Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birch Tree Workshop in The Wirral

We are looking forward to a trip to The Wirral on Sat Nov 8th to do The Birches Workshop.. I do still have room for a couple of people so if you live in the area and would like to join us there please get in touch --there is a £5 supplement on all the size canvas to cover the travel expenses..

We get wonderful results in every workshop---the one above was done by a first timer artist if my memory serves me right!

The end results are always great and its really good fun doing this workshop too...

some more results from a previous workshop...here is the link for the workshop Birch Tree Workshop

Winter Wonderland Workshop

It was Annette's 2nd painting with me--she came along with her Dad Tony and sister Tina..   She made a beautiful job of her painting, and it was lovely to see them all having a laugh together in the class....                        I had 3 last minute cancellations unfortunately---one of whom didn't even bother to let me know--I will not be taking any more bookings from her unless I have the full payment up front from now on--I don't like doing it but I am a business at the end of the day, and while I know people sometimes have to cancel because of illness etc its only common courtesy to let me know they cant make it.

Tina adding the final finishing touches to her painting....didn't need the swear box this time quite as much Tina ;-) Tina received her award for attending 6 workshops but chose the artist palette key ring instead of a brooch!

Tony looking at what to do next....

Paul was painting for the 2nd time.

Looks like a keep fit class at times...LOL

Well done everyone!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Foxgloves And Dragonflies Workshop

Well what a busy workshop we had on Saturday--17 students,, some new ones and some been before! Several due to get their artist brooch for attending 6 workshops next time! Foxgloves and Dragonflies was a new subject-using acrylics and oils to create a pure fantasy scene.We used some beautiful metallic paint to paint the dragonflies--with a touch of glitter paint on top--beautiful effect-shame it does not show up on the photos! Above is Pat adding her trees..

Hardest part of the painting is getting the shape of the pond correct--Jan got hers right straight away!

Natalie has some lovely character trees!

Tracey adding the foxgloves...

Trudy adding some detail.

We found a lovely little bird in one of Beth's trees at the end--of course she added it on purpose ;-)

Rachael and the girls had all been on a midnight charity walk and didn't get in til 4.30am...I'm amazed that they all painted as well as they did bless em!

Helen has been to quite a few workshops with me now--and is painting at home too!

Donna adding some smaller trees before going on to the foxgloves...

First time for Kelly--

and Roland---though you would never know would you?

Pauline's painting is coming alone beautifully here..

Malcolm about to add some more branches to his lovely trees..

Anna travels a long way to paint with me..she loved working with both mediums...

First time for Teressa too--though you would never know from her results...

Jaq bought along her father in law Rick for his first time--she will get her artist brooch next time...she added some lovely poppies to her painting--they worked really well!

First time for Rick using oils and acrylics--he normally uses watercolours--but he got on just fine with them!

As it was a new subject and a larger than normal class we did run on a little over time and Teresa had to leave before the group photo as she had visitors!

Amazing just how different all the paintings are...

and you would never be able to pick out the first timers paintings from the others!

wonderful results!!!

A lovely workshop--am looking forward to teaching this one again next year!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Blackpool Break

We got back on Thursday from 4 nights in sunny Blackpool...this was the view from our window! We had beautiful weather the whole time we were away--no wind ,just sunshine all the way!

We don't normally do tourist attractions when away--but having found lots of money off vouchers in various places like cornflakes packs and crisp packets we took advantage of it--we had a great time in Madam Tussuad's--

Oh what I could tell Jeremy Kyle...

naughty man Bill...

Love Benny Hill!

Soaking up the rays..

I have been looking forward to going to see the Funny Girls show since last May---best laugh we have had for a long time---well worth the £12.50 admission--

The lovely Zoe--star of the Funny Girls show--she is brilliant!

The show is a must do if you go to Blackpool!

Unfortunately on the way back to the hotel I managed to kick the back of Bills shoe--and lifted my big toe nail nearly right off...owwwwwww. A lovely man from the chippy gave me a chair to sit on and dressed it for me--but being the coward I am of needles--I didn't go to the hospital to get it treated ...thinking it would get better on its own ,keeping it clean and dressed...big mistake!

Next day we visited the Sealife Centre... I hobbled round there--and despite the pain I was in from my toe--did enjoy it!

There was a beautiful sunset each evening..you can see just how calm the sea was..like a mill pond!

the lights....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cats In The Tree Workshop

We had 11 in for Cats in the Tree on Saturday...everyone had a choice of colours,

Angela adding her cats,,,

looking good..

love the colours..

slightly different technique but lovely all the same..

bunnies coming up...

Add caption

Coming along nicely!

sorry-awful photo...

Love this colour--have not tried using just red shades myself--but will be giving it a try after seeing this one!

Wow...love this one..you cant see the twinkling stars in the photos--we used a lovely glitter paint to achieve them-they catch the light when hung up in the room...very pretty affect..

Well done ladies--what lovely paintings you all created..all so different to each other..see you all again soon x