Sunday, September 27, 2015

Serenity Workshop

It was lovely to see Jenny again, its been a while but actually felt like only last week! She chose to use very subtle shades of blue for her painting...its a subject that lends itself to lots of variations--bold,subtle whatever you chose--it will work for you.

Caroline had been to paint the Birches a few weeks ago..she showed her friend Chris her painting when she went home and Chris booked up for Serenity with her! It was a laugh a minute with the ladies all day!     I knew Caroline would love using oils and I was right! She chose the monochrome version..she loved the way the paints moved around on the canvas..

Heloise was painting with me for the first time..she had been recommended to me by another student --Sarah...she also chose the blue shades.It was quite amazing to watch the paintings develop..

Chris loved her painting session,,never used oils before..and loved how it could be corrected so easily...looking forward to seeing Chris and Caroline for the Reeds In The Breeze in December.. we were all creased at lunchtime at Chris telling us about her charity parachute jump she did a few years made Bills day! We never fail to have a laugh during a matter how big or small the workshops are-everyone makes friends and we have fun..will look forward to seeing everyone again soon x

lovely results everyone!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Exhibition

I will have some paintings in a lovely gallery called ''Evolution'' in the Darwin Centre ,Shrewsbury from 1st Oct.
I have put in a variety of work, some workshop subjects and a couple that aren't..all are completely different to Mike Hatch's wonderful paintings--Mike owns/runs the gallery and paints the most beautiful portraits and landscapes.. I love the frame on the Summer Day painting..


Poppy Fields is on a hexagon shaped canvas.

Forest Fire

This is one of my favourite paintings--30in x 30in Midnight Birches...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mellow Moods Workshop

They came from far and wide yesterday to paint with me! Yorkshire,London, Liverpool, West Midlands and Wales just to name a few!

We did a black acrylic base painting followed by an oil wash and detail... Judith came along for the first time with Terry--both have been having a dabble with watercolours at home but this was a first with acrylics and oils for them--and they loved it!

Terry getting on well with the underpainting...

Lorna came along with Kathleen for the first time, Lorna's daughter Trudy has been once before--but both Lorna and Kathleen were pretty convinced they would not paint anything worth hanging on the wall! How lovely it  was to see them settling down and the nerves disappearing--

Its always amazing how different every ones paintings turn out--a real mix of subtle and more colourful--Trudy went for the subtle effect and beautiful it was too!

Kathleen found it so much easier than she expected....

Bali came along with friends Helen ,Deb and Kate..and her painting will be going back to London! She had a lovely delicate touch when doing her trees...

Helen has been before,but never done sponging before!

Dawn was painting her 6th painting with me and received her Artist Brooch, as did her friend Ali who also travelled down from Liverpool...dawn painted on oil painting paper as she wants to frame her finished painting and take it to her holiday home..

Ali chose to do just one bold tree--but it worked as well as doing more...

Brilliant results for Deb,,
Kate adding some more detail to her trees before going on to add the oil wash,,,

Well done everyone-- lovely paintings-you should all be very proud of yourselves!

It sounds like we may be going to Trudy,Lorna and Kathleen's part of the world to do a workshop-- they may have a room in mind already! Will look forward to it very much!

Ready For Next Year!

I have a new Gala Tent ready for next years shows,,its a lot bigger and stronger than the Gazebo we were using before..

Its lovely bright and airy--windows on  both sides and doors on both ends...higher than we thought it would be too--so loads more room to hang paintings higher! All of the poles are marked now so it will be easy to put up!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

"Yesterday " workshop

One of my most favourite subjects--"Yesterday " gives all of the artists a real chance to do their own thing to a certain extent..There was a choice of colours and canvas size too.. Simon above met me a couple of weeks ago on Ludlow market...we had a long chat and a laugh , and when I explained to him that he could paint a picture much the same as one displayed on my stall he was a bit dubious to say the least! However he went home and had a look at the website and rang me! When he arrived he found 2 people he already knew and had been all through his  school years with--Joy and Karen..He chose the brighter oranges and reds , and soon found his own style ...lovely and loose...and the nerves soon went!

Joy was painting this painting for someones birthday--her previous one was done for a friends wedding present-- and they were completely overwhelmed by it when she gave it them.This colour was something new for Joy and a bit out of her comfort zone, but boy did she make a beautiful job of it...

Joy bought along Karen for a special birthday Simon she really didn't think she would be able to create anything worthwhile.  And yet again she found that she COULD paint, and very well too..

Linda was painting with me for the 5th time, so she will receive her artist brooch next time she comes!She bought along her friend Wendy.... Linda chose the oranges and reds shades,,,but managed to make them very soft , with a lovely glow in the centre...

Wendy chose the same colours as Linda pretty much...and soon had the hang of the blending...

We met Sue at Bromyard show recently-- she was the only one to chose the big 40in canvas...all the others went for the 32in x 14in chunky canvas .. she had a brilliant, dramatic sky going on pretty quickly...

We met the lovely June last year on the market...and must have made quite an impression on her and her hubby,because he booked her in as a surprise for their wedding anniversary, booking them into the Henwick House guest house  for 2 nights which is just around the corner from the venue! Ideal for students-several of which have stayed there previously. June alternated between sitting and standing, which is fine by me-- we can accommodate sitting or standing students! Her painting had loads of movement in it and she was quite overwhelmed at times at how well she was doing acrylics--having only done watercolours before! They had a long journey down from Mansfield ,hence the stay in guest house, but says she will definitely be back again!

The paintings are really taking shape..

These two look quite laid back here....adding the black horizon line can be a bit scary!

Simon and June concentrating hard here--the room always goes quiet at this stage!

Sue adding some detail to her painting. We all had a bit of fun adding bunnies,trees and moons to various paintings..

7 very happy people....wonderful results from everyone-- they were a pleasure to teach....

Joy, Karen and Simon...

Linda and Wendy...

Sue and June...Thank you all for a great day...I enjoyed every minute of it as usual..and the text off Simon last night blew me away, and moved me to tears..    It is such a privilege to pass on my knowledge to such lovely people who appreciate it..I am a very lucky lady to be in the position I'm in.. and it wouldn't be Painting My Way without  my wonderful hubby Bill's hard work setting up, taking down, fetching and carrying and generally being a star...thanks darling xx

Onslow Steam Rally 2015

I had a mad rush in the week before Onslow Steam Rally at Shrewsbury to get some small oil paintings done for my stalls...they did dry just in time thank goodness! Sold most of them!

We took the caravan up a few days before and got it all set up ready so we could have a more leisurely time when we arrived again on Saturday.. the new porch awning worked a treat--just big enough for a table, cool boxes and shoes etc..and much less trouble to put up than the full size one!

We got on pretty quick setting up the stall....

Waterproof dust sheets over everything and ready for the customers on Sunday and Monday!

The weather was beautiful all day Saturday and we were treated to this beautiful sunset on our way up to watch the band in the beer tent,,,,

There is so much to see and night!

the moon was beautiful on the way back from the beer tent--and what appears to be orbs are in the photos too...

as usual I didn't get to see any of the actual show, as I was kept busy with customers,,, but Bill did escape a few times to have a quick look around!

Well after the beautiful sunshine all day on the Sunday , we heard the rain beating down on the caravan roof during the night...not good! The site was soon nothing but mud and we thought it was going to be an awful day customer wise on the Monday--how wrong could we be? We took the exact same money on both days down to the £...

Poor Bunty got stuck in the mud and had to be pushed out by Ros and Mark--thanks both xx

Just one of the beautiful views we had on the way home...Despite the rain on Monday we had a wonderful time--Ros Bishop is one of the best organisers there is..and we look forward to the show every seems a lifetime away again now but I'm sure it will be here in a flash! We are on Ludlow market every week on Wednesdays and some Sundays , the next big event for us will be the Ludlow Medieval Weekend when we will be on the be dressed up and on the market--will look forward to that !