Monday, May 30, 2011

Three Years Today----Our Jake!

Its 3 years today since Jake joined our family--in that time he has bought so much enjoyment and happiness you wouldn't believe.He is so happy bless him-from the moment the cover is taken off his cage in the morning until he is covered up for bed he is chattering away and never fails to amaze us with his understanding of our human language! He now has his own facebook page and numerous videos of him on Youtube! His latest new word at the moment is Tickle Tickle so he is saying that  lot-- along with calling the cat and singing bits of Twinkle Twinkle little star. and Half a pound of Tuppeny rice! He doent say 2 when he is counting though my sister thinks he may have said it when she looked after him! His favorite game at the moment is to get beakfuls of food and throw it out of his cage-usualy over poor Bill who sits on the sofas by the cage-while he is throwing it he is shouting "stop it you naughty boy" which of course makes us laugh which makes him worse! The wild birds do well out of it though as it gets swept up and thrown out for them! Our other parrot Paddy still dosent talk bless him-we have had him 8 years now so dont think he is going to now.but Jake more than makes up for him!Each day we end up creased at things Jake comes out with--as I type away upstairs I can hear him shouting my Mum -Hazel and nephews Rhys and Charlie--and laughing hystericaly-very hard to concentrate!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Day June 4th

I have a few places left in next Saturdays workshop-due to unforeseen circumstances! Summer Day is a lovely painting to do--you will use oils and a variety of different brushes and a knife to create this lovely tranquil scene.Its suitable for all ages and abilities even first time students..I will show you step by step how to load each brush and how to apply it to the canvas.I will also show you what not to do I can show you how to correct it if you do make a little mistake!If you would like to join me in this workshop the cost is just £35 including all materials,tea,coffee and biscuits.Everything is supplied including aprons-all you need to bring is the ability to stay awake for 4 hours and a sense of humour! Have a look at the website to see the results of all the previous classes you can book online or give me a ring details are on my website.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our youngest grandson Ollie is really growing up fast now--he is such a happy little chap bless him-always smiling and chuckling!
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                                                         Isnt he just muchable??

First Cuddles!

I cant believe that our little Isobel may weighed in at 8lb 5oz --she seems soo tiny!
big brother Callum!
her eyes are still very dark yet--they change so much when they are babies though and so quickly too!

Well Done Rhys!

Well done to my nephew Rhys---he is going to be doing his work experience in July with one of the countries top chefs Will Holland at his local restaurant  la B├ęcasse.It will be quite an experience for him! Rhys loves cooking and regularly cooks at home--he makes the most beautiful cakes....cant wait to see what sort of things he will be doing after being with Will! Take a look at the website

Monday, May 23, 2011

Photos From Holidays!

We had a drive over to Bournemouth and there were rows and rows of beautifully painted beach huts---each one a different colour--it reminded me of a paint colour chart you see in the decorating shops!
This is where we stayed--lovely hotel--all the staff were very nice and friendly!
We found a great Indian restaurant just a few doors away from the hotel---they did 3 courses for £10 and it was worth every penny! Its called The Red Fort-and well worth a visit if your ever in Wimborne!
We also went over to Weymouth for a drive around--parking was a nightmare there so we didn't stop!
Wednesday was Bills birthday as we had a bottle of bubbly to celebrate---it was one I had  for my birthday actually but as Id had quite a few as gifts there was plenty to share with Bill!

On Thursday we went back to the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre--we have been there before and loved it! Well worth a visit if you are in the area.....lots of horses big and small to make friends with-as well as loads of other animals as well!
one of the smallest at the centre--he is sooo cute!
now isn't that a face only a mother could love!
as usual I have come home with more photos of trees than anything else!! Lots of references for paintings in the future!
just round the corner from the hotel we stayed at is the model village---
Bill pointing out our room at the hotel!
Wimborne Minster-which is just a few yards from where we were staying..
when we looked through the window at the end of the minster there was organ music playing and a wedding in process!
As our new baby granddaughter arrived on Wednesday and I had a commission to finish as its being collected we decided not to go the Yeovil hotel as planned for Friday and Saturday nights and we have changed the dates to August instead---so we headed home on Friday and called back at one of our favorite places--Weston Super Mare--all the work that's was being done on the new Pier and promenade has been finished and its looks lovely!We had a lovely walk up to the end of the pier-it was quite breezy out there!
this is defiantly going to be a class subject in the future!
Cant believe how quickly the time went--still its not long til our next trip away! Heading up country next time!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Isobel May -latest Grandaughter

here she is --Baby Isobel--weighed in at 8lb 5oz--named after Gregs mum Isabel (spelling slightly different) we cant wait to meet the little one  on Sunday xxxx

Its a Girl!

We have just had a phone call to say our 5th grandchild has arrived safe and sound --little Isabel weighed in at 8lb 5oz ----she has arrived on Bills 63rd birthday as I predicted!
We will have to wait until Sunday to meet her as we are away on holiday until then-but Im sure we have some photos emailed us shortly!
Congratulations to everyone love from Nanny and grandad xxxxx

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The KIngs Head Wimbourne

We had a 160 mile drive to our destination today--but the roads were not too bad and we broke up the trip with a sunday lunch!  Our room was large with a 4 poster bed and a three piece suite to relax in and watch tv etc.
Bill relaxing after the long drive!
Beautiful little church just around the corner from where we are staying...
we went for a stroll to have a quick look at what was nearby--some beautiful scenery--I have got a few ideas for paintings from what we have seen so far!
the long drive caught up with Bill and he has crashed out on the bed!  Off downstairs for something to eat shortly--have decided to have a starter each as we are still quite full from lunch time! Bills diabetes means he needs to eat regular though so we will have a small meal in a while!