Monday, April 28, 2014

Poppy Field Workshop

Apologies to start---Ive got no idea on some of the names again--the Young At Art  group from Kidderminster--the photos showing me the order you were in have not come out---so I'm sorry no names on the pics--but you know who you are LOL... We had a full class on Saturday with 15 students who came from far and we have 6 year old Beth who made a grand job of her picture..she came along with her nanny -Debbie and cousins (I think!) 11 year old Nathan and 11 year old Aleya

Aleya made a great job--lovely colours in the grasses..

Debbie adding the poppies-watched closely by Nathan!

Nathan used big bold strokes on his grasses which worked well!

Its quite a amazing just how different the paintings turn out-even when they all use the same colour palette

None of the ladies had tried oils before so it was quite an eye opener for them to see just how easy it was to use--and no mess or smell either...

Everyone was amazed at how easy the painting came along..

The ladies have booked me to go and do a demo for the rest of the Young At Art group they belong we are looking forward to that very much in June..

adding more detail to the grasses before the barley gets painted in..

Lots of movement in the grasses here..
Holly came along with her grandad Brian and her brother Jack...she had not painted like this before..and really enjoyed it!

Brian has been once before to paint Summer Day...he usually uses watercolours..

Jack adding his grasses in the foreground.
Barbara was bought a gift voucher by her sister Veronica who also attended the workshop-- she absolutely loved it--

Veronica starting her barley grasses....Shame my camera is still playing up--loads of photos just gone into thin air again....saving up for a new one now!
The children added some birds to their pictures at the end--don't they all look happy?

3 Happy artists

wonderful results everyone!

lovely bold results!

bit blurry-sorry

Fantastic paintings-will look forward to seeing you again!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paintings Sold

I was pleased to sell two of the paintings entered into the Ludlow Art Society exhibition over the past week...I painted both especialy for it...Squirrels Eye View has proved to be a popular subject and Ive sold quite a few versions of it over the past few years..

Stormy Poppies was also done for the exhibition and I have been asked to make it a workshop subject too..So I will be setting a date soon for it... As only 16 paintings sold from the whole exhibition I was quite chuffed to sell two of them! Now to set to work on some new work for Church Stretton Arts Festival..

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mystical Moon Workshop

Mystical Moon's don't show up the beautiful colours chosen by the students..
Anna used the lovely purples and pinks/blues to create her painting...very mystical when it was finished!

Evelyn and Ann came a long way today..from Rhyl,and St Asaph.Evelyn chose the blue shades-and used the metallic shades of blue and silver for the looked beautiful when it was dry..hard to believe that Evelyn had not painted before!

Loved Jan's  combination of grey background and violet and gold foliage--will nick that combination at some point LOL!!

Jodie came along with her Mum- Helen who was painting her 5th painting...she wanted to do a sunset painting rather than a moonlight one...and it worked lovely--had to send Bill home for some yellow paint as I had not taken any with me for this workshop! But this is one of the quickest paintings we do in class and we were still finished on time.Wonderful results first time!!

Helen has been 5 times--artist brooch next time Helen! She chose to do the grey background but asked if she could use all of the different coloured metallic paint for her foliage.. I was not sure if it was going to work or not.but as you can see from the picture below it worked so,copper,gold,green,red,violet,silver,

you would never know this was Ann's first time painting would you? Beautiful results
Great fun and great results..well done everyone xx

Friday, April 18, 2014

Withington WI Demo

We had a lovely evening on Monday when we went to do a demo at Withington WI nr Telford. The room was not the biggest we have ever used and there was not room to put up the stands with all the paintings on  so we stood some in the windows for everyone to have a look at! There were a few artists in the audience and it nice to have the discussions about what to use and where..I'm pretty sure there will be some versions of The Waterfall and Summer Day going on at home!

We had a lot of laughs as usual during the demo--
waiting to see what emerges from my brushes...

The 2 finished paintings -both 16in x 20in and created in just 45 minutes...and I managed to lose my bit of paper with the names on who won them in the raffle--sorry ladies!

Beautiful views from outside the room--so we thought! We arrived at 7pm to find nobody there..a few mins later a man pulled up and asked if we were joining the Tango dance class! We realised we were in the wrong place...but luckily the room we wanted was just 5 mins up the road-- we did laugh! But we will look forward to seeing some of the lovely ladies here in Ludlow for a workshop in the future!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Yesterday Workshop

Apologies for the late blog post--life has been very hectic of late! We had a wonderful time on Saturday,,a mix of new students and some who have been can see them watching me demonstrate part of the painting here,,,

Eric has been once before and tried oils--he used a dramatic combination of colours for his painting,,,,,
checking out how it looks before adding more paint..

Pauline was painting for the first time and was quite nervous--she couldn't believe her results...

Sylvia has us in fits of laughter all day--she was convinced she was doing it wrong--but in fact-once I stopped her being too heavy handed -she made a beautiful job of the picture..I think it was the nerves getting the better of her!

Derek has been many times before--he travels a long way to us and I always tire him out-his wife says he sleeps all the way home! He does really well considering he has Parkinson's..we always have lots of fun with him !

Margaret came along with her pal Joy..both chose the browns and creams..

Joy has painted this subject before--and knew exactly what she wanted to do different this time--she wanted to make the centre of the painting much lighter--and it did work lovely ,,

I love the warm glow in Karen's painting--so warm...

Alison was another first timer--and although she has tried watercolours this was a first for her on a huge canvas using acrylics! What a beautiful sky?

Maureen received her artist brooch today for attending 6 workshops---Joy should have had hers too but we hadn't realised she was on number 6 as well!
Steve reminded us very much of one of our oldest running students Chris when we first saw him! Another first timer--he seemed to find it quite easy too--lovely results--he bought some varnish to do his and Sylvia paintings when they have dried out--they will see such a difference when its done--it brings out the colours beautifully!

Tracey was painting number 5,,,so a badge for her next time too!
Eric had to leave just before everyone else--what a big difference the moon and stars made as a final touch!

Well done everyone!