Monday, September 28, 2009

I Painted That

Im pleased to tell you that my dear friend Ros Callender who lives in Scotland has started to teach art to students in her ''I painted that'' classes --- some of you might remember that Ros joined me in class here in Ludlow last year after we had all been on holiday together in Glastonbury-
Ros is a natural when it comes to teaching the wet on wet technique- and she now has her website
up and running.
Ros also runs the very popular
website on which artists can create their very own website on which to sell their paintings-I have sold lots of my work off there-the most recent being on Saturday when Birch Tree Pool sold from there!
We wish Ros lots of luck with her new venture-not that she will need it-she is one very talented lady and Im sure it will be lots of fun for both Ros and her Students xxx

Bargains To Be Had

We use these silicon brushes a lot in classes-they are great for taking paint off the canvas and leaving some beautiful effects-you automatically get a shaded side when used correctly which saves you having to put in shadows.

The ones we have been using in class come from the large supermarket chain Lidl and at the moment they have the sets back in at just £1.99 for 5 of the modelling brush sets which is great value as Ive seen them for sale for nearly £5 each on some websites.
I did manage to get a few sets from the Hereford store-but there are stores in the Shrewsbury and Kidderminster areas too-I know a lot of my students come from those areas and read my blog so hope you manage to get some!

They have a lot of art materials on offer this week-pretty sure the art stuff finishes on Wednesday--they had fan brushes and a mixture of flats and rounds as well-all for just £1.99.
They also had some canvas there but I haven't tryed them so cant recommend them as being good, but for the price they are sure to be popular-I think they were about £4.99 for 2 quite big ones.
I would be inclined to prime them first with some acrylic paint first before trying any of my techniques on them as some of the cheaper canvas can be a bit absorbent I'm told by some students who paint at home!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shells Wedding

We had a great evening on Friday -my daughters best friend Michelle was married- my daughter Becki was witness and we went along to the evening reception.Just
realised I didnt get a photo of the happy couple togther but loads of Becki, Shell and their friends! We didnt intend staying late as I had a class in the morning but we were having so much fun we forgot to ring and book a taxi--when we tryed to get one we were too late, so we stayed til the end and were prepared to walk the 2 miles home-until Becks friend offered us a lift and saved our legs--thanks a million Jane!
I loved the full size balloon bride and groom that were on the dance floor-they made a lot of entertainment throughout the evening with people positioning them in different poses( I will leave that up to your imagination!) and dancing with them.
We wish Stuart and Shell and baby Bella all the best for the future.

Yesterdays Birch Tree Class

We had a brilliant class yesterday-one last minute cancellation and one no show but there was still 6 ladies---5 of whom had never painted before and were completely convinced that they wouldn't be able to do it at all!
There were lots of desions to be made before we started the class--what colour and shape canvas they wanted to do, then did they want a pond or a path! After a lot of pondering we got there in the end!
It was great to see them all develop confidence as the class progressed- when the first row of trees went in they were all very nervous-when we got to the end of the painting when the biggest trees went in there was a tremendous difference in them!
They all quickly made decisions about where the trees, ponds and paths should go- and there were continuous laughs and chuckles all through the class with the girls!
Jan had nearly finished her painting and was just putting in a few branches as a finishing touch when she noticed what looked like a blackbird sitting in her tree! Several of the girls then had a closer look at their paintings and we spotted several animals and faces in their paintings also.
Julie and Jenny had travelled from Dudley to join us, Val and her hubby had bought her caravan to stay on a local site,Jan lives round the corner from us and bought along Caroline whom I went to school with and Kim lives localy as well.
Everyone really enjoyed it and wants to come again--we are looking forward to seeing them all again! Jan and Caroline are going to drop their paintings in here for Bill to varnish--and the others are bringing their paintings back when they come next time and Bill will do them while they are in class--all part of the service!


Just a quickie for now-- will upload rest of paintings tomorrow after we get back from market!
Just woke up at the computer after falling asleep sorting photos of today out.
We had great fun today- and had a notification tonight to say that Birch Tree Pool has sold off my website--like the big one done by students today only in the soft sage green colours.
Will do more updating tomorrow--off to bed for me now-early start in the morning!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Classes Full!

There are not many places left this year in the classes----check out the website for more

September 26th -''Birch Trees''' FULL
October 3rd ---''Poppy Field '' FULL
October 10th ----''Perfect Evening'' few places left
October 17th ---''Winters Walk'' FULL
October 31st ----''Forest Pool'' FULL
November 7th---''Summer Day'' FULL
November 14th--''Serenity'' in various colours--FULL
November 21st--''Tropical Sunset'' few places left
December 5th --''Mystical Moon'' few places left
December 12th--''Yesterday''---FULL

Classes for 2010

At last Ive been able to sit down and sort out some dates for next year-hard to believe its nearly here-where has the time gone?

Anyway Ive done the dates until March 27th 2010-- if you want to join us in any of these classes please contact me via the website to book your place--I have increased the class numbers to 9-though some of the classes I can accommodate a few more--but if this year is anything to go by-places will go very quickly so you will need to book earlier rather than later.
You can book via the website

January 16th 2010 ''Stormy Skies'' oil

You will have a choice of colour in this class-last time it was painted in grey,blue and brown shades!
As always the results were great-very moody and atmospheric!
Its suitable for all ages and abiliities from first time upwards.
for more details check out the website

January 23rd ''Emerald Woods'' acrylic and oil

Painted onto a black canvas which makes life a bit easier-we will use acrylic and oil to create this atmospheric painting.
Suitable for all abilities even first timers.
Check out the website for more details

Janurary 3oth 2010 'Summer Day''

Painted in oils onto a staple free box canvas-Summer Day is one of the most popular classes I run.
A very peaceful, tranquil scene that is always very successful in class-suitable for all ages and abilities
check out the website for more details

February 6th 2010 -''Birch Trees''

One of my most popular classes to date-you have the choice of monochrome,sepia or the new sage green shades to paint in and also a choice of canvas size.
The standard is 16in x 20in or the bigger version is 36in x 14in for which the class is £10 extra at £45
both are still great value for money-the price of the classes has not gone up since the very first class over 5 years ago!
For more details please check out the website

February 13th ''Winter Wonderland''oil

An interesting one to do-we paint onto a black canvas-you will learn to use several different brushes and techniques-
suitable for all ages and abilities

February 20th 2010 ''Grasses'' new subject

This is a new subject for this year--inspired from a photo taken by my friend Lin Pritt who does my cards for me-the copyrite remains with her for the picture.
You will be painting in acrylic on a deep edge box canvas measuring 12in x 24in
You will be able to paint the sides of this painting and it will be dry to take home.
check out the website for more details

February 27th ''Serenity ''in various colours

You will have a variety of colours to choose from in this class-green, grey,blue,dusky lilac,dusky rose, brown---
beautiful results every time-suitable for all ages and abilities check out the website for more details

March 6th 2010 ''Poppy Field''

Poppy Fields is a bright cheerful painting suitable for all abilities-painted in oils-check out the website for more details

March 13th 2010 ''The Waterfall''

Painted in oil onto a black canvas to make life easier--a popular subject! Check out the website fore more details.

March 20th 2010 'Tropical Sunset'

A popular painting subject using acrylic and oils-suitable for all ages and abilities-even first timers-check out the website for more details

March 27th 2010 'Mellow Moods''

Acrylic and Oil painting-you will learn to use several different brushes and have a choice of colours for this painting-as always its suitable for all abilities from first time upwards.

check out the website for more details

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bishops Castle Michealmas Fair

We had a brilliant time at the weekend doing Bishops Castle fair for the first time.
I sold one of my paintings while there and then discovered when we got back home that I hadn't got a proper photo of it, as it was a recent one done last week!
I have got it on the photo I took of my stall though, and while I was at the show painted another in the series-this time with more blue in it.
Ive called the new one ''Lazy Summer Days''. My friend Lin who does my greetings cards for me gave me some photos she had taken of sunsets-the one picture in particular gave me the inspiration to paint the other painting ''Evening Magic''-I love the colours in it! Both paintings are available to buy from my website

We had a lovely meal out with friends Karen and Steve on Saturday night at a nearby pub before retiring back to our caravan that was parked on their garage forecourt!
Thanks for that both!
The weather was beautiful and it was a busy weekend-- we will be doing it again next year!
Bill managed to see most of what was going on and got some great photos of the steamers etc.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Are Back!

We are back from our completly unexpected break away in Wales!
We had a very relaxing time in my friend Liz's caravan.
I had over 4oo photos of the stunning scenery -here are just some of them--starting for the ride up through the dams right through to the little pub we stayed at on the way home where we enjoyed stek and chips! That was a quaint little place--called The Triangle--its the only pub Ive been to where the loos are on the over side of the road-and there is a warning on the loo door warning you to look right and left before you step outside!
Another lovely feature was in the pub itself--to play darts in there-as the ceiling is so low(its a 16th century pub) there is a trap door which lifts up with a dropped floor to stand in so you dont hit the overhead beams when you throw!When no darts are being played the trapdoor makes the floor even again!

We were on Aber seafront on Tuesday night admiring the view and taking some photos when a little old man came along and offered to take a photo of me and Bill. Bill showed him how to press the button on the camera--we were creased to see him keep putting the camera up to his eye, we kept telling him ''you don't need to do that''-and he kept saying ''I can see myself'' it really was funny-anyway in the end he managed it bless him!We took loads of photos at Portmeirion where The Prisoner was filmed in the 1960's.
There was so much to see there-every nook and cranny had something to see-there were paintings on the ceilings of cave like structures, and weird statues everywhere!
The colours were so bright and cheerful, it really was delightful.
We have lots to get ready for the weekend now we are home, ready for the weekends Bishops Castle Michealmas Fair.