Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Latest Painting ---Tribal Dance

This another of my latest works. Its called Tribal Dance.
It measures 80cm x 70cm and is painted onto staple free box canvas.
The price of this painting is £150 including P+P in UK .
If you are outside the Uk please get in touch.
It is created using layers of acrylic and oil paint.
The sides have been left black.
Beautiful shades of blues, purples , greens and white mingle and merge in the geometric patterns.
I have sold several paintings like this in the past and I thought it was time to start doing some more abstract work.
Something I have to be in the mood for--
I have really enjoyed myself today-Bill was around and in and out while I was painting-he has made a start sorting out the garage-we will need the room for when the BIG decorating plurge starts soon!!!!!!!

Latest Painting--Curly Wurly ll

This another of my latest paintings, I have had a great day painting---I should have been having a sort out ready to start the decorating and tiling but instead out came the easel and paint and away I went!
I spent a lot of the time preparing the canvas with layers of acrylic paint before doing the actual painting.
It measures 80cm 70 cm and is painted onto deep edge box canvas.The sides of the cavas have been left black.
The colours are more vibrant than appears on the screen .
The price of this work is £150 including P+P in Uk. If you are outside Uk please get in touch.

Monday, July 30, 2007


I spent the morning carefully packing the clothes to post that I sold on E bay over the weekend.

Its very satisfying to try on and discover that things have got too big since the last time I wore them!
Of course the bonus is that I get to go out and buy some more!!
Im amazed at what they have fetched on there, and it will keep me busy for a few more weeks putting things on there as well as buying some more.
I just have to wait for one more payment and thats this weeks ebaying done till friday night!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Latest Painting

In between all the chatting to customers today I painted this colourful new work.
Its called Curly Wurly for obvious reasons!!!!! it measures 8in x10in and will be mounted ready to frame.The cost of the painting is £30 including P+P.
I will be working on a much larger version tomorrow.
I have some lovely big canvas just waiting for something like this!!!!!
I have just spent the past hour updating all the paintings of the past week or so on the copyright site, ready for putting on my sites. its important to keep the records up to date, Sunday night is my night for doing all the sorting out ready for a fresh start for a new week.
If you need a copyright sevice I would reccommend the one I use www.protectmywork.com

Todays Craft Fair

We had a fantastic day today on the craft market.The weather was brilliant, beautiful sunshine all day.
Some of the traders didnt turn up so we had 3 stalls and was able to spread out.
I have had a commission to do something really unusual, some people have had some new doors with a port hole window in them and they want them painting with glass paint.
I am going to have a practise run on some glass and email the results to them, if they like it they will come round here and see it in real life to be sure of the colours and then I will paint them for them, I am looking forward to doing something different for a change.
Lots of customers coming for classes and another enquiry about a demonstration.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

To follow On ----------

We went to Hereford this morning to find some suitable wall tiles--on the way there Bill said ''we might as well do the dining room floor as well(its joins onto the kitchen)
We found exactly what we were looking for on the wall tile front-some lovely glass mosaic tiles in black,grey and white, just the job!!!!!
On the way back to leominster Bill said'' while we are at it we might as well do the bathroom floor as well--its on the ground floor so we can have it all the same'' I had to agree, it would make sense to do the whole ground floor except for the living room--so we had to make 2 journeys to collect the tiles for the job!
It will be the perfect excuse to de-clutter the house-it has been so busy of late I havent had time to do it--I will have to be extra good now and see its done!
I cant wait to see the finished result-my best friends hubby will be helping Bill to do the work.
We are on the Craft fair tomorrow so hope the weather will be kind to us!!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Meet Holly

Isnt she adorable!!!!! Our little grandaughter is down for the weekend with her mum and dad.
She has grown so much since she was born under 2 weeks ago.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jordan's Painting

You can see 10 year old Jordan concentrating really hard in the photo, he and his little 8 year old brother Kieron decided to put an owl in their painting, as well as some twigs on the ground, that had fallen off the tree! I love it when pupils decide to do things without being told,it shows that their imagination is working and that I have given them the confidence to express them selves!

Kierons Painting

This is 7 year old Kieron, he has made a smashing job of his very first oil painting, some very dramatic trees and a lovely sky! He decided he wanted an owl his paintng, and the result was great-a cartoon owl, he was really chuffed with the result!

He couldnt get comfortable to sign his painting and had us all in stitches as he kept changing position!

Childrens Class

Here is Paige creating her own masterpiece, she is looking very serious signing her name at the end!
Everyone seems to find that the hardest part of the whole thing-as you will see when I put on Kierons pictures !

More Pics From The Childrens Class

Here is Svanah who painted a great picture in todays class, some really spooky trees, and she tryed really hard to get her reflections right in the pond too!!! She did really well, and listened to what I told the class very carefully!

Some More Pictures from Childrens Class

This little star got more paint on herself than on the canvas-but she is only just 5 years old and Rivkah produced the most beautiful painting! David is putting the finishing touches to his painting by putting a moon in, he is only 7 years old and is Rivkahs big brother.
I have just had an email from Sarah, the childrens mum saying how much the children enjoyed their day painting with me-well all I can say to they is that they were a joy to teach and I look forward to seeing them again when they come next time with all the family!

The Childrens Class

As you can see from the photo we had some brilliant little artists in todays class!!! Jordan on the left has been to me twice before-all the others were new to it! Will post more later!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Been to the vets again this morning with Sparky for another long acting antibiotic and more painkillers.
He has been fighting with another cat and managed to get bitten on the other side of his rear end to last time-so he has had a matching pair of scars now!
He has been shaved off and you can see the teethmarks very clearly.
You would think he would have learnt by now.
He isnt too happy about being kept in the house, have got him another Felaway plug in to help him feel better-they are expensive but worth every penny!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Childrens Class Full

The childrens class this thursday 26th July is full--I have children coming from Litchfield, Telford and Ludlow--weather/flooding permitting!!!

We will be painting a version of ''Winter Wonderland''

The ages range from just 5 years old to 10 years this thursday-3 girls and 3 boys so a nice balanced class!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Painting

In between everything today, I have been doing a little more to what was a practise run for a commission I did before Christmas last year.
I still have to paint the top and bottom of the canvas but overall I am quite pleased with the result.
Its called ''night fishing'' and the little silhouette of the father and son fishing at the end of the jetty is a scene that we have seen many times when on holiday!
The picture measures 36in x6in and will be ready to post in around 3 weeks, when it is dry, top and bottom. The cost of the painting is £230 including P+P in UK. If you are outside Uk please get in touch.


These are a few of the photos we took when in town yesterday.They are all of the area around the famous Ludford Bridge. They have been testing the bridge today to see if it is still sound after the freak weather we have had. In the first picture you can see how the water was banking up before it came under the bridge---you wouldnt belive the smell and the noise that was coming from the water.
Our hearts go out to all those affected by the terrible floods of the past few days.

Sparkys done it again!

I swear the cat knows when we have a little extra money--without fail he gets into a scrape and needs the vet!
Today we got back to find him very sore on the back end and blood all over the spare bed.
He has been fighting again with something.
He will have to go to the vets again tomorrow for anti-biotics and pain-killers.
He is feeling very sorry for his self at the moment!


This is a an amazing story--3 weeks ago Bill cleaned out our 4 ft tropical fish tank using the syphon as usual to clean all the muck from around the gravel and plants.It is pumped into a plastic dustbin and we slide it across the room and out of the patio doors on a plastic bag.Then it stays on the patio and Bill uses it to water the patio tubs.
Because the weather has been so bad of late, it has just stood there-- when Bill looked at throwing it away on Friday, he saw a movement in the water, and realised that there were 4 baby fish in there.He caught them and they lived in a coffee jar until he bought a special net so they could be returned to the tropical fish tank without being eaten by the big fish!
They are baby sword tails and they should need warmish water to survive! To think they have been out there in the rain etc for 3 weeks and survived is amazing!
They must have been hiding in the plants and been sucked up when he cleaned the tank!


we have spent the afternoon helping my daughter Becki and Wayne her partner to move house.Luckily the new house is about a quarter of a mile away from the old one, so not far to lug the stuff!
We had shifted most of the stuff yesterday, but its surprising how much more there was to get today!
The picture is of their cat Lila who is trying to get to know the goldfish Magnet and Steele a little better!!!
She couldnt get near them before-looks like they have to find another place for the tank!
I decided not to do the craft fair today, my back was a bit iffy after yesterday, but I will be there next week--weather forcast permitting!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


After finding myself with a free morning after all the floods, I decided to do some tweaking of some of my previous paintings.
There was just a few bits annoying me in each of these Winter Walk paintings!
I just altered the paths a little bit and added a bit more snowy foliage and Im very please with them now!

To Cheer You Up!!!

My sister has sent this link--it will cheer up the most miserable day!!!
Watch it with the sound turned up! http://joe-ks.com/archives_may2005/Elastic_Baby.htm


Due to Ludlow being cut off from the outside world with floods, I have had to take the decision to cancel the class.
I had people coming from Dudley, Shobdon,Leominster, Hereford and Telford. Luckily I caught Brian from Dudley as he was leaving. He must be keen, he was quite prepared to take a chance on the roads being passable.
The class has now been arranged for Saturday 4th August.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What A Day!!!!!

I have spent most of the day on the computer sorting out all my sales off ebay. I decided to sort out my clothes that have become too big since I lost weight, and sell them on ebay--they all finished last night and today--amazing what they have fetched!!!!!!
Trouble is Im a bit rusty when it comes to ebay so my dear sis has had to come round tonight to sort out a couple of things,now we have got paypal sorted things will be a bit quicker next time!
I have loads more stuff to go on there--trouble is I havent much time to do it all-my Beckie is moving house tomorrow-we have class -all being well and Im on the craft market on Sunday, so will have a busy time next week doing it all!

We have had torrentual rain here all day again, everywhere is flooded and I have had a couple of tomorrows students ring up worried they wont make it because of the flooding.We will have to wait and see--several of them have quite a distance to drive and at the moment Ludlow is more or less cut off from the outside world!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy Weekend Again!"

This is the subject of this Saturdays Class. I have 5 people coming to it so far.

Its one of the most popular painting classes that I do

It is a busy weekend--my daughter is moving home on Saturday--we wont be much use to her cos I wont be free until 3ish but my son Jim will be on hand with a big van to help her move the big stuff.
Then we are going out in the evening to wet the babies head-Lyndsey and Darren and little Holly are coming all the way down from Sunderland on Saturday.
Cant have too much to drink cos we are on the craft market on Sunday!!!!!!!

The childrens class is almost fully booked, just 2 places left--the local paper is coming to take some more pics at the class on Saturday--after we came back on Wednesday night and found that the local paper had dug up an ancient pic of me with short hair(YUK) and 2 stone heavier for a otherwise brilliant review of me and my demos at the WI's in Mondays paper.

I am working on some other ideas at the moment-re the kids classes-I have a lot of enquires about other dates for the classes-will keep you posted via email for those interested.

Spoiling The Little One!

I went shopping this morning and couldnt resist this beautiful little dress-its soooo pretty- it cost more than I would usualy spend on something that will only fit her for a few weeks, but hey if you cant spoil them when they are little when can you?

Todays Class

Here is todays student Penny.What a great painting Penny!!!
This is her third visit to me and we have become firm friends!
She bought me a beautiful gift of some silver earrings--she knows exactly my taste-they are what I would have chosen for myself!
She runs a lovely jewellery shop in the grounds of Ludlow Castle, called Astra Gems.
She sells the most beautiful things there, and always stops by for a chat when we are on the market, as its on her way to her shop.
We have a lot in common and are so on the same wave-length its unreal! We are going to have a girlie painting night at her place with some more friends some time in the future, I cant wait!!!
Her hubby is very much like my Bill--kind, caring and very helpful-as well, they will get on as well as me and Penny do!

Meet Holly

Meet Holly,our 1st grandaughter born on Monday 16th July at 10:10pm in Sunderland.She is the daughter of Bills middle son Darren and his partner Lyndsey.
She weighed 7 lb 1 oz and she is absolutely beautiful.
We left the caravan at home on Monday and went up there when we heard she was in labour.They have moved into a new big house so we stayed with them.We will have to try and get away again soon in the van!

Monday, July 16, 2007

House Sitter

My friend is coming to look after the pets this morning--lucky she has a easy going hubby who dosent mind her coming for a few days at short notice!
The animals are in for an unexpected treat--they get spoiled rotten when she comes to stay!
She will also be checking my emails for me and letting me know if there is anything that cant wait til we get back.
What did we do before mobiles?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Irish Lottery

Just checked irish lottery and found I have all 4 numbers!!!!!!!
Got to get my friend in to parrot and cat sit and then we will be away!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Still at it!

I am having a well deserved break for 5 mins after even more clothes sorting!
I have sent 3 black bags full of clothes down with Bill to the local cancer shop, and it looks like there might still be more.
I didnt even stop to cook dinner last night-instead we had a chinese take away and forgot the diet for once! Ive just finished off the spare ribs that were left over for my lunch!
Its one of those jobs that you wish you never started-the place looks like a bombs hit it-but it is nice to have some room in the wardrobes!

I will be at it all day I expect--I want to get finished so we can go off to Sunderland when our 2 nd grandchild is born-its due today.
Dont want to come back to an untidy house and Ive got a full class tomorrow so must stick at it--mind you it must count as exercise, so I may work some of the takeaway off!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sorting out

I have spent the day sorting out my clothes, jewellery and bedroom.
After losing weight I have loads of stuff that is too big for me, so decided to get rid of it. The local charity shops are going to be very happy!
I have so many necklaces and earrings I could start a shop, so a thining out session there too!

Clifford WI

We went to Clifford WI last night to do a talk/demo.
The evening was great-a lovely bunch of ladies they were! We had hoots of laughter all night as I told them all about my life as an artist!
Some of the ladies are going to do a class later in the year,end of September/early Oct time-its pretty manic til then for me.
Silvia won the raffle and chose Summer Day as her prize. The other painting shown ''The Waterfall'' was donated to the WI to use for fundraising.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For Sale (sadly)

This is Bessie the caravan.
She is for sale due to us buying another caravan.
She is 17ft 6in long including towing hitch.She is in very good condition for her age.
Bill has done a few jobs on her that needed doing and she is a lovely little van.
The upholstery is beige draylon and is in excellent condition. It is a 2 berth which can be as 2 single beds or one very large very comfortable,double bed.
The curtains are cream and there are brand new net curtains, less than 3 weeks old.
Loads of storage space in cuboards all around the van.
The fridge is a 3 way one and even has an essentual freezer compartment for the ice cubes!.
It also has a 2 burner hob, a grill and oven.There are 5 electric sockets in place-more than enough.I have included the water containers and waste water container.In the shower room there is a fold down basin and a brand new porta potti, still in its box.There is also a shower, but the shower tray has a crack in it so it cant be used at the moment.There is some evidence of previous damp in the van(in the wardrobe) which can be traced back to this leak in the shower.We have seen no evidence of damp at all elsewhere in her now, even with all the wet weather we have had lately, so think its ok as long as you dont use the shower.Most sites have great showers anyway.
It comes with a PDQ awning, and a inner tent, a toilet tent which we were told was only used to hang their coats up in.A very long electric hook up cable, gas bottle, also a little 2 man tent.
She tows very well, and is an ideal 1st caravan. I am only asking £550 ono with everything.
We have had a lot of fun in her and will be sorry to see her go!

Meet Gertie!

This is our latest caravan Gertie. She is a little younger than Bessie, and came with a much bigger awning, thus giving us more storage space-essentual when we go off for the 2 and 3 day craft fairs.She has the all important wine glass cabinet with stained glass doors and is really immaculate inside and out.I just know that me and Bill will have a lot of fun in her!

Clifford WI

Here are the ladies of Clifford Wi getting ready for the demo , last night.Also pictured is the lucky winner of the raffle with her waterfall painting.
We had a lovely night and we managed to get home fairly early because the ladies allowed me to go first before they had their usual minutes etc!