Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oriental Dawn-Cancelled

Unfortunately I have to cancel this Saturdays workshop due to my health. I have managed to fit everyone except one who I'm waiting to hear back from in to other workshops..
I had to cancel today's market as well..just one of those things..hopefully I will be back 100% for next week!
I have made a start on next years workshops, you can find them directly under the 2014 workshop dates..I will be adding more dates shortly as soon as I have the dates of the shows etc that I have to work around!
Take a look at the website   workshops coming up!

Kinver Art Group

We met Pat and some of her fellow artists when we did Kinver Show back in the summer..we arranged at the show that we would go and do a demo for them..the day arrived yesterday--and what a great day we had---a laugh a minute with the members as I went through both paintings step  by step..above you can see them having a close look at The Waterfall.

A couple of members  had  tried oils years ago but most of them were used to using acrylics and watercolours-so it was a real eye-opener for them..everyone was pretty amazed at the results I got so quickly., and they promised they wouldn't go into the art shops and ask for 'bashing' and 'tickling'  brushes!!

The winners of the raffle were Trisha on the left who chose Summer Day--Trisha made the most beautiful cake for the coffee break-pear and blackberry sponge that was to die for--and some chocolate tarts--it would  have been rude not to try them..and Pam won The Waterfall painting.. all of the members were left wanting to have a go at oils-and we will look forward to meeting them in future workshops!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Poppy Field Workshop

We had 10 students on Saturday-4 had been once before and the other 6 were new students...

Phil-on the left and his lovely wife Pat next but one..have been once before to paint Serenity--Phil and Pat wanted to surprise their friends Milly,Heather Trevor and Cyril, and when they arrived they had no idea what they were going to do--Phil had suggested all sorts of things--including a bungee jump lol! They were very dubious when they realised they were going to paint--as is natural of course--but everyone was relieved to find it quite an easy process even though I had lost my voice the day before and was struggling to 'shout'  step by step instructions.It did give everyone a laugh though!

Evelyn and Alan on the left have been once before with gift vouchers and came for the second time with gift vouchers--the gift vouchers have proved very popular over the years, and make a great pressie for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion.Carol and Julie have painted before , we met in Kinver earlier in the year--both loved the workshop and said they had learned a lot from it..

What lovely results we had from everyone--all went away happy with their results-and in a few cases gobsmacked at what they had achieved in just a few hours! I will look forward to seeing them all again!

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mystical Moon--workshop on 25th Oct

Due to a glitch on my website the Oct 25th workshop Mystical Moon has not been showing up on there until tonight! You will have a choice of colours for it--blues,purples,greys and the new brown and cream...

We use some beautiful metallic paint to highlight the foliage, and the moon and stars are created with some sparkly paint-it does not show up great in the photos!

As you can see from these previous workshops--the results are just great-every time!

there is a new brown/cream version now too.. 

Sunday, October 05, 2014

"Yesterday" Workshop

Caron came down from Shrewsbury by train and I picked her up from the station--all part of the Painting My Way service! She wanted to do the blues and purples theme..first time for her painting with me though she has been to some classes elsewhere..She loved the techniques I showed her and cant wait to come again...

Phillip and his wife Pauline met me at Onslow Park Steam Rally in August..neither have ever painted before and were a little dubious as to if they could produce anything any good--as you can see Phillip got off to a great start using the browns and creams..A wonderful stormy sky is developing here...

I have to say I just loved the colours in Pauline's painting.bright and vibrant-she used the brush well and blended the colours well- you would never know she had never painted before would you?

Drying the bottoms of their paintings before the next stage..

nearly done...

Loved Sarah's painting--right from the start it took on a cold icy feel--and everyone thought it reminded them of Iceland! We saw glaciers,and the water lapping around the base of them! The moon in the finished painting peeping out around the cloud lit everything up--just beautiful!

hard at it...just adding the grasses and bunnies here..

Phillip made a great job of his painting-as did all 4 first time students--who would ever know they had not done this before?

Pauline is doing the scary bit--adding the tree!

How cute is Caron's bunny with his heart shaped tail?

Because we thought that Sarah's painting resembled Iceland she didn't really want to add a tree to her painting as there are not any trees in Iceland really--so Bill found her a small canvas in the van so she could have a go at painting a tree..

Beautiful results everyone--and thank you to Phillip and Pauline for giving Caron a lift home--turned out they lived just around the corner from each other!

Brilliant results Phillip and Pauline--

Well done ladies--beautiful paintings! Look forward to meeting you all again xPlease take a look at t My workshops coming up