Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Class Subject

While I was at the gallery today I worked on a new painting-it was quite a relaxing day to be honest away from the computer.
I have had the idea in my head for a while now, but finally got it onto canvas while the gallery was quiet!
Its not a great photo because the painting was wet , it makes it hard to photograph.As soon as its dryed off a bit I will get a new one done and posted on here.
Everyone loved it and I have made sure it is simple to do for all abilities!
I may change one of the dates coming up soon for this painting-I'm sure it will be a hit with everyone.Poppies are popular with just about everyone.
Keep checking out the new website! Ive just found out that the checkout hadn't been done on there, but its sorted now!
Ive just logged it onto
as I do with all my new paintings.

Website Change Over

well todays the day-hopefully-the new website will be on air!
If you have bookmarked a page rather than the whole website you will have to bookmark it again-so fingers crossed it goes according to plan! Take a look at it . Ive still got some titivating to do to it but its coming along nicely!

Im Artist In Residence today at the Alltogether Unique gallery in Ludlow, so will have to rely on Bill to give me a ring to say its done!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Website

I am nearly there with the new website which will still have the same name
I would imagine it will be going live very soon now.
I have just done the classes dates on there as well as putting paintings for sale into the galleries.
Its been far more time consuming than expected-as things always are-but it will be worth it in the end.
It dosent help not being computer literate--but I am learning fast!

New Date For Serenity In Green

The latest date for this popular painting is Saturday May 16th .
There are 4 places left for this class-but I expect the places to go quickly-I have some phone calls to make in the morning to people waiting to do this class.
If you want to join me for this one please give me a ring on 01584 872013 or 07800902488

Class of March 7th--Perfect Evening

I have just 2 places left for this class on March 7th.
Painted in acrylic it will be dry for you to take home--
It is suitable for all abilities from first timers to more advanced students.
Please get in touch with me if you would like to join us for this painting or any of the others I have coming up.
01584 872013 or 07800902488


We had a sad day yesterday-it was Bills brothers funeral.Some of the family came round on Sunday for lunch and to sort out what was going to read out about him--we had loads of laughs remembering things that had happened over the years.
He had a brilliant send off-the crematorium was packed out with as many standing as sitting. It was very emotional for everyone listening to the readings and the music-especially Leona Lewis Footprints in the Sand and REMs Everybody Hurts .
We all went back to the Charlton Arms for the wake where Adrian , Bernards son had made a lovely gesture of making a big collage of photos from Bills family over the years -something Bernard had been doing just before he passed away. He had them photocopied on A3 for all the family, got to get that framed and hung up.
Today all the family met up again to take the flowers and place them on Bernards Mum and Dads grave at Brimfield, and we went for a lovely tea at the local pub The Roebuck at Brimfield.
Adrian really has done his Dad proud-every little detail was seen to by him.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Todays Class

We had a great time in the class today. Doreen and Bev have been several times before and had chosen to do The Forest Pool painting.
We had loads of laugh while we were painting thanks to Jake who talked non-stop except for when Bills brother Del called by-he refuses to talk in front of anyone!
We were finished in around 2 hours which was a lot quicker than normal, but both students knew the ropes more or less having been before.
They were both over the moon with their paintings and are coming again as soon as I have sorted out some new dates for Serenity in Green/Brown and the Birch Trees.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Website-Painting My Way-coming soon !

There is a lot of work going on with the new website. Things had more or less ground to a halt with everything that has been happening over the past few weeks.

Now it looks like there will be not one but 2 new websites being launched shortly!

I will let you all know when they are going to be active-hopefully it wont be too long now!

Art Competition Judge

I have been asked by the organisers of this years Shobdon Food and Drink Festival if I will be a judge of an art competition they are going to run for the first time this year.

I am all for anything that will encourage people to have a go at art and as the local schools will be taking part in it, the children will be getting involved.
As soon as they have given me all the details I will publish them them here and on the new website---which is coming along nicely if a little more slowly than expected!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Latest Paintings

From the top-"Serenity Sunset"-painted in oils, its vibrant and tranquil at the same time! Based on the scenery around the North Wales Coast
cost is £140 including special delivery in UK. IF you are outside the UK please get in touch for details
Next one down is simply called The Fence, again painted in oils on box canvas. Painted from memories of the holiday we had around Scotland and The Lakes last Oct. Cost is £140 including special delivery in Uk.
The painting below --"Branching Out ll" is reserved until Friday when I have someone coming to see some paintings.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Class of 21st Feb--Forest Pool

This class is a last minute one for next week-I was going to have a Saturday off ! This is a lovely painting to do for first time students and also more experienced ones.
It is painted on a black canvas which makes life easier !
If you would like to join this class please get in touch with me via or ringing me on 01584 872013

I have 4 places left for this class.

Class of Feb 14th

Margot,Gordon and Anita were all first time students today so they were all in the same boat!
Margot had found me through the SAA website.
Gordons wife had bought him a gift voucher for Christmas after they had seen my regular students Pauline and Chris's paintings, as they are neighbours!
Anita and I were at school together over 30 years ago---boy that makes me feel old!
We did some catching up when we had a coffee break! I had forgotten to take my camera to class today and hadn't realised until we had nearly finished, sent Bill home to fetch it and after he returned with it realised that the card was still in the laptop so home again bless him! Good job we are only a few hundred yards away in the room we hire!
Everyone enjoyed them selves in class-Anitas hubby joined up for the Winter Wonderland class next month when he came to pick her up!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Slimming World

I joined slimming world last week and had a not so bad sort of week, food wise considering.

Bills brother Bernard passed away in the early hours of Monday morning and it had been quite difficult to sort out regular meals at times.
However I did manage to lose 4 and 1/2lb this week and daughter Becki lost 7lb-well done Becki!
Bill has also lost 5lb by having the same food as me, so well done to him too!

Hopefully this week should be a bit easier to stick too .I have eaten more food than I am used to,to be honest, 3 good meals a day plus snacks-takes some eating when you are used to having just breakfast and an evening meal-but I'm enjoying it--salmon and watercress sauce, new potatoes, brocoli,carrots and peas tomorrow for dinner! Cant wait!

Great Day

I had a lovely day at the gallery Alltogether Unique today.

It was very busy all day with people in and out all the time. I did get a painting completed in between all the chatting!!

The time flew by so quickly it was unreal--before I knew it Bill was there to pick me up and take me home!

We are doing the same again on the Thursday 26th of Feb when you will be able to come along and see the artwork, watch me working and have cup of coffee and a chat with us!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Artist In Residence

I am going to be Artist In Residence at the local gallery 'Alltogether Unique' gallery in Corve Street Ludlow tomorrow.
I will be painting while there and everyone will be able to see how a painting progresses from start to finish.
If you are around please call in and say hello.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hollie and Lucie

we have had Hollie and Lucie tonight-our little grandaughters.First time we have seen Lucie-she is a little darling bless her! Had her bottle and went straight to sleep! Hollie wasnt far after her!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Class of Feb 7th--Birch Trees

I really enjoyed myself in the class today.
Sue and Pete are brother and sister and came from quite a distance to attend.
Both were bit apprehensive about it-both being convinced really that they wouldn't be able to paint anything like the birch tree subject!
They soon settled down to the job in hand and we had lovely time!

The photo of Pete with the big knife is not as it looks--he found it better to use than a paint brush to line up where he was putting his trees!

Pete noticed the paintings that were hanging in the dining room waiting to be sent to the commissioner and recognised them both as Swallow Falls and Nylon Bay----funnily enough he and his sister had spent the Christmas before last at Nylon Pool -Tobago. Id never heard of the place before!

As you can see they both produced some beautiful paintings as well as having a great laugh as well!
Pete was taking photos on his phone and sending them to his friend to prove he was actually painting the picture-he is using his finished painting as his screen saver on it!
Im sure everyone will be impressed with their paintings when they see them!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Mixed Week

Its been a funny old week this week.
Bills brother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and we have been travelling to the hospital in Shrewsbury to see him. He still has his sense of humour and we have had lots of laughs with him there, but of course its tinged with sadness.

It was lovely to get a phone call from Hilda who attended the class last Saturday, she called to say that she and her daughter in law Rosie had enjoyed the best day out for a long long time, and they were looking forward to coming back again.

I also heard from Julie who said she and Sheila has thoroughly enjoyed the day too.

I also had my first booking for a demo next year---April 2010 a ladies club in Telford.It seems a long way off but the way the last year went it will soon be here.

Class of February 7th --Birch Trees

I have some spaces left for this Saturdays class The Birch Trees.
This painting is a great one for first time artists or more experienced artists.
The results are always stunning!
It is painted using acrylic paint and it will be dry for you to take home.
You will have the choice of painting it in the usual monochrome or the sepia tones -which has proved to be very popular in the past.
If you would like to join the class please get in touch on 01584 872013 or 07800902488