Monday, February 28, 2011

First Market This Year!

We had the first market of the year yesterday--it wasn't to cold when we went up there at 7.30am--but colder and windier as the day went on! As a lot of traders had not turned up due to the town being cut off almost due to another bridge into town being closed cos it started to fall down, and the High Street being closed off as well due to Costa Coffee almost falling down as well and needing scaffolding round it for a month! So we were able to spread out over 3 stalls as did a lot of the other traders as well---looks better if the market s full!
I took along a mix of old and new work to display..
The sun was shining lovely most of the day--and there were more folk about than we expected to see---and the ones we saw all seemed interested in learning how to paint!
I was able to put a lot of the small oils out on their own on one of the stalls..
got some of the older stuff out--framed oils that I did years ago---they seem to be popular though!
I demonstrated this one-a 8in x 10in canvas--its more dusky lilac than the grey it appears in the photo---
lovely sunset to finish the day off when we got home!We are up there again a week next Sunday-and will be starting back every Wednesday the first Wednesday in April.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Yesterday" Workshop Feb 26th-- Wonderful Results!

It was lovely to see Jane and hubby Pete back again--along with Pete's mum Dot-who was with with us for the first time--as a birthday present!
Christina was surprised at how different the acrylic paint was to work with...compared to the oils--but once she got used to the feel of it she made a cracking job of it. Its to be a pressie for her daughter-so it will be off on the train with her down to Bristol shortly!
Aiden came up from Essex along with his mum Jan, dad Paul and sister Bethan-he wanted to get a dark , stormy finish-and he achieved that--a very dark, mysterious painting--once we got him to stop strangling the brush!Some people find it hard to hold the brush higher up--and I have found if you hold it too near the bristles it restricts you and its hard to make the paint flow.
Dad -Paul got a great effect going on---lots of light in the centre- which worked well when he came to put in the moon---he was very brave and put in a large moon at the end--along with some lovely glittery waves and a buoy.
Hattie came along for the first time with Pat who had been once before--she seemed to find it really easy and her painting was magical....she is a natural.....
Pete getting down to it---he had lots of light in his sky--and it looked like the moon was behind the clouds at the end

Jan found the first coat quite difficult to do-and she couldn't get the effect she wanted--but when we did the 2nd coat it all came together lovely.She got the hang of the brushes and the feel of how the paint moved around and in no time she had the most beautiful sunset sky and water going on.

Final stages here--got to be careful not to do too much at this stage!
say one for me please Jan!
Janes painting positively glowed--she had the colours blended beautifully--and she was very bold when it came to doing the grasses.
all coming together nicely now--nerves have gone!
Bethan got down to it on the floor--and made a lovely job of her painting!
I loved the light Pat got in her painting-and she managed to get the reflections just right in her picture
the photo doesn't do Marie's painting justice--she has made a great job of it-lots of detail in the sky and the gold glitter paint she used to add detail to the water worked really well--I had never used it for that before--just the moon and flowers--so I will be nicking that idea from her!
Marlyn's painting had the wow factor---the water lapping up the beach wasn't completely intentional but it worked really well so she left it--she added the beautiful silver moon, partially hidden by the cloud-a stunning result--and only her 2nd painting too!
Marie's finished painting...very atmospheric!
Hard to believe that Paul had never painted before---we decided that it looked like a Norwegian Fjord !
Jane was very adventurous-and it worked a treat--love the grasses
Pete's finished painting--lovely job!
adding the finishing touches..
Christina made a great job of her painting--she found the acrylic a challenge but she got there in the end--everyone has gone away with some of the varnish needed to protect and bring out the can be applied 24 hours after the painting has dried-and they will all be amazed at the difference it makes to the end result--the colours will appear brighter and of course the painting will be protected as well.
Lovely paintings!
Everyone did great paintings today as usual--it was our last time in the Helena Lane room--we will be at St Peters Parish Hall, Henley  Rd , Ludlow SY8 1QZ  from now on--lovely big room, lots of parking and easy to find too.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovely Break!

We got back yesterday from a couple of days away from home--part holiday--part research  for some paintings of the local area, so I can get some paintings done ready for the show at Welland.We stayed at The Rising Sun hotel, Cleeve Hill, nr Cheltenham where we had a room with this wonderful view.We cannot praise the staff at the hotel enough--from the time we checked in on Tuesday til we left yesterday every member of staff were so helpful and I'm sure we will be returning there for another break.
It was a little overcast when we arrived--but the view was still breathtaking--you could see for miles.
there was a lovely seating area with huge windows overlooking the views
and lovely comfy sofas to sit on
The Malvern Hills in the distance
The food was excellent at the hotel---I'm sure we must have put on a few pounds while we were there--how could we resist this ginger pudding-which came with a chilli and toffee sauce and rum and raisin ice cream---it was scrummy combination which I will try at home sometime!
We went into Bourton On The Water on the way home-and walked along the river that runs through the centre-we spotted lots of lovely trout in there and an eel as well.
Such pretty scenery around Bourton
The eel was a good 2 ft long--none of the local people we spoke to had ever seen an eel in there before!
The Old Manse Hotel---looks lovely!
We went onto Birdland and saw these cute little chaps---they were waiting to be fed---and were well fed up because their pool had been drained that day!
Handsome Chap!
Snowy Owl taking in the sunshine
This little chap was called a frog mouth--for obvious reasons--
despite the sign saying she may bite-she was adorable and loved all the fuss she got from everyone
It looks like I'm strangling her here!
as well as lots of photos for reference for future paintings , the waitress kept us the tiny jam pots from breakfast--they are handy for holding the turps we use in class--we also picked up some beautiful pieces of treen from the local charity shops--absolute bargains--they cost a fortune at the craft fairs.I also found 4 ramekin dishes for my nephew Rhys who is a very keen (and very good cook)