Saturday, July 30, 2011

Welland Show -day 2

we woke up to a beautiful day this morning---some inspiration if ever I saw it!
just beautiful to see the sky changing by the minute.
Bill admiring the views before breakfast..
The Wyche Inn
as yesterdays monochrome painting had sold I decided to do another two--they seem to be liked by all ages and it gets people chatting when I'm painting....
I sold another painting this morning and the lady wanted the sides painting so she could hang it without a frame--so Bill made her a little cardboard tray to take it back to the car-so she didn't get paint all over everything!
one of the many miniatures at the show---isn't it brilliant!
a friend of ours Dave does chainsaw carving--and look at the lump of wood he has got here to go at--he has made a start on it..looks like it will be an eagle eventually!
this wasn't on a display--saw this in the car park!
I promised myself yesterday that if I sold another painting today I would treat myself to a wooden bowl that  had spotted on another stall...its Japanese yew and is just beautiful...all gnarly  and knotted--so touchy feely.
so many textures and interesting things on it..
the handle is carved out of the same piece of wood.....I just fell in love with it!
after painting the first monochrome painting I did yet another so I could show the audience what a difference a quick oil wash could do--tomorrow I might do a little more to the monochrome one--we will see! The weather forecast is for another hot sunny day--thank goodness we loaded the big tower fan in the van--its been worth its weight in gold today-kept us lovely and cool!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Welland Show-- Friday --day 1

We arrived yesterday at The Wyche Inn Malvern --this is the view from our bedroom....
we could see for miles and miles--The Wyche Inn is the highest pub in Worcestershire--you can see the showground in the distance....
we woke this morning to find a change in the weather----and couldn't see a hand in front of us! After a beautiful full English breakfast we went back to the showground-and found it all nice and dry in the marquee..the rian gave over by lunchtime and it was a lovely day after.
All you can see is fields of caravans when you arrive there.
some of the old steamers--I love the sound and smell of the steam engines...
We had been allocated a great space in the marquee--in the corner next to the entrance--so I didn't get in the way of any other exhibitors when I was doing the demos and chatting with people!
lots of space to hang loads of paintings and display the various art materials and cards  I sell.
No I haven't bought a calf---the huge toy calf  in the background is going to be in a display of dairy stuff tomorrow.He has been stuck upstairs in my spare room for years..after chatting to some friends from Leominster Vintage club while at Shobdon food and drink festival they mentioned they needed a calf--so I'm able to help them put!
Some more friends from Leominster Vintage club called by as well today--Sybila and John have been to a few workshops after seeing do my demo at their club meeting a couple of years ago.Sybila had her grandson Oscar with her on holiday --he would like to do a painting workshop sometime but today he had a go at encaustic art.They were all amazed at how quickly he created a wonderful picture.He had all sorts of faces and animals in it---and we all had fun spotting them all!
Sybila had a go at it as well---and they have gone home with a full encaustic kit so they  will have loads of fun creating more paintings! Sybila had some great things appear in her painting--a fantastic lizard, a witches face and a sheep if I remember right!
some lovely old cars on display...
this strange contraption on the back of the lorry is something else--it gives out a huge explosive bang---that rebounds off the hills around for what seems like minutes--its quite something--I hope I have got it on video-and will have a go at loading it onto YouTube later---
our friend Dave Bytheway was here with his chainsaw wood carvings---he is a very talented guy..
this was going on a few yards away from the marquee--and made me feel quite ill to watch---2 of them even put hoods over their head while they were on top of the wheels--scary stuff.
I was painting this painting today as a demo--was about to add an oil wash to it when a lady asked if she could buy we have given it a coat of varnish ready for her to pick it up tomorrow..its a Christmas pressie for her hubby, and she knows he will like it because he told her.They had watched it being created from over the over side of the marquee!Tomorrow will be even busier than today if previous years are anything to go by.Bills been walkabout today meeting up with old friends and having a mooch about the displays--tomorrow he will need to stay nearby in case I get rushed off my feet!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Squirrels Eye View Workshop

Joy was painting with us for the first time--she made the journey from Llanidloes with her friend Elaine (my personal manager!) Elaine has organised 2 workshops in Llanidloes in Nov for me and has got one full and the other nearly full--hence her new title of personal manager!
Cynthia getting her sky done---
Irene has quite a journey and always comes down the day before and stays at the nearby Travel lodge,she chose to do the browns and creams version of the painting...
Elaine chose the fresh greens and yellows version--
the scary part of the painting was doing the black tree trunks--everyone was holding their breath at this stage!
Getting there Elaine.....
you would never believe that this was Joys first painting would you? She seemed to find it easy to do and followed my instructions carefully. Adding the trees as the canvas was turned round on the easel made it easier!
Elaines painting is coming along great here..
as is Cynthias...
Bill had to go and take some paintings to Church Stretton for an exhibition after I got the class set up this morning. When he got back he got roped into doing some finishing touches to my painting as I was busy supervising the students....
what great results ladies----everyone enjoyed their day---and we will see everyone again soon---maybe see Cynthia and her hubby at the Private Viewing on Monday evening!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brimfield WI

We had a good crowd at Brimfield last was lovely to have such a short journey--we can travel up to 1 1/2 hours sometimes to get to the venues---so 10 minutes was a nice change!
The members were surprised to see the paintings develop before them in around 45 mins-first of all the Waterfall painting on the black canvas.....after passing it around to the members to have a closer look I got on and started the second painting "Summer Day" The ladies loved this one......and Stephanie who won the raffle chose that painting as her prize in the raffle.I have donated the Waterfall painting to the WI to do what ever they want to with it--they have a social day coming up so sounds like it will be raffled or something then!
Stephanie with her painting won in the raffle--

Monday, July 18, 2011

Brimfield WI, Markets and Steam Shows etc.Hectic Times Ahead!

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us--we are at nearby Brimfield WI this tonight to do a demo for the ladies there--I'm really looking forward to that--we have a lot of laughs while I am painting the 2 pictures...and for a change we will know a few of the ladies in the audience!
Then Wednesday 20th and Sunday 24th we are up on the local market--its quite busy up there now and we meet lots of people when we are there. I'm usually painting when I'm there--so I tend to get lots of bookings after people see how its done..
Then the following Wednesday 27th July we are back on the market as well before heading down to the beautiful Malvern Hills and nearby Welland to do the 3 day (Fri 29th, Sat 30th and Sun 31st July) steam rally.We will be  in the huge craft marquee.Its a brilliant show--lots and lots going on for all the family to see-take a look at the website
We are back on the Ludlow market on Wed 3rd Aug .
Then on Thursday 4th August we will be in a more local show and one of the biggest in the area Burwarton Show---it was tremendously busy last year-we didn't get a minutes sit down---and hopefully it will be as good this year!
Take a look at their website
No peace for the wicked because then we are at Tenbury show on Saturday 6th August- again a very good, busy show for us--- something for all the family to see there.
We will be glad of our mini break in Yeovil in the middle of August after all that!
Thn we have the big steam fair at Onslow Park on the bank holiday weekend Sunday 28th and Monday 29th Aug--its their 50th anniversary this year so it looks like it will be spectacular! Take a look  looks like there will be 100 steam engines there this year--cant wait for that one.
And of course there will be the usual Wednesday markets in between as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mellow Moods workshop July 16th

Jan (left) and  Hannah (middle) came along with Julie....they were so impressed with Julie's first ever painting they wanted to have a go as well. We used black acrylic paint to under paint before using oils to add colour..great fun to do...
everyone busy painting their acrylic stage
Jenny made a beautiful job of her painting..
Christine was painting for the first time.. her trees were lovely and graceful
today's workshop was the last for Maysoon who is going back to Scotland to work-she bought us some lovely luxury fudge as a thank-you --we will miss her :-(( .  She will be getting in touch with my friend and fellow artist/ teacher Ros Calander from  when she gets settled up there!
Hannahs painting took on a lovely mystical feel--she was meticulous in her work...
we had a laugh with Jan who was with us for the 2nd time...she didnt want to do a waterfall but a stream instead!
Stuart was another first timer..he loved it--and was very confident with his brushes..
Julie was another confident painter--beautiful painting!
Cliff's first time with me--although he has had a go at home with acrylics.
you would never believe that Jan had never painted before-she seemed confident-though she did admit to holding her breath every time she had to paint a tree in-- but that is something that happens a lot in class--and sometimes its so quiet when the students are concentrating you can hear a pin drop!
looking lovely now the colour wash is going on...
Looking lovely Hannah!!!
Lovely results from everyone..well done!