Thursday, August 29, 2013


Its always lovely to get flowers bought for you--but its even better when there is no reason...Bill got me these beautiful huge long lilies today..its a shame I have neither a vase big enough or a room big enough to leave them as long as they were...

However they look and smell divine even if I did have to cut nearly 3ft off the stems to get them in the vase! I love the smell of lilies--its my favourite along with 'rose' Thanks Bill--loves you millions xxx

Kington Vintage Show

Just realised I had forgotten to update my blog about the previous weeks show!  We did Kington Vintage Show for the first time,we had loads of space for 2 gazebos, the van and the caravan!

Bill chillin...

Looks like it was wine o'clock...

Had my hand cast in wax while I was there...weird experience but love the end result!

As we had the caravan with us we were able to enjoy a lovely jug of fresh Pimms ,,it went down very well in the sunshine!

some lovely old cars there..

some of the cars bought back memories..

Sols loads of the tiny paintings here too...Ive got to get cracking again this week and do some more!

Onslow Park Steam Rally

Apologies first of all for not doing any updating of the blog--I had very limited Internet access while we were at Onlsow Park Steam Rally at the weekend..and not had a spare minute since we got home Monday night! Had a busy day on the market today,, so this is the first chance Ive had... I was busy in the run up to the show getting my little miniature paintings done and varnished..glad I made the effort as most of them sold! Ive been busy updating the copyright site with all of my images I do on 

It took us ages to set up--good job we got there at lunchtime on the Saturday!

My new display board works well and frees up space on the tables for the smaller ones!

These paintings have gone to a lovely home--bought as a surprise by the ladies friend... the lady had been by the stall earlier and fell in love with them right away--she went away to think about it--in the meantime her friend came and bought them and explained what she was doing--had to put a sold sign on them--the lady came back round to see them again and she was so upset to see them 'sold' ...they were collected the next day to be handed over--wish I had seen the look on her face when she unwrapped then! One very happy lady--with one very kind ,lovely friend!

After a very hectic day it was back to the caravan to cook a quick dinner before we went walkabout around the steam fair..

Bill was to blame for the 'doorstep' bread--he blamed the knife--I blamed the white wine LOL...however--it was so delicious I forgave him!

We love the sounds,smells and sights of the steam fair---shame some of the photos I took up there didn't turn out :-(

Bill stood beside his namesake steamer ''Billy Boy''

the time flew by--Bill was able to go walkabout some of the time over the 2 day was lovely to meet up with old friends and we made some lovely new friends too...looking forward to meeting them again next year--what laughs we had there!

loved this tree we saw on the way home--we came home the scenic route due to an accident on the main road...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Server Down

The server for my website is down--not expected to be off long--so hoping its up and running asap...
thanks for your patience if you are trying to book a workshop!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Demonstration Evening

I have been asked if I will do a demo on  19th of September at 7.30pm at Melville Chaple ,Oreton, nr Clee Hill  to help raise funds for the roof which has to be repaired before the winter.I will be painting 2 pictures from start to finish in front of you, and will also get someone out of the audience up to paint a small picture as well!!  It will be a fun,entertaining evening for everyone..there will also be a raffle for the paintings created during the evening too..
Melville chapel has seating for 55 people a those wishing to attend can book a seat  by phoning 01746 718647 evenings only.
The cost is £5.00 and that will include a cup tea / coffee and a slice of cake too.
Melville chapel is at Oreton  DY14 0TL  ( Over the Clee Hill )

Birches Workshop Aug 11th

The students had a wide range of colours and canvas size for yesterdays workshop..Deborah chose the beautiful autumn shades...wonderfully vibrant and warm feel to it..

10 year old Harry came along with his Nan Linda-he is staying with her during the holidays--and is back off down to his home in London shortly...he also chose the autumn shades, he soon found his confidence and his birch trees grew and grew--he was brilliant at the splattering, and did it with ease-turning his painting into quite a magical scene in no time..

Linda made a beautiful job of her painting-the  brown /cream shades give a lovely warm feel to the end would never have believed it was her first time painting..

Irene was with me for the 10th time--but this time she was under a little pressure as her daughter-in -law had requested she paint a monochrome version of the Birches for her birthday!  Irene chose to add a subtle touch of silver to the trees-it looked lovely and catches the light beautifully...I'm sure it will be loved very much when its handed over!

Eileen and her hubby John were also first timers--and really went for it on a large 36in canvas...Eileen chose the autumn shades and John the monochrome/silver version..

I am looking forward to meeting Eileen and John again for the Summer Day in Oct...

Jayne, Tony and Carrie were painting with me for the 2nd time...but the first time using acrylic--

They all used the warm browns/creams for their painting..

It always amazes everyone how the background change so much during the course of the lesson...

Chris drove down from Liverpool the evening before, and loved every minute and intends coming back--first time using acrylics for her...

Anne used a 12in x 24in canvas for her painting--she was more nervous about the workshop than ever before--I think its because she did so well on her previous 2 workshops that she thought her 'luck' would run out and she wouldn't be able to do it! However she soon found out its down to her following the instructions and not 'luck' that creates the end results and she soon settled down and enjoyed using acrylics for the first time..
two very proud artists-Eileen and John...

Tony, Jayne and Carrie with their lovely paintings.

(back) Chris,Linda,Irene,, (front) Deborah,Anne and Harry

Wonderful results from everyone--well done--see you all again soon!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

And Relax.............

It was the hottest day of the year on Thursday and we were in a marquee at Burwarton show! Hot wasn't the word for it! However I have never seen so many of my students in the same place--it was non-stop all day of students past and present calling by to say hello-and all of them were telling everyone how wonderful the workshops are! You cant get better advertising than that can you? It was lovely to catch up with everyone ...

I had been up painting late the night before--the little tiny canvas pictures always sell well, so did loads ready for Burwarton and Tenbury-they sold well at Burwarton..and I don't have many left for the market on Wednesday!

My latest Cats In A Tree painting also went to a new home in Bridgnorth..
While we were setting up at Tenbury-the sky went so black---and we had the most awful thunderstorm...bit scary when you are in a metal framed marquee! However it passed over as quick as it started  and we got finished setting up..

The Mellow Moods painting (yellow ochre background with tree)  that is in the middle of the above photo sold today and the lady that bought it is coming to a workshop in Oct..and may be coming next week with luck too..It was an exceptionally busy show for us..most of the mini paintings sold-loads of interest in the workshops,,and bookings for 3 workshops coming up..2 possible workshops coming up in Cardiff and Blackpool--both very different ! Watch this space..
we had the most amazing storm when we got home last night--the hailstones were huge..I was outside feeding the fish when I heard the most amazing sound as the hail storm came over Ludlow..incredible--I called Bill outside as I wasn't sure what the noise  was at first....what the photo does not show is the hailstones were white in the middle but had a huge clear ice around them-making them as big as ice cubes almost!.       Well I am completely knackered looking forward to a family BBQ tomorrow for my lovely daughters 29th may be an inside one if it rains--We wont mind-will be lovely to get together with everyone again..And then I have Monday and Tuesday off--completely free except for some housework! I have been asked several times over the past few days if I have the dates for next year done yet-- I will be trying to get some of them done over the next few weeks...keep checking the website the 2014 dates will be underneath this years.And then I can relax!!!!!!!!