Sunday, January 31, 2016

Birches Workshop

We had a change of venue for yesterdays workshop--Clee Hill Village Hall... our usual room was needed for the wake of a local legend Miss we were happy to oblige and let them have St Peters Hall..Clee Hill was a little closer for a few of our students too! We had a good mix of students-some first and second timers, some who have been quite a few times before..and as always there is a wide choice of size and colours for this workshop..

Ana, Sarah and Sylvia...this photo shows just how different the paintings  can be!

Ann, Dru, Rachael,Krys and Karen ---1st time for Krys and Karen

2nd time for Alan and 8th I think for Karen... they travel a long way from Mansfield so they stopped for a couple of nights in a lovely B+B in town..

2nd time for Nikki and her mum Jill.. its a wonderful workshop to do for all ages and abilities--also lots of fun and laughter all the way through...I will be setting another date for The Birches soon...

Stormy Poppies Workshop Jan 23rd

Its been one of those weeks this week..not had a minute somehow..So sorry to last weeks students for the delay in this write up...Norma and Dave on left have been before and painted Yesterday,, they had quite a  drive from Mold so they came down the day before and stayed overnight..They enjoyed using oils and it was interesting to see how they both tackled the painting.. Cristiana has been once before and painted Mellow Moods, and it was a first time for Caroline and daughter Zara. Both of them couldn't  believe they would be able to create anything worth hanging on the wall-but it didn't take long for them both to see just how easy it was to do..both really got into it and Caroline has already booked up for another workshop with her hubby!  I will never get fed up of watching people lose the fear they have when they walk through the door-- and the results speak for themselves don't they?

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Waterfall Workshop

We had wonderful results from Saturdays students..its always interesting working in oils on a black canvas.. It was Marks first time painting, he traveled down from Mansfield with Karen and loved it! Looking forward to seeing them again soon! 2nd time for Ana and Anna 3rd time for Caroline and I think 7th or 8th time for Karen... it was a laugh a minute all through the class...''bashing'' brushes, ''tickling'' brushes and ''bush '' brushes had everyone in fits!


I have had a shitty sort of week this last week...I have waited for 3 huge canvas to arrive so I can start the biggest commission ever--9 ft by 4ft 6in --they failed t arrive as promised and I'm still waiting.... then I had a delivery of paint by DPD couriers--I now have a purple and pink driveway and wheelie bin...

looks like it had been dropped--and not enough packing around the bottles..

Add caption
Then another delivery -again by DPD some huge canvas screens --with a hole all the way through the packing and screens--

its just beyond a bloody joke...

I will defiantly never ever use DPD for delivering any of my paintings....looks like they play football with the parcels...I just hope it isn't them bringing my big canvas...

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Donation To O'Connor Unit

I have been raising money on my regular market stall for a few months now.I have sold some small paintings that were getting a little rough around the edges,and also I have a sealed tin on there with a request for donations if people have been having a laugh at my quote slates.. everyone has given generously and I had enough to buy 2 Dyson fans for patients in the O'Connor unit at Shrewsbury Hospital where my son has been treated for  Hodgkins Lymphona over the last 12 months or so..Chemotherapy can make patients very hot and there were never enough fans to go around everyone who needed one so they were very welcome!
We took them over to the hospital last night as we were in the area visiting another hospital for Bill--they were thrilled to have them!

My son Jim had a stem cell transplant in Dec at the QE hospital in Birmingham , he came out on New Years Eve and is back under the care of Dr. O'Connor again now.. he is doing really well and they are pleased with his latest results--
A huge thank-you everyone for your kind messages ,hugs and support over the past year-it means a lot that you care.  We are not on the market again until April 5th now but donations are still being given by students etc, and when the tin is full again we will be buying another fan for the ward! Thank  you very much everyone xxxxxx


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Mystical Moon Workshop

First workshop of the year and we had 6 first timers out of the 10 students! Liz-above had been once before and painted in oils so completely new for her using acrylic!

First time for Jan on left  who came along with Phil and wife Pauline who were painting for the 3rd time..Jan was a little nervous-which is natural when doing something new-but she soon settled down and got the hang of the brushes and paint!

Pauline chose the blue shades to paint her picture-- there are quite a few variations of colour that can be used in this workshop..

Becky came along for the first time with Dawn-also first time and Kate who was painting for the 3rd time with me.. Becky is expecting a baby boy in just 5 weeks so she had the option of a sitting down easel..

Very interesting to see how the different colours work..

sorry Kate--you are a little blurry here! Love your chocolate shades you chose to do your painting with..

Nikki bought along her Mum -first time for both,, and both have booked u for the Birches at the end of the month- will look forward to seeing them both then!

Hahaha--say one for me while you are down there! Sometimes its just easier to get on your knees!

adding the twigs is always interesting--and everyone improves with each one they do.. by the time they get up to the moon they are all quite expert!

Gill is adding her twigs and branches here..she seemed to find it quite easy...

Sharon adding the finishing touches.

Well done everyone--great results!!