Monday, November 17, 2014

Encaustic Workshop

What fun we had on Saturday in the encaustic wax workshop...8 students joined me to use a special iron and coloured beeswax..Its completely different to using paints and brushes on canvas! They students did 6 postcard size pictures to start with--just to get used to how the wax worked when it was melted...and we had some stunning results!Above you can see Kirsty and Sandra making a start on their small ones..

Its the most addictive form of art there is--and Jackie was hooked right away--and says she knows what she wants for Christmas now LOL..I gave everyone the details of where to buy the things needed to do encaustic art at home

Sarah enjoyed doing the landscapes best I think!

Kirsty created  some lovely pictures..loved this blue landscape..

Sandra used shades of orange for one of her landscapes..

Shirley admiring one of her pictures..

Margaret checking out her lovely picture..

Chris and Pauline hard at it with their irons!

all sorts of weird and wonderful things appeared in the paintings..faces and little creatures every where!

I think everyone was quite amazed at how quickly the pictures developed--and they dry fast as well--it can take just seconds to do..

some of Sarah's results..

Kirtsy's picture looked like a window-complete with curtains and a faraway fairy castle outside!

Just amazing how many different sorts of effects you can get ..

This is one of Pauline's small pictures-- I showed everyone how to use the iron as a hot plate as well--you can get completely different effects! We could see a little piggy and a dog in the middle of this one!

these are some of Margaret's pictures..

Chris checking his mermaid on his painting...we used some body transfers to add some detail on them--

Sandra chose a beautiful fairy for hers..

After doing the small ones we moved onto the big pictures--we used sheets of thin perspex which we framed afterwards..

Bill keeping an eye on things--he is very good at encaustic art and has sold quite a few of his pictures on the local market!

Sarah's painting is taking on an underwater feel--

some interesting effects coming on here.....butterfly wings

We could see all sorts in Jackie's picture--palm trees, birds and Ive just spotted a bird in the bottom right of it now!

love these colours!

Sandra's beautiful painting--reminds me of balloons-each one has lots going on in it!

a lot going on in Chris's picture..some lovely foliage effects!

Kirsty's beautiful vibrant picture--love it!

Sarah's finished picture--can you see the whale in bottom left of it--all sorts of underwater things in there!

Pauline's end result--I can see a cat in the top middle!
Wonderful results everyone--will be running another workshop next out for the date on the website

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Encaustic Art Workshop

Really looking forward to this Saturdays encaustic art workshop- this promises to be a great fun day.

We will be using special coloured beeswax and an encaustic iron to create 6 postcard size  pictures first--then a 16in x 20in framed masterpiece on perspex.

Its completely different to using brushes and paints -its not quite as controllable--but the fun is in the unexpected--the little faces and creatures that appear in the melted wax.. a huge range of effects can be achieved --

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun In The Wirral Workshop..

We are just back from a lovely weekend away in The Wirral..We went up to do a workshop for 10 students-some of whom have travelled down to Ludlow to paint previously..We travelled up on Friday,,and managed to find a Premier Inn just  1/2 mile from the venue where we were doing the workshop...The Wirral Grammar School for Girls..
We had 3 generations of one family--Chris-above was painting for the first time..she bought along her mum in law Edna--who is 92 years old  and her daughter Julia..

What a lovely job Edna made of her painting..a brush in mouth and one in the hand-she was ready for action all day!

When Edna's granddaughter Julia said she wanted to use black,white and blue for her painting -I was not sure it would wrong was I? It was stunning...

Sue organised the event..many thanks to her for a great day!

we had a good mix of colours and canvas sizes..

love  the sage green and cream version..

wonderful results from them all--we are missing one lady from the final photo though!

Amazing results from the ladies.....and looks like lots of interest from their friends too for another workshop in the future...

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Birch Tree Workshop

As you can see from the pictures we had a full and busy workshop yesterday at Clee  Hill Village Hall.

16 in all--6 who have been before and 10 newcomers!

Lyndsey rang at the last minute-- 9.45am that morning to see if I could squeeze her in...luckily she only lives a few miles away!

Jack has been a few times before--and chose the lovely warm autumn colours..there were more big canvas done than usual--and as I can no longer get the 40in x 12in canvas as they are not being made any longer-however Ive found a lovely new size 80cm x 30cmin a chunky canvas-its not quite as wide but being chunky gives a bit more scope to add lovely worked very well!

Dave was a first timer-he didn't want a path in his painting-which is fine...nothing is set in stone in any of my workshops! Birchs works in so many different ways -we will always be able to reach the end result you have in mind1

Kirsty bought along her mum Helen and Kay---all first timers-and what great results we had from them!

Helen chose the browns and creams for her painting..

Kay chose the monochrome fr her painting--its always been my favourite combination  of all--

Lizanna was also panting for the first time--and like all the first timers was pretty much convinced she would not be taking home anything worthy of hanging on the wall--how wrong were they?

Judy is another first timer..not that you would believe it to see her painting!

Dawn and friend Sam have been once before to paint Summer Day--

Sam adding some detail to her trees..

Nina was another first timer..lovely colourful autumn shades for her too--she was surprised  at how quickly the painting came together!

Anne and her daughter Claire had quite a long drive from Trowbridge , Wiltshire to join us for the first time  also--but said it was worth the 2 1/2 hour journey and will be back again! It never fails to amaze me just how far some of my students will travel to come and paint with me! Anne chose the 12in x 24in chunky canvas and the lovely soft browns and creams..

Claire got on really quickly with her birches..

Chris wanted to use the autumn shades but with more greens than yellows and reds--it worked lovely--first timer!  Her sisters (?) called by at the end of the workshop to see the results and were all amazed at the results-and all want to come along with her at some point--its always fun when people come in a group!

Sarah is loving her painting workshops and is keen to get started at home,,,2nd time for her.

Jac received her gift from me for attending 6 workshops--instead of the usual artist brooch she chose a pair of artist earrings with a brush on one earring and a palette on the other--you can just see them in the photo!

adding some final touches!

What great results from everyone--a brilliant day--though a very busy one--and we enjoyed a well earned glass or 2 of cava when we got home!