Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Charity donation

I am asked quite regularly if I will donate a painting to a charity in order that they can raise funds from it. I was contacted a short time agao by Adrian and his wife who had sadly lost their baby son aged 22 days because of the B strep. I have donated one of my birch tree paintings to them for their auction they are holding later this year.Here is the link to the article about it.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Serenity in Green/Brown/Blue April 4th

I have just 2 places left for this class.As you can see there are lots of variations to do with this painting.
It can be done in several different colours and there are various add ons that I will show you how to do during the class.
If you would like to join us in this class please get in touch via the website


April 11th
This class is full-I will be setting another date for it shortly-please keep checking out the new website www.paintingmyway.co.uk
for the new dates.

Forest Pool class April 18th _FULL

This class is now full.
It promises to be an interesting one-I have Brian who came to me several times a couple of years ago coming along with his daughter and also his grandaughter as well! It will be the first time Ive had all three generations in a class together!

I will be setting another date for this class again shortly.
Keep checking the website www.paintingmyway.co.uk

for the new dates.

Birch Trees class April 25th

I have just one place left in the Birch Tree class on April 25th.
As you can see there is a variety of different ways of creating this painting-you have the choice of the monochrome, the sepia tones or if you are feeling adventurous the pop art style in bright colours of your choice!

Then there are the add ons-foxgloves or bluebells that can be added after using the melted wax.
We always get fantastic results using this method-take a look at the website to see some more of the results.

Foxgloves Class May 2nd "NEW"

This is a new class subject. Painted in oils on to box canvas-Foxgloves is suitable for all ages and abilities.
We will be using a canvas measuring 30cm x 60 cm for this class as it suits the subject matter better than our usual one.

If you would like to join us for this class please get in touch via the website www.paintingmyway.co.uk

Poppy Fields Class May 9th

I have 4 places left in this workshop.
Bright and cheerful and suitable for all ages and abilities.
Painted using oils onto a staple free box canvas measuring 40cm x 50 cm.
If you would like to join us for this class please get in touch via the website

Emerald Woods class May16th

There are 3 places left for this popular class. Its created using acrylic and oil paint and is suitable for all ages and abilities.
We have a grandad and grandson booked in already for this class!
If you would like to join us for this mystical looking painting please get in touch with me via the website

new class-Summer Day-June 6th

The latest date for the Summer Day class is Saturday June 6th.
This painting is suitable for all ages and abililites even first timers.
Fantastic results every time in this popular workshop.
If you would like to join us please get in touch via the website

4 places left in this class

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The demonstration at Wellesbourne Art Society went really well last night. It was my third time there and it was lovely to meet up with them all again!
2 of their members came to me last year to paint the Birch tree painting and when they returned with their pictures the other members said they would like a demo of it .As usual I had a display of painting on my stands and lots of art materials to buy too which went down well.
There were 9 visitors from another art society as well so there was a really good crowd. Unfortunately the camera chose to play up during the evening and all of the pictures taken during the evening are very blurry!
The 2 paintings shown above are the 2 that I painted while there. We had been for a lovely meal before the demo at the Kings Head where we had stayed the first night!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wellesbourne Visit

We are having a lovely time here in Wellesbourne .We had a mix up with our booking at the original hotel, it was double booked for tonight so we have been upgraded to another hotel a couple of miles away!
We have a much larger room now and even a swimming pool!
Been to Banbury -(the pics are of the famous Banbury Cross and The Lady On a White Horse with the bells and things!) today mooching around the shops, back to our room to catch up with the emails etc, just about to get ready to go for a meal, then off to the art society at 6.30pm to get set up for the demo.
Im really looking forward to it!

Monday, March 23, 2009


We are really looking forward to tomorrow when we are off to Wellesbourne again to do a demo for the art society there-this will be my third time so I must be doing something right! Ive been rushed off my feet all day getting everything ready for the pet sitter and everything to take with us.
We are booked into a lovely hotel as we normally go away for my birthday/wedding anniversary at this time so we are combining business and pleasure. My demo is on Wednesday evening and that leaves us plenty of time to explore the area again. We love it around there and we have met some lovely people on our travels there before.
Ive been busy getting the odd jobs done around the house that needed doing before the pet sitter arrives-good excuse for a spring clean!
I wonder what new things Jake will be coming out with when we get back-he always picks something new up!
Well Im off to bed now, got lots of last minute packing to do in the morning, will have internet access so will keep posting here-if I have time!

Yesterdays Craft Fair

We had a wonderful time yesterday at the craft fair. The weather was very kind to us-much better than forecast-loads of people about for a change!
We had a bit of excitement in the morning when a horse drawn carriage overturned and the horse bolted, being caught and stopped only a few yards away from the market stalls-good job it was early in the day and not many people about-it could have been nasty. The horse hit a transit van and caused a bit of damage, but fortunately the horse was unhurt except for a few cuts.
I was painting all day, working on a couple of paintings that I wanted to finish-one is being given to charity, I will post the details up here shortly. The other big piece was a large triptych of my birch trees. People were very interested to see what I was doing, and quite a few want to join a class.
I sold my monochrome birch tree triptych to a lovely couple who had come from Banbury.
The lady spotted the wax foxgloves that I had added on another of the series and really liked it so I added some while she watched, just for her on the first canvas of the set she had bought. She explained that her living room was black and white and they would fit in beautifully.
All in all a great day, I finished off the brown triptych today at home, thats waiting to be varnished now.
To top the day my stepson Carl and his lady took us out for a beautiful meal at The Boot last night.
A great ending to a great day-thanks both!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well when the painting is finished and the others are just finishing off there is nothing like sneaking off for a quiet game of darts!

Jan and Pauline were finishing off their paintings when we realised that Bill had opened up the dartboard in the room and he and Chris were having a go!
Chris has has got the hang of folding the easels away too--many thanks for that Chris-it all helps!


I have changed the class subject for May 2nd to this one.
Foxglove Dream is a painting suitable for all abilities from first time upwards.

Painted in oil, we will be using a new shaped canvas to normal as I feel this will suit the subject matter better than the normal 40cm x 50 cm.

I will still be using the high quality Loxley canvas but it will measure 30 cm x 60 cm instead.

If you would like to join this class please get in touch with me via the webiste www.paintingmyway.co.uk
or email me on enquiries@paintingmyway.co.uk

Thank You Everyone

Well Ive had a lovely birthday today, after opening loads of cards and pressies while getting ready for today's class ,it carried on with some of my friends/students bringing me some beautiful presents to class. We had a great class, I took along my birthday cake my daughter Becki had bought for me and we all had some with a cup of tea .
My phone was buzzing all morning with messages for me....After arriving home it was a constant stream of visitors bringing beautiful pressies and cards.
As well as my birthday its also our 8th wedding anniversary-- so the house if full of cards everywhere there is a space to put them!
We were going out for a meal tonight but we were too tired to get ready, so we had a lovely meal in and we are being taken out by Carl and Marcel tomorrow night.
All in all Ive been thoroughly spoiled rotten-will have some extra hoola hoops to do on the Wii fit after all the chocs are gone but hey who cares!!!

Poppies Class March 21st

Todays class was lovely. The subject hadn't been done before in class and everyone was looking forward to the new challenge!
The subject gave everyone the chance to be themselves, and be as creative as they wanted once they had all been shown how to do the certain things.
Everyone grasped the daisies, cornflowers and poppies quite easily-what made everyone nervous was the first stage of the different coloured grasses and where to put them!
We had some lovely results as you can see, Pauline was the only one brave enough to paint the little bumble bee into her painting-and a lovely little bee he turned out to 'be'.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I was asked at the last craft fair if I painted my birch trees in any other colours 'Pop Art' style.
I had never considered doing that before so decided to give it a go.
I decided on a bright fuchsia pink and a cadmium yellow for my first one.
Bright and vibrant is a bit of an understatement -its quite in your face but to be honest I do like it!
The canvas is a loxely canvas-very good quality and I have used acrylic paint.
it measures 12in x 24in
price is £100. You can purchase it through my new website www.paintingmyway.co.uk its in the latest paintings gallery.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We have been asked to attend a new craft fair next Sunday 22nd March on Ludlows Castle Square.
There is a big wedding fair being held in the Ludlow Castle grounds on that day and the craft fair will be running along side it.
All of the crafts that will displayed will be suitable for wedding gifts.

If you are in the area please call by and say hello! I will be demonstating both the oil, acrylic and encaustic mediums while I am there.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ive had a very interesting day today-Malcolm came to do his very first painting with me.Although he is a painter and decorator by trade he had never tryed his hand at painting pictures!
His wife Anita came to me a few weeks ago and when Malcolm came to pick me up he was so impressed with her painting he wanted to have a go-Winter Wonderland took his fancy!
He was a bit nervous to begin-which is completely normal but soon settled down to it!
We have a lot in common with our interests in all things mystical and have been chatting on face book for some time, so we were chatting about our own personal experiences as much as painting-the time flew by!
Malcolm listened and watched very carefully and its shows in his painting-he made a lovely job of it.
Afterwards we had a play with the encaustic wax-Malcolm said he could feel an addiction coming on! Not surprising really-almost everyone who has a go gets addicted to it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latest Painting

I was Artist In Residence today at the gallery Alltogether Unique in town.I had a lovely day-Chris and Pauline 2 of my students called by to see me and show me photos of some paintings that they had done at home-absolutely brilliant job they have done.
They were telling me that some of their paintings were going to the USA to live! One of Paulines paintings had already gone to Canada!
Its quite amazing to think that my students work is being sent all over the world-Jack was telling us in class last week that one of his paintings had also gone to the USA.

While I was in the gallery I did some work on a new painting that I will be teaching in class.
I have added daisies and cornflowers to the poppies and grasses this time.The blue and white colours really lifts it.
This painting will be suitable for first time artists or more experienced ones.
Painted in oil on a black canvas-it makes it far less scarey than working on a white one!
If you would like to do this painting in class please get in touch via the website
This painting has been logged at www.protectmywork.com

Grahams 40th

We had a lovely night last night at the local Bull Ring Tavern. It was my brother in laws 40th birthday so all the family went out to celebrate!
All of the meals were lovely, must go there again soon!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jordan -One of MY LIttle Stars

Jordan has been to quite a few of my classes now and painted some beautiful paintings with me.

He has had a great article about him and his art printed in a local magazine in his home town of Telford.

Great photos of him with the art produced in my classes.
It goes to show that any age can paint when shown just how to do so.
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Monday, March 09, 2009


We had the grandchildren to stop on Saturday night. We couldnt get over how little Lucie had grown!
Hollie had her favorite Dora the Explorer jim jams on that I bought her. She went to bed as good as gold as usual bless her, and slept right through til 8am next morning.