Saturday, October 31, 2009

Two Years Today --RIP Rita

Cant believe its two year today since our dear friend Rita passed away.
She was a real character, we had some great laughs with her.She came to us for her goose dinner, between Christmas and new year-as you can see she loved every bit of it-- and goose has not tasted the same since.
We have many happy memories of her, we have laughed until we cryed sometimes at the things she came out with--I can never drive down Lower Fee without expecting to see her face appearing at the window of her kitchen.
RIP Rita x

Todays Class-Forest Pool

We had a great time in class as usual today--the students came from far and wide--Patrick came over from Hereford, Sandy from Ditton Priors,Rhada and her friend Gayatri from Birmingham, and Joanna and Robert from Welshpool!
Sandy and Rhada had been to me before but everyone else were complete newbies to it!
I had spoken to Patrick via email a few times-after he had been bought a gift voucher for his birthday--he was completely convinced he would be unable to do it--and in his email to night he likened the feeling he had this morning like that to a visit to the dentist!!
As he says in his email -he was proved completely wrong and he thoroughly enjoyed his day--his wife Linda went into town and came back early to see what went on in class-she liked what she saw and now wants to join a class at some point--she likes Mystical Moon.
He also said that Linda wants the painting hung in their front room so that should say a lot about my teaching!

Rhadas friend Gatatri is expecting a baby in March, so I was a bit worried about her standing for so long, but she was fine and really enjoyed herself.
We had a few laughs when they arrived and Gayatri introduced herself--I have a job remembering names like John and Anne-let alone unusual ones like Gayatri-however after she wrote it down we all soon remembered it!
Rhada and Gayatri came by train so had an early start from Birmingham, we had a bit of a rush to get the back to the station on time to catch the 2.45 pm train but made it in time!
Bill picked them up from the train this morning and bought them up to the room, and took them back again-all part of the service-if we can do anything to help we will.
We had met Joanne and Robert a few weeks ago on the market in town-they really enjoyed the day-produced some lovely results-neither were scared to put paint on the canvas.
Sandy had been to me a few months go for a one to one in which she painted Serenity in Blue-she told us about how when she took the painting home her hubby asked how much she had paid for it--when she said she had painted it -he didn't believe her and what he actually said couldn't be repeated in the class!!!!!! He was pretty well stunned to say the least!Joanne and Robert have been to other classes before mine-acrylic and watercolours-they both loved the techniques we used and want to bring one of their neighbours, and maybe buy her a gift voucher for her birthday.
All in all a bunch of happy bunnys.
We will see Rhada again next week for Summer Day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tropical Sunset--only spaces left this year

After one of the busiest days for ages on Ludlow Market yesteday , I have spaces left in only one class this year!
Its being painted on 21st November--
you can see how different the painting can be just using different colours/size trees etc.
Its suitable for all abililities even children and first time students.
you can contact me through my website
to book a place in this class.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Artist Of The Week

Im artist of the week on
Its a brilliant site-very easy to naivigate and easy for us artists to use as well-some thing that is very important for people like me who are not much good with computers!
I have had lots of sales from the site since I joined and had 2 commissions on Sunday night from the site!

Pip The Parrot

We will be welcoming a new member of the family this weekend.
Pip the 30 year old female African grey is going to be moving in with my daughter and her partner Wayne.
Its quite strange really--we had our own grey -Jake off a camping and caravan forum over 18 months ago-his owners couldn't take him to their new home, and we ended up with him after reding about him on the forum!
While we were on holiday in Rye I happened to be catching up with friends on the forum when I saw someone looking for a home for Pip the parrot. Her owner had died and the owners daughter couldn't keep her due to lots of other commitment's.
After a chat with Bill we thought we could have her ourselves, but then we realised that it would be very pushed for space here with 3 parrots in the front room! I already have Jake at one end of the sofa and Paddy at the other!
After mentioning it to my daughter Becki-she had a chat with her partner Wayne and they are going to give her an always home!
Pip sounds lovely-she talks and is tame, although she is 30 years old-they live to an average of 70 years old so they can look forward to lots of time with her.
Both Becki and Wayne understand the commitment you need to have with parrots-they are not like dogs or cats even-they take up a lot of time and make an awful lot of mess as well. You would not believe the amount of dust they make!
It will take time to get her trust and for her to become settled with them -- Pip has a long journey on Sunday-we are meeting with Pips owner daughter halfway-so Pip has a good 4 hour journey bless her.
We will keep in touch with her owner and let her know how shes doing-no doubt she will be making an appearance on here and on facebook as well from time to time!

New Tattoo!!!!!!

Meet Rob from the Dark Arts Tattoo Studio in Weston Super Mare--he's the one on the right!
The one on the left is Shirley-Rob informed me!
Ade who was going to re-do my tattoo was called out unexpectedly and wasn't able to do my bird of paradise tattoo-so Rob stepped in to do it for me.
The original one was done over 23 years go and was faded and wasn't looking its best any more.
Rob got all the colours out he was going to use-and lined them up--it reminded me of when I'm planning a painting back home--- when I get all the paints I think I might use!
I let Rob have free hand in what he did with it-colours etc.
Hes made a great job of it-he made the beak bigger, did more defining to the feathers and generally brightened it up for me. I'm chuffed to bits with it!
You can see the difference in the before and after pictures.
We want to wish Rob all the best for his wedding this Saturday! It sounds like it will be one hell of a great do!


Wheres he gone!!!?
We stopped in Bournemouth Travel Lodge on the first night of our holiday- when I came out of the bathroom this is what I found! The incredible invisible man!
We both have a silly sense of humour when we have a drink or two!
Thankfully Bill did turn up!


After a long drive we arrived at Rye at our wooden chalet that was home for 4 nights.It was very nice-clean and cosy with a great kitchen!
We had an ostrich farm just down the road from us and a nature reserve next door.
We went into Rye and found some great shops-the one I really wanted to go in was shut though--there were some incredible dolls in the window--I just had to get some snaps of them-they were so funny-sitting in their chairs with their bottles of gin etc!
Its a really quaint place with all sorts to see around every corner--the Hovis Bread advert was filmed on the cobbled streets here-you might recognise it from my photos!
There was also a great crystal shop with some of the biggest crystals I've ever seen-the one shown was over 5 ft tall.
The internet access wasnt great there-we had to go across to the club to get on line-that wasnt really much of an hardship mind!

Goring By Sea

As it was quite a drive from Bournemouth to Rye we went along the coast and called at a gallery in Goring By Sea called Verite which had bought 3 paintings from me a while ago.
It was lovely to meet Chris and put a face to the name after speaking and emailing each other!
Goring is a beautiful place and had a lovely shingle beach with beach huts over looking the sea.

Beachy Head

En route to Rye we called at the famous Beachy Head,its a strange place--very sad to see the flowers and crosses there at the top of the cliffs where so many people have thrown themselves to their deaths.
It must take a lot of courage to end your days that way-there certainly isn't any turning back once you make the move.
Bill insisted on going right close to the edge with the camera-resulting in a hysterical me --I'm terrified of heights at the best of times-we got some lovely photos but I was glad to get from there!
I understand that the BT phone box was going to be removed from the Cliffs-there is a sign from the Samaritan's next to it which is very poignant.