Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Star Pupil Brian !!!

Brian came for his 2nd painting lesson today, he has already painted a lovely waterfall painting on a black canvas a few weeks ago.
He has been doing some more painting at home and bought along the results for me to see--I was very impressed with his results.
Today Brian wanted to paint a white canvas and we decided to paint a mountain scene.
Brian is very easy to teach and listens and watches and more importantly asks loads of questions.
I love it when people ask questions and dont just except what I tell them, its shows a deep seated interest in what they are doing.
Every stage was written down, which brushes to use and how to load and use each brush and Brian should be able to continue his painting easily at home now.
I have supplied him with some more brushes needed to blend out the clouds and sky, they are also good for water too.
We had a great mornings painting and Brian was thrilled with the end result, he used the knife with great skill on his mountains, and learnt a lot of different ways of using a fan brush after too!!!!
I look forward to seeing Brians results that he does at home!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Poor Sparky has been to the vet for yet another operation today.
We noticed a hole appear in his leg just under his stitches, it got bigger as the day went on yesterday.
Didnt seem to bother him though.Took him to vets at 8:30am today, when Amy the vet looked at it she said she wasnt surprised really, the blood supply to the flap was not great and that some of the skin was dying.
She poked poor Sparky with a needle to find out how far the skin was dead--not very nice for him at all.
Anyway picked him up at 4:30pm, he seems fine but we have to take him down to the vets for an injection of antibiotics EVERY DAY until its better.
At the moment he is chasing his tail on the landing and looking for an oppertunity to get outside so whatever they have given him today has made him feel ok!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Spoke to soon!!!!

Sparky has to go back to the vets tomorrow AGAIN ! The cut the vet had to do to drain his absess has opened right up and is in danger of splitting into his original wound. He has also refused to eat anything since he seems to know his medication is hidden in his food. He still hasnt been allowed out so hes not a happy pussy at all at the moment!!
This picture was taken before his leg was poorly.
Handsome fella isnt he?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sparky is on the mend!

As you can see poor Sparky had another op yesterday to drain a nasty absess on his leg, so he now had 2 holes in his leg as well as the original injury!
He seems better today has been trying to escape from the house all day so its a bit of a nightmare keeping him in.! He has also noticed that his medication is being hidden in his food and is refusing to eat it today, At least now he is feeling better I can relax and get some painting done.
The commission is coming along great, just a bit to do and then it has to dry out a bit before the last stage.Just hope it dries in time that it can be delivered for Xmas!!! fingers crossed!!!

My Easel

My husband Bill made me my easel 4 years ago when I first started painting, Its fantastic to work, on the tray is handy for putting brushes on and my pallette fits on there too in the middle so my hands can be free.
It has been carted all around the country when I do my talks and demos, craft-fairs etc.
I have been offered good money for the back board by American tourists and very often I have spotted people studying it while we have been setting up the stall!!!! They really think its a painting!!
It has my 4 years of painting history on there, you can see the different size paper and canvas I have used, the different colours, bits of blue tack and masking tape--its all there. I wouldnt part with it for the world,Bill has made several more since for friends and they all say its better than any you can buy!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

up-date on Sparky

Poor Sparky has been back to the vets today, we found another bite on his leg that has become badly infected--how I dont know, he has had 2 anti-biotic injections and has been on 2 tablets a day as well. He has to go back to the vet in the morning to have his leg opened up and washed out with peroxide--YUKKK .
Then to add insult to injury Paddy the parrot flew from his cage(First time he's been allowed out of his cage since Sparky's been poorly, cos Sparkys been lying on sofa) claws out like some bird of prey and lands on the poor cat. Back in cage very swift I can tell you!!
Will post latest on Sparky tomorrow.

What with my friends news and the cat I havent felt like painting much today, I have done a bit tonight, had to alter some of the commission I am doing for Keith, I feel it is a lot better with the new changes, I will post the complete work from start to finish when it is finished and safely in Keiths home.


Well I cant belive whats happened after putting the Life post on here this morning,I went downstairs to a call from a friend who I havent seen for a while, who has been told by the specialist she probley has lung cancer.
It has knocked me for six. My thoughts are with her and her daughters.

It certainly brings it home to you that life is too short to waste.


Take a look at the link I was sent by a dear friend, its something we should all think about.
www.thetimemovie.com Makes you think!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

poor Sparky!!!!!

Well what a week, Sparky the cat came in Sunday morning minus half his skin and fur on his hind leg. Thank goodness he's insured! This is his 4th escapade this year all with the same leg--when will he learn? So he now has a load of stitches in it and has been made a house cat. He is not very amused to say the least, but he couldnt outrun the cat that had him at the weekend if we let him out again yet.
Then we had my Jims birthday, in between visits to the vets and birthday partys I have been working on my latest commission, its nearly finished and Keith who commissioned it has had an email each day with the painting as it progresses, He said yesterday its like playing pass the parcel, each email is a step nearer to the final painting!
Not much to do now, just his 3 dogs to put on it!!! Its a big 3 ft canvas and I have to say Im really chuffed with it so far, and so is Keith.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something different for a change

This is the view that we are lucky enough to have from our house, its so relaxing to watch the birds and wildlife out there, and this morning while looking I had another idea for a painting in my 'almost monochrome 'collection. I have already incorporated some dogs into my latest commission so the next step is a cow, the perfect monochrome subject really!!! Will have to get down the garden a bit closer and get some snaps of one of one of them.
The painting above is another Im really pleased with, I love the effect that Ive got with the glass vase.
Every now and again I like to do something different for a change, I have had a sort out and found some watercolours that I did a short time ago, must get my watercolours out again soon ,I find them really refreshing to do.
The one above Im very pleased with,must get it framed up for the next craft fair!

Happy Birthday Jim!!!

I just want to share with you a photo from last nights celebration. My son Jim was 29 yesterday and we had a great party around at his!
This is my daughter Becki with me and Jim, enjoying a drink--Oh what a night!!!

Some Pics from my classes

Above we have 3 of the students from 17th June, its great how everyones painting turns out different,Barbra on the right of the picture has entered her painting into exhibition at The Secret Hills at Craven Arms and it was lovely to see a picture of it in the local paper last week-- well done Barbra.
Above we have Robbie with his version of Birch Tree Wood that he painted on Oct 10th, what a great spooky looking wood , again some detail has been added in coloured encaustic wax as is a trademark feature of my 'almost monochrome 'paintings. Robbie has painted his picture on a deep edge box canvas which is quite a lot bigger than normal--its hard to tell as Robbie must be all of 7ft 6ins tall!!!
Here are Renatta and her mum Mandy at the 'Early Morning'
class earlier in the year 7th Oct. Its the 3 rd time they have been to a class and as Renatta is just 10 years old I think she has done very well.
As you can see Mandy left her monchrome painting as it was , just adding some foxgloves and dragonflies with the encaustic wax,Renatta covered hers in a light oil wash for a slightly different look.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Christmas is coming!!!!

We love Christmas in our house,and couldnt resist this little fella today in the store in Kidderminster, you press his hand and he farts like a good en, then chuckles and says thats all your getting this Chistmas HO HO HO .
We laughed our socks off !!!!!!
Had an email today from one of the ladies at the WI on thursday, she said the ladies had been chatting together after the meeting and had likened me to the great Rolf Harris, to say I was flattered was an understatment, Its alright being able to paint so fast when doing what comes naturaly, but to be able to put that over to novices is something else!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Emerald Wood

Here is my latest work which is simply one of my almost monchrome collect with an oil wash.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Id love your opinions about this painting,I just love it!!!!!

It is a large acrylic painting and the sunflowers appear to almost 3 D. It really brightens up my bedroom where it hangs at the moment.

I like to try out my new works to see just how they look in a real room, I usualy hang them first of all in my front room opposite my large mirror. I can sit and study what needs to be changed in the mirror, dont know why it works but it does!!

Next Solo Exhibition

Well I have just sorted out my next solo exhibition.It will be held at Leominster Library, 8 Buttercross, Leominster HR6 8BN.

It will be held from March 6th until March 17th 2007 I am also holding another one at the same venue Dec 4th until Dec 22nd 2007.

It will contain a real mixture of paintings, with every shape size and medium !!!

This example of my work here has proved very popular of late, I think it is the cold weather setting in, the warm colours in this painting really warm up a room!

Every taste will be catered for and I will also be there on several dates-to be anounced to show you just how some of these works were achieved.

It sounds a long way off yet, but the way the time is flying by it will soon be here!
I will look forward to meeting some of you there.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bluebell Wood

Well Ive had some good news today, one of the paintings that I dropped off at 'Natural Break in Kidderminster has been sold already!!
'Bluebell Wood is one of my' almost monochrome collection' so called because they are almost monochrome, I always add some detail with a little colour, usually melted wax, which just adds a bit of interest to the painting.
Bluebell wood was one of my larger versions of my latest birch tree series and Im sure it will look great on its new owners wall!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Latest Works

Fancied a change yesterday so got out the acrylics and did these 2 paintings, I just love the autumn colours, will be varnishing them today and they will be coming to the craft fair tomorrow with us! I also did another diptych in my almost monochrome collection, this time on 2 very large canvas each one is 3ft tall x1ft wide so a very dramatic piece, the detail is again added with melted wax.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Beautiful Sunset

What a beautiful end to the day,the most beautiful sunset, pinks and purples abound!! This is the view from our back garden!!
I think this will be a great painting, I will work on it later this week and let you all see the results.


Here are my 2 favorite poppy pictures, the second one is made up of 4 canvas each measuring 16inx20in, it makes quite a statement when hung on the wall. The first one is a large canvas measuring 80cmx60cm.The centres of both of them are made with melted wax and the main body of the picture is acrylic paint, I love them both they are so vibrant!!! Let me know what you think.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A walk in Birch Tree Woods

This is my latest work, it is painted on to 3 canvas measuring 10in x8in so the complete art work is 24inx10in.It is from my 'almost monochrome 'collection.
It is painted in acrylic and melted wax.
Im sure everyone will reconise it from somewhere they have been .