Saturday, February 27, 2010

Serenity Class Sat 27th Feb

We were minus Sally today who rang to say she had been up all night with her IBS-hope you feel better soon Sal.

I had Enid , Caroline and Ann who were painting for the first time today -along with Lyndsey who has been twice before but used acrylics not oils.

Caroline and Ann said it would be a miracle if they produced anything that looked remotely like the picture we were doing--they were to eat their words at the end.
Everyone got on quickly putting in the sky,clouds, water and background trees-everyone seemed to find it surprisingly easy.
The time flew by so quickly, by the time we stopped at twelve for some lunch we were putting in the snowy pathway.
The biggest decision on the day seemed to be how a big a tree to put in the painting--Enid and Ann opted to be brave and put in a big tree while Lyndsey and Caroline did a smaller one.They all made a great job of them--and adding the snow to the branches just finished them off nicely!
Ann and Caroline were bought gift vouchers for Christmas by their boss Liz who is waiting to see the results--ann is taking her painting into work tonight and Caroline tomorrow night--Im sure Liz will be amazed at their first results.
Ann has ordered a frame for her painting which we will have for her next week and Lyndsey has gone away loaded up with a 36in x 14in canvas, big bottles of white and black acrylic,large tubes of oil paint, acrylic varnish and refined linseed oil so she can do some more painting at home.
Her sister wants a birch tree painting like the one she did in class for her birthday, so she is going to paint her one!
All in all a great day--except I managed to trap my fingers in the car door when we called for fuel-so they are a bit sore but nothing broked, just bruised-and a few more quid in the swear box now!
It didnt stop me eating my ribeye steak, Jacket spud and salad that Bill cooked anyway!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunflowers class April 3rd

Well Ive been busy working on the new Sunflower painting for the April 3rd class.

Ive done two versions of it so far-one in acrylic and one in oil.
Ive still got a tiny bit of fiddling to do before I'm completely happy with it, just some distant hills behind the sunflowers!

I like both of them but think I will be going with the acrylic one for the class(top painting)--one main reason is all the sides
can be painted making it look more 'finished' and it will also be dry to take home.

It will also be easier to paint the flowers over the top of each other and create more interesting composition -with the oils it quite hard to do without mixing it to mud!
I have been experimenting with a new medium to mix with the acrylic paint that makes life easier-makes the paint move around easier on the canvas, I'm very impressed with it!

I have got 10 booked in for this class already--I can take up to 14 for this class.
It will be an interesting one to do--it will really allow everyone to express and develop their own style.
to book a place in this class please go to where you can now book online.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Serenity Class this Saturday

I have a few places left in this Saturdays class "Serenity"
It is suitable for all ages and abilities including children and first timers.
It is painted in oil onto a box canvas measuring 16in x 20in and you have a choice of colours including green, mauve,blue,dusky rose,brown, and grey.
Please contact me via the website for more details and you can now book up for classes via the website as well.

More Art Supplies On Way!

I completely sold out of acrylic varnish in last weeks class, the various brushes went well too so I have sent off another order for some more.
I will have it all ready for this weeks class.

Sunflowers class April 3rd

Ive been having another play around with the sunflower painting ready for class on April 3rd--in this version there is a bit of summery blue sky and distant sunflowers in the background.
Im going to have a bit more of a fiddle round with it in the morning just to finish a few minor details off.
I'm going to do an acrylic and oil version tomorrow as well just to see which is the most effective.

Ive got 9 booked in for this class already--including Pauline and Chris (alias Volcano man!) who emailed tonight to ask to be booked in.
My emails are playing up again and wont let me send them a reply-so when you read this both -yes you are booked in!
I am just wondering how Chris is going to fit a volcano into this one !

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gift Vouchers

I always have the house phone calls diverted to my mobile when we are away from home.

While we were doing the class on Saturday I had 2 calls from people wanting gift vouchers for classes-- and they couldn't see how they could buy the gift vouchers direct from the website because there wasn't a 'buy it now 'button to click on there.

That has now been rectified and the button is now in place. The gift vouchers are no extra cost and come with a free card and envelope .

I also had a call from a lady who wanted to buy her hubby a surprise pressie of a painting class.
She is sending him off on March 6th from Birmingham with the postcode of the class venue put into his satnav, some sandwiches and my mobile number to be used only in emergency's!
He is in for a big big suprise when he knows what he will be doing! His wife rather fancies the poppy field painting for her hallway!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grasses class Feb 20th

'Grasses' was a new class subject today and to be honest I thought it would be a quite easy one to do.
But as it turned out it was not to prove as easy as thought!

I think because the original LOOKS quite simple I thought it would be simple to paint!

We had a mixture of people painting today from Pauline and Chris who had been to me over 20 times- through to first timers Wendy and Ann who had travelled from Coventry and stayed at the local Travel Lodge just up the road and our dear friend Lin ( who took the original photo I painted this scene from)
Liz and Vikki couldn't make it due to work commitments and Bev phoned this morning to say she wasn't well so we were down to 9 students.

When everyone arrived it was lovely to hear everyone making friends and having a good chin wag while having a cuppa--one of the students Lin W who was back fro her 3rd time said it was better than having a spa day-it was sooo relaxing!

We used acrylic paint on 12in x 24in chunky box canvas.

Courtney is just 10 years old and came with her nan Alison to the Mystical Moon class last Dec--
she made a beautiful job of today's painting-once I got her to stop blending the colour to much.

We work wet into wet but if you blend the new colour too much into the old colour it will just disappear!
We had some very good sky and water the first time round--great bases for the second coat.The second coat goes on much easier and stays workable for longer.

We had some beautiful results--Lin P remarked that it was relaxing (though taxing at times !!) but good because you didn't think of anything else all the time you were in class.
Chris ( who always adds his own personal touch to his paintings) added a lovely volcano to his painting-which I didn't get chance to get a close up photo of !
He also bought along his ''paint your own'' mug that he had off us for a Christmas pressie-he made a cracking job of personalising it --again I failed to get a photo of it--please bring it next time Chris!

All in all a great day was had by everyone-fantastic results were achieved all round--and we will be seeing everyone again soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 places left in Grasses class

I have unexpectedly got two spaces for this Saturdays class because Liz and Vikki have both been called in to work at last minute.
Its a lovely painting to do and suitable for all ages and abilities--we are using a chunky canvas 12in x 24in and using acrylic so it will be dry for you to take home.
Price as always is just £35 including all materials and refreshments. Take a look at the link to see more details

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Justina's Serenity Painting

Ive had a lovely day today with Justina.
She was a couple of years above me at Ludlow Grammar School-I haven't seen her since I left really, so I was pleased to get a text from her asking if she could come and do a one to one with me.She had picked up one of my leaflets some time ago in town,and recently found it again!
She came on the train from Shrewsbury.
She has dabbled with a bit of drawing and watercolour pencils in the past but got no- where with paints when she tryed.

She arrived not knowing which picture she wanted to paint as she hadnt been able to get to a computer to see the website and choose one she liked.
She asked me to choose one for her-I suggested ''Serenity'' as it teaches quite a few different techinques of brush and knife work .

I mixed a dusky lilac colour up on the palette, as that is one of Justina's favorite colours-we laughed after when we realised that her jumper matched the painting exactly!
She laughed as we tickled and bashed our way through the different stages.
She was amazed at the silicon wiping out tool and what it did-adding waterlines, trees and grasses.She loved the effect that the knife gave on the fence posts.

In no time at all she had created her masterpiece-at the end Justina said " I cant believe Ive painted that--are you sure no one has sneaked in and done it while my back was turned!"

She will be back for all the brushes and paint etc she needs to start painting at home after she gets back from her holiday-she has amazed herself with her results and wants to learn more techniques.
Im looking forward to seeing her again soon.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland Class

We had 2 people couldn't make it today which left us with just Bev, Gary and Elaine.
None of them had used a black canvas before and were surprised at how different it was to use than a white one.
The painting developed very quickly, from the clouds through to the snow-it seemed no time at all.
We used a wide variety of brushes and a knife to produce some lovely effects.
They all used the knife with ease to produce the tree and fence-it addedxlots of texture.

Elaine and Gary have been busy painting at home since their last class-they said there are pictures drying all over the house-on top of cupboards everywhere! It would seem they have the painting bug good and proper!
Gary and Elaine were going home to paint some canvas black and have another go--their children are joining in at home with them as well which is great.
Gary, Elaine and Bev all ended buying lots of brushes and paint at the end of the class--I have increased the range of brushes a lot and also have all the mediums needed including varnishes in stock.
I also have all the oil paints that we use in class as well.

It was a great class and the results as you can see were stunning.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


We went over the Leominster after hanging the paintings at Ludlow Information Centre.

I have treated myself to another new camera-although I only bought one a few weeks ago!
Asda had a brilliant deal on and couldn't resist it!
Ive got one to leave in both handbags now-so wont matter which one I grab when I go out.
The new one has some great features on it-and I am busy trying them out!
I'm quite please with these results-taken as usual as we were traveling along in the car!
Makes me want to get my brushes out!