Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well Done Jimbo!!!!!!

Big Congratulations to my son Jim--he has come third in class(over2 litre) in the big Woodpecker Rally held near Ludlow today.
Its the first time he has driven a front wheel drive car on gravel, and he said he drove like an old woman for the first few stages--especially after coming to a stop(Just) over an 80 foot drop in the first stage!
A real bum tightener!!!
He has always rallied Skodas, but has previously built Estelles and Favorites-this is his new Felicia with a 2 litre Vauxhall engine in--he didn't even bend a panel this time!
I'm always relived to hear he has got back in one piece, well done Jim--no doubt there will be some sore heads in the morning though!!!

Oriental dawn-- Sept 6th -4 places left

I have 4 places left for this atmospheric painting next Saturday.
It is suitable for complete beginners.
If you would like to join this class please get in touch with me via the website

Emerald Woods--Sept 20th-- 4 places left

I have 4 places left in this class.
It is suitable for even first time students.The results are great each time we do this painting in class!
If you would like to join us in this one please get in touch with me via the website

Summer Day Class-Sep 27th--FULL

This class is now full--I will be setting a new date for this popular subject in January 2009
This class always gets booked up as soon as I set a date for it--if you would like to go on the waiting list for this class please get in touch with me via the website
The painting is suitable for even first time students and the results are always stunning.
You will have the option of painting poppies, daisies , thrift ,cornflowers or all of them if you wish!

Poppy Field Class --Oct 4th --2 places left

There are just 2 places left for this popular subject.
we have had some fantastic results each time in the Poppy Fields class.
Its suitable for even first time students.
Bright and vibrant, its a painting to cheer up anywhere it hangs!
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via the website

Serenity In Green -Oct 11th--one place left

I have just one place left for this new class subject "Serenity In Green"
on Oct 11th.
There will be the option of doing it in different colours-someone has already requested shades of browns, although it would work in several other colours such as blues or purples.
If you would like to join this class please get in touch via my website

Birch Trees class full--Nov 1st

This class for November 1st is now full.
I have 7 students booked into this popular class.
There will be the option of painting this in the brown/sepia colours as well as the black and white.
I will be setting another date for this class for January 09 and will put the details on here and the website as soon as a date is set.
If you would like to be put on the waiting list for this painting please get in touch.

Tropical Sunset Class Aug 30th

We had a lovely class today, 4 students-- Oliver, Jack , Pauline and Chris had been to me before but Beverly and Doreen were first timers.
Doreen and Beverly had been going to watercolour classes and fancied a change of medium!
The class went very well with some really vibrant skies emerging from the brushes.
Olivers in particular was very bright to start with, but after some careful tickling with the tickling brush it mellowed down nicely.
The palm trees caused a few laugh among us all--we had all sorts-helicopter rotors and wind turbines to name a few, but as I told the students , real palm trees do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
I must cut out some pictures of some to take to class to show them!
Everyone was really happy with the end results--Beverly and Doreen have booked for another 2 classes -The Birch Trees and the Poppy Fields and Pauline and Chris have booked for the Poppy Fields so they will be meeting up again soon.
Thats what I love about the classes, everyone makes firm friendships with the other students and its a social event as much as a painting class.
For once we finished early in class and its lovely to relax with a glass of Tia Maria and Baily's on ice while doing some updating!
Back to the grindstone tomorrow -after the bootsale.
It will be my first Sunday off for what seems like ages-but have got to get cracking on the commissions in the afternoon!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jane and Heathers Day

Jane and her daughter Heather came for a class today.Heather had taken a look at where I have 200 paintings on show and chosen this one to do.
We had great fun, Jane has been to lots of classes before and has had her advanced student brooch, Heather had not painted before.
They were both cracked up at Jake who didnt stop talking all day.Last time Jane was here he copied her laugh, which cracked us all up!
Jane found the acrylic paint quite different to work with compared to the oils she has been used to in previous classes.
When we started on the second coat and it was easier to blend it all started to feel right again.
Both me and Jane decided that we liked our paintings better upside down-when we turned them to paint the bottoms!
So Bill did some re-stringing when we had finished as the canvas were strung the wrong way up!

They were both very nervous when it came to painting the tree.
They both really liked their sunset skies and were scared they would spoil it.
After watching me do my tree they plucked up courage and did the most beautiful trees each.
Jane added some little birds in the sky and Heather painted a little cat sitting on one of her branches of her tree.
They were both delighted with the finished pictures-I sent them away with enough varnish to give them a coat tomorrow--this will bring out the colour even more on their finished pictures.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lots On

I dont know how much I will be on here over the next week--have so much on its unreal!
I have Jane and daughter coming for a private lesson tomorrow, Im still working on the commission for the lady off campsite forum.

Karen who recently bought the small poppies painting has commissioned a Trio Of Sunflowers but with a cornish blue back ground.

And Sian who is the cordinator for the British Heart Foundation has asked me if I will do a painting to be auctioned off in aid of the charity!

I also have a full class on Saturday, so no peace for the wicked!

I will try and keep everything updated on here as much as I can but dont hold your breath!

Birds In The Garden

While we were in Onlsow Park Steam rally I spotted these beautiful ornimental garden birds. They balance on a rod with a beautiful crystal ball at the other end, and then the rod just balances on a spike.
They go around in the wind and gently sway up and down as well-its very peaceful and tranquil.
I had spotted them the previous week at the Tern Valley show ,but didnt get chance to go and buy them there.
We have them outside the patio doors by the pond-of course they have been named Paddy and Jake!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I had a lovely surprise yesterday afternoon--my friends Jan and John went to collect my paintings that were in the Ludlow Art Society exhibition that finished yesterday--when they got there 2 had been sold!
''Big Brown Birch Trees'' which is a massive 36in x 36in and ''Path Through The Whitcliff Birches '' ( A large Diptych )seen in this photo of the exhibition were both sold.
I dont know if the same person bought them or not yet.
They hadnt sold on Wednesday when I was on the door but there was lots of interest in them.It made a great weekend even better!
I had already started another Birch Tree Diptych while at Onslow park, so I must crack on and get them finished now!

Onslow Stars

Here are some of the encaustic stars from Onslow Park--we had some lovely paintings created--and yes kids I did lose my list of names!!!

Onslow Park

We got back late last night from a fantastic weekend at Onslow Park Steam Rally. We arrived on Saturday morning and got the caravan set up and all the stands in place.
As we had so much space it took ages to get all the paintings and the tables done!
We were by some old friends from last year as well as a few new ones.
We always have a good laugh here-everyone is so friendly.
We met up with some people from last weeks Tern Valley Vintage show as well.
The marquee was massive as you can see from the photographs, its hard to imagine that people were stuck for space as they walked round there, but it was so busy at times you could hardly move!
Bill manged to get out of there to see some of the things that were going on in the arena, and came back with some lovely photos of the sights!
The rainbow appeared over the site on Saturday night as we were walking up from the van to have a meal.
We were up early to have a full english breakfast to start the day on Sunday morning, all we had to do was uncover all the stands and tables as we had set it all up the day before.
I miscalculated on the encaustic stuff I sell--last year I sold out of everything early on the Saturday so this year had taken more than double with me-again I sold out very quickly on the Saturday, so have got some orders to send out early next week and also some people are coming to Ludlow Food and Drink Festival next month to pick up some equipment.
I also had people who had bought off me last year coming back for more waxes and cards.
Everyone agreed it was a brilliant hobby to have!
I also ran out of my large bags that I had printed with my class details on, still got some small ones left-the kids just love having a special bag to put their encaustic paintings into to carry round with them! Must remember to put another order in this week!
Lots of interest in the classes, some of the classes are full or nearly full now, and I must get cracking on setting some more dates.
All in all a great time had by all, cant wait for next year!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Drink For Jake!

My two nephews came around tonight with their Dad
to borrow our laminater---Jake was quick off the mark when he realised that they had a glass of J20 juice drink each ! He loves it!
He quickly flew down from his cage to have a sip or two-
along with the odd ice cube from their glass!

Paintings For Debra USA

Ive posted these 3 paintings on here for Debra who lives in the USA to choose from!
We have been in contact on and off since we were on holiday in Somerset when she emailed me and said she liked one of my paintings that was already sold.
I have painted these 3 versions of the painting for her to choose from.
I have emailed her the images several times but for some reason she gets my emails without attachments but not the ones with them! I think its an ongoing problem with my computer so this is the other option!
Anyway Debra, let me know which version you like and I will get it posted off to you asap!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Onslow Park Steam Fair

We are busy getting ready for the Onslow Park Steam Rally this weekend.
We are going early on Saturday morning all being well-the show starts on Sunday but its such a great atmosphere there and we have lots of friends to catch up with, we are going early.
It will give us chance to set up our stand and sort the caravan out too--we have decided we dont need the awning as we didnt bother to put it up last week when we were at Tern Valley, not taking any more stuff this week so we are leaving that behind.
If its as busy as last year Bill wont get chance to go and see everything he wants--my stand is 25 ft long and its immpossible to keep an eye on everything when its busy, so I ended up ringing him and asking him to come back every time he went wandering last year!
I shall be demonstrating the encaustic art and also the oils and acrylics too, so I will be kept busy while Im there.
Bill has re-organised all the plastic boxes we lug the bits and pieces around in to the various craft fairs, and found we needed some new ones so we went into town yesterday and replaced the broken ones.
Its been a real spring clean--everything is in the right place for now-hes even made some bubble wrap bags for the lights!
How long it will last for though is any ones guess!
It will only want a cold rainy day when we are packing away after a craft market for it all to get thrown in the nearest box that it will fit in!
My sister in law Jan and my niece are coming to parrot /cat/fish/ sit again--Jake learned lots of new words last week when they were here-he seems to pick up peoples laughs right away and hes been doing Jans and Natalies laugh as clear as a bell all week!

Ludlow Art Society Exhibition

The Ludlow Art Society has its summer exhibition on at the moment,its being held at the local College in Castle Square.
I had my stewarding duties to do today and a very interesting afternoon I had.There was a steady stream of people all afternoon and we sold 2 paintings.
the standard of work is very high this year, there really is some beautiful work in the exhibition.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tern Valley Show

We had a great weekend at Tern Valley Show--there was lots going on there for all the family. There was some beautiful sights-the gypsy caravan was stunning.
The dogs gave a fantastic show-walking along parallel bars and jumping through rings of fire!
The blue macaw was in a cage outside one of the stalls around the main arena-poor thing didnt have any toys or water and he was just going form perch to perch bored out of his mind-we enquired how much they wanted for him but it was way too much--£1600 , I just hope some kind person came along and bought him.He was really friendly and let us stroke his head.
We were kept very busy on our stall both selling and giving demonstrations.
I sold my Emerald Forest painting on Saturday so I got stuck in and painted another one as it is a class subject!
I also got one of my Brown Birch Trees paintings finished that I took with me. I also started some new monochrome birches that I want to get finished this week to take to Onslow Park next weekend.
The weather wasnt as bad as forcast on Saturday during the day but that night it emptied down-all night long.But there is nothing like being snugged up in a caravan having a nice drink and a game of scrabble whilst listening to it raining! We both slept like logs, and of course we had the traditional cooked breakfast to start the day
Of course in the morning with al the heavy lorries etc moving round the grounds it all got very muddy and churned up.When we loaded up the caravan to leave last night we got stuck in the one gateway-as did most people-so we had a tow out with one of the tractors that were standing by for the purpose!
Now just got to unload the caravan of the washing etc and start getting ready for next weekend!