Friday, August 28, 2009

Onslow Park Steam Rally

We have had a busy day getting everything ready for Onslow Park Steam Rally near Shrewsbury.
We have just about finished now, just a few bits to load in the morning.
We love it at Onslow-its a lovely venue.
We are taking the charity Painting along with us-its up to £107 now on Ebay and there is over a week to go , so Im really pleased with it so far.
Its had a couple of coats of varnish to protect it and will have a final one before it goes.
Im hoping my dongle will work at Onslow so I will be able to keep up to date with everything.

Im off for 5 mins relaxing now!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The Boob-tiful painting on ebay has 11 bids and is already up to £102 nearly 9 days to go yet!

99p starting price for painting!

I have started the price of the painting off on ebay at 99p-
the number of it is 250488697145
copy and paste it into the search bar on ebay and see how it does.Pass the word round to anyone you think may be interested!
The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research have also sent me a box of the pink pins to sell, so if anyone wants to make a donation please get in touch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have spent most of the day getting in touch with newspapers and other sources to get the most publicity for the paintng created last weekend for Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research.
My friend Lin is printing some cards to sell , and I have approached 2 local printers who will be doing some copies of the painting.
I am very grateful for all the help in promoting this project-if you go on any forum etc please tell them about this-breast cancer affects a lot of people-most people will know someone who is affected by this awful illness.
The painting is now for sale on ebay the number is 250488697145
you copy and paste it into Ebay you will be able to see its progress.
Please let as many people as possible know about this fund raising painting so w ecan get the best price possible for it.
many thanks are going to Linpix Images , Hereford,
The Ink Spot Printers, 22 Coder Road, Ludlow sy81xe
One Stop Print Shop, 4 Angel Court, Ludlow,sy81ng
for their support in printing images of " Boob-tiful"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ive had a busy day getting everything sorted out re the painting we did for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer at the weekend.
Lin who creates the cards of my paintings has kindly offered to donate the first 25 to the cause which is very good of her-Vivian from the charity who Ive spoken with today loves the image and loved how it was created.
The image looks a little different this evening as my sister in law who suffered breast cancer at a very early age has been and done her contribution to the painting as well!
The painting will be taken around the local printers tomorrow to see if any of them will scan and print off some images to sell as well as a limited edition print.
Ive got the write up ready for the papers done so tomorrow will be a very busy day for me getting everything sorted.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pixierockets Birthday Bash

Well we are back from the weekends celebrations at the Cottage of Content--Pixierocket was celebrating her birthday and invited people who regularly contribute on the UK Campsite forum along to celebrate with her.
Some of us dressed as fairies-I just had some pretty wings!
We had a wonderful time meeting up with everyone we speak to but had never met in real life!
As Lynne (pixierocket) has suffered with breast cancer herself she organised a raffle to raise some money for that cause-I donated 2 paintings for that as well.
Then I had the idea of doing a boob painting--after sorting it out with Lynne, we took along the acrylic paints and a 36in x 14in canvas.
I had expected everyone to go into the caravan one at a time and paint them selves,but it didnt turn out like that!
It turned into the most surreal night Ive ever had in my life!
As the word got round as to what we were planning the ladies were coming by and saying they wanted to be part of it-so as the evening progressed there was a stream of ladies queuing up in my little caravan with tops up and a boob in hand waiting to paint or be painted as the case may be!
It seemed no-one was shy--the general comments were that ''we have all got em''
Several of the ladies had been affected by breast cancer, one had had reconstructive surgery after the removal of her breast and she chose to use that boob to paint with-as did Lynne-who painted her scars in a different colour to the rest-so it was a very emotional thing as well as fun. The good thing was the amount of young girls who understood why it was being done and wanted to take part in it.Hopefully they will continue to be 'breast aware ''as they grow up.
The painting will be going onto Ebay shortly to rasie money for Breast Cancer reasearch, after I get as much publicity as I can first--the group photo above is of all the artists who helped to create the masterpiece-

We had a brilliant time, it was such fun to meet up with everyone- the 3 girls from the tent next door are coing down for a class sometime in the near future so it will be great to meet up with them again!
Im off to unpack the cravan now and get everything ready for next weekends trip to Onslow Park.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cottage Of Content

We are having a lovely time in Bidford on Avon with all our friends off the camping forum.
The site is beautiful-very peaceful and clean.
we were woken this morning by the sound of hot air ballons taking off nearby-we stood and watched then go over the site barely above some of the caravans!
We have been into Wellsbourne to the big market on the airfield and then called by the boot sale at the racecourse.
At the meoment we are sitting in the pub-Cottage of Content having shared a ploughmans with Bill--the cold pint of larger is going down nicely--
we are all having a big BBQ and party tonight to celebrate Pixierockets 52 nd birthday--
the sun is shining and we are off back to the caravan for a lie down before the celebrations begin this evening!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The Winters Walk class is now full with 10 students coming along on Oct 17th.
I will be setting a date for the next Winters Walk in 2010 shortly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We are looking forward to our break this weekend-we are off with the caravan for a few days Fri-Mon to Bideford on Avon to meet up with friends off one of the forums we talk on.
It promises to be a very good weekend! There are birthday celebrations going on and it will be a busy , fun time I think!
There is plans for a massive BBQ on Saturday night-everyone is taking food and drink to share-there are going to be events going on to raise money for breast cancer-a raffle among other things-Ive donated 2 paintings as raffle prizes for this good cause.
I will also be organising something myself to raise some money -and some laughs-it will involve paint and canvas--watch this space!
Got to get the caravan packed tomorrow ready for an early start on Friday morning--I have to hand the paintings in at the exhibition at 10am first then hopefully we will be away!
Just got the housework to do tomorrow so the house is clean and tidy for the petsitter--how do 2 parrots and a cat make soooo much dust?

Todays Market

The weather forecast was for a fine sunny day so we loaded some extra paintings into the car that could be hung on the outside of the stall without fear of them getting wet!
It was a bit windy at first , but the sun soon came out and so did the people!
We had a really busy day-it was pretty much constant with enquiries about classes--Ive had another recommendation for a place to stay while visiting-The Church Inn which is just off the town centre. The gentleman who was chatting to us highly recommended it to us--lovely room with balcony and a lovely breakfast for £90 a night. They are also dog friendly both downstairs in the bar and upstairs.

All Stretton WI

We had a demo to do at All Stretton WI last night--I painted Serenity and The Waterfall for the ;adies--here you can see the winner of the raffle prize with her painting!
It wasnt far from home for us for once-though it did mean an extra early morning for us as Bill had to unload and reload the car for todays market.
Ive almost sold out of the cards of my paintings now as the ladies aty the WI thought they were wonderful!
Lin is doing some more for me in time for Onslow Park-where Im sure they will go down a storm!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hypnosis--so far so good!

Well I have to say that I'm very impressed with the hypnosis so far.
I haven't found it hard at all to eat sensibly and I haven't touched an alcholic drink since last Wednesday! Must be the first weekend in around 20 years that I havent had a drink of wine!
Can honestly say I havent missed it at all.
I dont know how much weight Ive lost cos Bill has hidden the scales because I get obsessive with them and weigh every day!
Im going to weigh in tomorrow--I feel like Ive lost a bit so fingers crossed!
Its a weird feeling to be honest-I have no desire to eat anything fattening-havent eaten any bread for days-have eaten loads of fruit, ved and lean meat--have a real urge to drink lots of water!
We are going away at the weekend with the caravan and I know there will be lots of food and drink flowing-I just cant imagine myself eating or drinking anything I shouldnt though!

Last Class of 2009--"Yesterday"

I have set the last class of 2009 for Dec 12th-I have chosen another acrylic painting as it will be ideal to give as a special Christmas present if the students so choose! The beauty of acrylic is its drying time-it will be dry enough to varnish after just a day.
As you can see the 2 paintings shown look quite different at first glance-however the technique will be the same for both paintings. You have the choice of colour and canvas size as well.
The larger canvas is 36in x 14in and the class will be £45 if you choose to use that size.
The normal canvas is 20in x 16in and that class will be £35 as usual.
Both paintings are suitable for first time students for more details check out my website

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sad News -Keith Norris RIP

I had an email today from one of Keith Norris's friends who informed me that sadly Keith has passed away last Tuesday from a heart attack.
We met Keith last year at a seminar held by the SAA (Society for all Artsists) He has helped to develop a new type of acrylic paint 'Atelier Interactive' and he did a day long demonstration of it for us all.
He was a very funny man as well as being a very talented artist-he had us in stitches at times during the demo!
He will be very sadly missed.
RIP Keith Norris

Latest Painting

I have had a tiring but enjoyable day. Ive been working on a painting for the Ludlow Art Society exhibition which starts this Saturday.
This painting is done in acrylic and measures a massive 36in x 36in.
Its been built up in many layers and it will be varnished by Bill on Tuesday and Wednesday to protect it and bring out the colours properly.
As you can see I got absolutely covered in paint--I look like Ive got a massive attack of measles-good job it comes off easily!
Price is £300
The exhibition is being held at the Harley Centre, Ludlow Collage, Castle Square from Saturday Aug 21st until Monday the 31st.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Updated Class Dates

The classes are getting full very quickly again--here is the list of dates and numbers left in class--to save time loading them all on here check out the paintings on my website please !

Sept 5th - "The Waterfall "------ 1 place left
Sept 12th - "The Birch Trees"---2 places left
Sept 26th" - "The Birch Trees"--1 place left
Oct 3rd - "Poppy Field"---4 places left
Oct 10th - "Perfect Evening"- 5 places left
Oct 17th - "Winters Walk"-- 1 place left
Oct 31st - "Forest Pool"-- 2 places left
Nov 7th - "Summer Day"---3 places left
Nov 14th - "Serenity" ---- 2 places left
Nov 21st -- "Tropical Sunset"--4 places left
Dec 5th --- " Mystical Moon" ---6 places left
Dec 12th--- "Yesterday" --9 places left (last class this year)

More Bookings

Haven't long got off the phone from 2 of today's students--Liz was chuffed to bits with her painting and has booked into Winter walk,Serenity and Mystical Moon, and Nettie has rung to book herself, her daughter and her granddaughter Leanne who came today into the Serenity class, so Ive been updating the website as there are not many places left now in some of the classes.
note --Liz has just booked her friend in for Winters Walk as well!

Todays Class--Mellow Moods

From the left-today's students Nettie, Leanne,Diane Jennings (ll) Jean,Tony,Bill,Ann and in front Liz and Hannah.
Illness cut the numbers down to 9 at last minute for today's class-
We had a request from Nettie for autumn colours instead of the usual greens and yellow ochres as Nettie's front room is terracotta-as Ive said before with my classes-nothing is set in stone and if you like a painting but the colour wont match your decor just ask if it can be done in another colour-it can usually be done!
Its amazing when you think everyone has stood and watched me demonstrate each small section of the painting-when you look at the students canvas right from the start they are all sooooo different!
I love the way that everyones character comes through!Every single stage we do is completely different to each others
Diane Jennings was back down from Liverpool for her 2nd time painting with me, Bill (student) was originally from the same place and it was lovely to hear the scouse accent in stereo-it must be one of the nicest accents around!
We had 2 lots of nannas and granddaughters today which was great!
Ann and Hannah have been before but it was a first time for Nettie and leanne, who we met at Welland.
It was also a first for Liz.
Diane,Bill, Tony and Jean (Mrs Subtle) have been before.We are seeing Diane again for the birch trees on Sept 12th, Bill is back for the Perfect Evening and the Serenity classes, Tony is in for the Watefall class and Hannah is coming to paint the mystical moon class.
We had some great results as usual-everyone was able to see how their paintings will look framed as we tryed them all in the black frame Tony had ordered!
It really set them off a treat.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mystical Moon--Christmas pressie?

Ive set another date for this popular class-"Mystical Moon "
Its suitable for first timers to do and will be dry for you to take home on the day. It can be varnished the day after and will be dry for anyone who wants to paint it as a Christmas present for someone special.
There will be a choice of colours for this class-purple, blue or grey-and also a choice of canvas-the standard 16in x 20in or the new 12in x 24in chunky canvas which was the most popular last time.
Its a dramatic painting-I might even show you how to paint a bat!
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website

Summer day-November 7th

Ive only just et the date for Summer Day and already today Ive had 2 emails booking in 3 people!
Looks like its a good job Ive extended the classes to 9 people!
If you would like to join this class-which is suitable for first timers upwards please contact me via the website

Hypnosis--so far so good!

We went along to Bishops Castle today with an open mind on whether the hypnosis for weight loss would work or not.
Karl quickly put us both at ease and Bill waited outside while Karl did his stuff-It was most relaxing and I think I can remember everything that was said.
I then sat in on Bills session as well-I was even more relaxed the second time as I wasn't nervous-so I sat with a cushion behind my head and relaxed inte chair while Bill was on the couch having his hypnosis.
The power of suggestion is very powerful-and after being told several things -one of which included having a burning sensation in the back of the throat if we had to much to eat and drink- I was amazed when finishing my dinner tonight (omlette and salad) to find I had that sensation.
We should be cutting down our big meals by around 50 % any less than that and we will get the effects!
Im still feeling full- and havent had any wine or voddi tonight and dont want any either--its very strange how it works-fingers crossed it continues.
Karl said we should only need one session - I have a feeling it will do the trick-watch this space!

Enchanted Skies

Enchanted Skies
Warm shades of purple, mauves, pinks and creams along with the beautiful matallic violet paint used on the water make this painting quite mystical to view. You will find the water seems to change as the day goes through to night as the light changes. It is ready to hang and has had 3 coats of varnish to protect it.


Enchanted Shores

Part of my latest "Enchanted" series. All of the paintings in this series share the same colours-soft purples,mauves, pinks and creams-all with a little black silhouette in them. The water has been created using a special shimmering paint that catches the light.I have used a violet one in this painting. The painting has all the edges painted and is varnished ready to hang. The price includes p+p in the uk.Please contact me doe details if you are outside the Uk.

check out the website for more paintings

Enchanted Evening

This painting has been painted onto a staple free cicular canvas measuring 40cm in diameter. The sides are all painted. The painting is based on the Welsh coast where we have spent many happy days and evenings. I have used shades of purple, mauve, pinks and creams with the rocks and grass in black-silhouetted against the sky and water. The water has been created using a special metallic paint that shimmers and catches the light. The painting is varnished and ready to hang. The price includes p+P in the UK -if you are outside the UK please get in touch for detail.

check out the website for more paintings