright poppy red..

And I love the blues that Bev chose...she is just making the centre a shade darker here!

Wendy seemed to find it easy to get a more random shape to the poppy centre,its one thing that a lot of students can find hard when painting--its so easy to make everything symmetrical !

Joy used blues with a touch of purple-a lovely combination..

Margaret choice of colour worked well too--a beautiful cerise pink...

Nicola chose the popular Teal /turquoise colour--i love it-its one of my favourite colours of all time!

Virginia used the teal but added a touch of blue --

Lisa was really nervous as it was a first time for her, but the nerves soon went once she started painting!

Steph was with me for the 2nd time-and of course this one was completely different to do from her first one which was Serenity and done in oils...

The painting really comes to life when the melted wax is added and we had some lovely combinations of colours done...some just black and silver, some added a touch of gold  and Jenny added a few browns to hers a swell to compliment her colours..I even managed to find a purple one to match Karen's so she was a happy bunny too!

Looking good Jenny!

Wendy adding the finishing touches..

Silver paint for the stamens is last..

The paintings are all very dramatic and vibrant..

And Doreen's looks just beautiful,,,

Karen's centre was a little larger than some of the others but it goes to show there is no right or wrong with this subject....

How lovely to look down the row of paintings as they were being created and see the wonderful colours!

Beautiful results ladies!

The photos never do these paintings justice!!