Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Medieval Fair

Well what a day we had on Sunday at the medieval fair...we were up at 5.30am which was a bit of a killer--I'm not a morning person at the best of times...but it was well worth it--we were down the market and set up by 9am,,The extra layers we had on were really needed as it was bloody freezing!

We had lots of paintings out on display and the miniatures just flew off the stall all day long-thank goodness my delivery of new blank ones came today--I will have to work hard to get some more done and dried for next weeks Sunday market..Back on the market tomorrow shame it wont be as busy as the weekend! .

Stormy Poppies Workshop

Apologies for being so late getting the blog done...its been hectic since the workshop and I have been poorly too..We had a new venue for Saturdays workshop--Clee Hill Village Hall--lovely location with good lighting.Above you can see Martin with his little helper Luke-Luke helped his Dad put in some poppies! It was Martins 3rd time with me..

Anne did a more subtle painting than hubby Martin.. this painting works really well--bold or subtle!

This was Chris's first time painting--she came along with her friend Katie who I knew as we went to Grammar School together many moons ago! Katie has been saying for over a year whenever Ive met her at the boot sales that she will come along sometime--and at last she made it! I had warned her that it could be addictive and sure enough she and Chris booked up for another workshop on the day! They really enjoyed it and created some great paintings

Katie putting the finishing touches to her masterpiece!

Dawn and Adrian came for the first time-they had requested that they do a diptych on the taller narrower canvas...they made a cracking job--everything was lined up -sky,sea and grasses--wonderful results from them!

Pauline and her hubby Malcolm have been once before and painted Mystical Moon which is a completely different sort of painting to this--they both seemed to find it quite easy and both made smashing jobs of their pictures..

Malcolm adding the finishing touches to his painting..

Veronica went for the subtle effect, love it! Lovely soft sky and water--she didn't want to add the poppies-which are an optional extra anyway...she really got  the hang of the liner brush and managed to do lovely fine grasses.

Helen's hubby booked her in as a surprise for her birthday..she loved it! She loved the tickling and bashing brushes and was amazed at how easy each stage was..

Dawn and Adrian's finished diptych..

Well done both !

four of the first timers!

wonderful results!

Brilliant results from everyone!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Medieval Fair Ludlow

Its nearly that time of year again---the Medieval Fair in town! We will be on the market on the Sunday in our usual place...

We have great fun-everyone gets dressed up in their finery..

Ive been busy getting lots of my mini canvas done ready-though sold lots of them today, so got to try and do some more before the weekend!

We will be making our stall into a walk-in one as usual--its very warm and cosy and nice for folk to come in and chat...I have some nice new work to hang on the sides of the stall too...really looking forward to it--the weather forecast is for dry and cold so should be a good day! If you are in the area call by and say hello!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Art Show

We had a lovely weekend away last week..The Art Show was on at the NEC ,along with the Hobby Craft show and The Christmas show..so we got 2 day tickets and booked a night in a nearby hotel! When we had been there some 4 or 5 years ago we found there was just too much to get round and see in a day, so it was the right thing to do... There was loads of demos to watch in all mediums,all very interesting! We met some lovely people and made some new friends too.and we are debating if we will go there and have a stall next year!

love this landscape done using the interactive acrylics...

Charles Evans had to be the star of the whole show--a real entertainer,comedian and fantastic artist! He had us in fits of laughter with every demo he did...

Loved all his work,watched him use watercolours,acrylics and oils..and learnt a lot from it..very interesting.

We joined in a pastel workshop--a medium I had never really tried before...

Bill joined in too---and made a lovely job of his picture..very impressed!
My picture, was surprised at how much easier it was to do compared to when I had tried it once at home--will be getting out my pastels in the near future and having another go!

Fiona also gave a great demo in watercolour--again will be getting my watercolours out and having another go when I get some spare time..

Charles doing watercolours...

nearly finished,,,,

Charles Evens's watercolour palette---lol-what a mess!

We stayed at the Grimstock Country Hotel in nearby Coleshill,

Lovely view from our room over the gardens,,
got this photo on the way home...its just asking to be painted!
We stopped by at The Mare and Colt at Kidderminster on the way home--had a cracking meal there--loved the way the ice cream was served...will be going back there in the not to distant future I think....All in all a wonderful weekend-I spent a bloody fortune on new materials, but will enjoy experimenting with them and creating some new paintings...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Change Of Venue For Two Workshops

I have a change of venue for the following workshops-due to a mix up in booking my usual room.
Stormy Skies/Stormy Poppies  NOV 23rd will be held at Clee Hill Village Hall. Ludlow Rd, SY2NZ--10am -3pm

Poppy--mixed media-acrylic and melted wax will be held at The Scout Hut, Station Drive, Ludlow, SY8 2PQ  10am -2pm

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Business and Pleasure...

Ive had a lovely week--my daughter was called for jury service so I had little Tommy for 2 whole days! He was as good as gold-as usual...but it was so nice to be able to pick him up and carry him around-even up and down the stairs when I needed to! The turmeric is still working its magic on me and I have no pain at all , cant wait to see the specialist later this month and tell him how well I am!  Tommy loved feeding the koi carp in the pond--its amazing that they are still feeding-they have usually stopped by now--but then again it hasn't been that cold yet so maybe when the nights get colder they will start hibernating in the bottom of the pond!

He enjoyed his pasta dinner--looks like he is wearing most of it here!

could munch him!

The little miniatures are selling well at the moment--they make lovely little pressies!

had lots of lovely comments about my latest painting ''Lest We Forget''..

We have plenty of room to put out lots of paintings! We are looking forward to the Medieval Fair in Ludlow on the 24th Nov--we always have a lot of fun dressing up for it! We are off this weekend to The Art Show at the NEC--got 2 day tickets so we can go round it at leisure , and have booked into a lovely posh hotel overnight on Saturday nearby..so that will be a lovely end to a lovely week for us!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Christmas is coming...

Its been quite unbelievable how well I'm feeling these days--everything that used to be such an effort is now a pleasure to do..so when I knew Mum was at a loose end this weekend because my sister and her hubby were away looking at universities  with  son Rhys , we invited her and my nephew Charlie  round for dinner--and as everyone knows I love Christmas and the chance to have a Christmas dinner was too much! The smell of stuffing and bread sauce cooking made my mouth water ..Bill was star as always and did the majority of the preparing...


we were all stuffed after..all clean plates except me and Bill--eyes bigger than bellies as usual!

and you cant have Christmas dinner without the crackers!

As you will know -I have another string to my bow these days with creations made from buttons and beads...my latest addition to the range is Christmas heirloom baubles..this is the biggest in the range so far--12cm diameter..which doesn't sound that big but has over 400 buttons, 500 pearl pins and jewels on it! It makes quite a statement! I'm making a special page on my website at the moment where you will be able to purchase the button creations...should be up and running the next day or so..this one is called The Minstrel and costs £27.50

a close up of some of the detail..all of the buttons are vintage..

Bright and Beautiful is slightly smaller at10cm diameter and again has mainly vintage buttons--bright and beautiful buttons this time...£24.50
will look stunning in any home!

This one I must admit is my favourite--all vintage cream and mother of pearl buttons with silver ribbon and 4 beautiful red beads at the top..beautiful twinkly beads and pearl pins add to its beauty.10 cm diameter "Pearly Queen" is £25.50

They don't need to be hung on a Christmas tree to look their best--anywhere they will catch the light will be perfect for them...

I also make bridal bouquets from buttons and beads---this one shown is £125 all vintage buttons and beads...

all mother of pearl buttons and vintage diamante brooches..

there wont be another bouquet like this--each one is as individual as you are..

button holes can be made to match as can bridesmaids bouquets too..

and the blues and creams of this one--I can use the same buttons in the bouquet , groom and best mans button holes so they match..

love the red and black in this one..
completely unique..

Funky Christmas trees are something different too--this pink one has buttons and beads on it 23 cm high  and £18

close up detail...
I love this large Chrismas tree...30 cm high it has loads of buttons ,beads and twinkly bits on it..

a close up of the tree--as you can see it has a Made With Love  charm on it too...this one is £27.50--keep checking out my website to see the latest button and bead creations  www.paintingmyway.co.uk