Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunshine After The Rain ---Sat 30th Oct

I have a couple of spaces left this Saturday due to cancellations due to work commitments--we are using a black canvas and oils to create this painting.
Its suitable for all ages and abilities including first time artists.Please get in touch if you would like to join us for this class.

Busy Times Ahead!

I have a busy week ahead of me again. Ive got a workshop on Saturday painting Sunshine After The rain--a new subject for this year--Im really looking forward to it.
It seems ages since I did a black canvas class!
Then on Sunday we are back on the market up town--this time its a Halloween market-though we havent been told to dress up or anything-should be busy if the weather is something like as the kids are still on half term.

Then we are back up there again on Wednesday Nov 3rd for our usual market and again the next day Nov 4th for the craft market.Shame we cant just wrap the stall up on Wednesday after we finish and unwrap it on Thursday!
It take 2 hours to set the stall up with the stands, tables,,paintings cards etc -much quicker taking it all down--just over 30 mins!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sue's Suprise Art Class!

Well Sue had the shock of her life today when she was bought along to my home by her friend Ali.
All she had been told by Ali was to wear old clothes and to bring her glasses.
Poor Sue thought she was going to spend the day mucking out horses--logical really as Ali rescues horses and ponies!
Her face was a picture (pun intended!) when she came in and saw the easel set up and brushes at the ready!
I showed her my website  and the class subjects she had to choose from.
She loved the Reeds in the Breeze picture with the red poppies-so I quickly got the paint on the palettes and showed her the first stage of it.
After a bit of bashing and tickling (technical terms for Painting My way)
she soon had a wonderful sky--the sea quickly followed-by this time all the nerves had completely disappeared and Sue was painting with lots of confidence!
 When it came to creating the waves-the knife is an invaluable tool--it creates texture and detail in a few strokes--and Sue was very quick at picking up where to put the pressure on the knife to get the paint coming off in the right place.
Then came the fun bit--the 'bush' brush--within seconds there was loads of foliage on the canvas.
A few strokes with the silicon wiping out tool and she had grasses galore!
Then we used the liner brush with some thinned down oil paint to add more grasses.
We couldn't believe how quickly the painting was nearly finished--and as we had time to spare I showed Sue how to add a bit more detail to the sky by using the round brush and some white paint.
She had soon tickled some lovely clouds into her sky, and was ready to add the final touches with her poppies.
Its quite incredible to watch a nervous wreck turn into a competent artist in the space a just 3 hours,and she cant wait to take her painting into school where she works to show everyone!
Ali was well impressed when she came back to pick her up--Bill had made a box for her to take her painting home safely--she needed a lid for the box as Ali's car is always full of straw and bales of hay--
Im sure everyone will love her finished painting, she has taken away some leafets as well to give out if anyone is interested in coming to paint their own! She is under orders not to hang the wet painting in the front room where the woodburner is until its dry--and its proberly safest in the box until then.

I had great fun teaching Sue--and she said it was much more fun than mucking out horses!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Someones In For A Suprise......

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow--Ive got a lady coming to paint-who doesn't know she is coming to paint!
Ali has brought many unsuspecting friends to me in the past few years--she doesn't do birthday and Christmas pressies-instead she surprises them with a painting one to one!
They have no idea where she is taking them-they are just told to wear old clothes.
The looks on their faces when they walk in and see the easel , paint and canvas is wonderful--then the fear kicks in and they all say "but I cant paint" that's when the photograph albums and comments book come in handy --they can see the results others have achieved straight away and calm down a bit!
Then as soon as we start painting in the small step by steps they relax and enjoy it.

I cant get to much prepared before hand because I don't know what sort of painting she will want to do--so just the brushes will be ready for her.
We can have a cuppa while I get the paint out and canvas prepared.
Bill is going to move the van off the drive in the morning so she doesn't click when they pull up and spoil the surprise!
I will put the photos on here tomorrow.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ludlow Art Market

Well we were up at the crack of dawn (well 6.30am) it was freezing cold and dark-but we were well wrapped up and by the time we had set up the stall the sun was shining well and it warmed up a bit.
There was a spare stall as someone hadn't turned up-so I put some extra paintings out on there--it looks far better to have a full market than empty stalls! There were lots of enquiries about the workshops and paintings.A couple came along and loved the new Silver Birches that were hung outside on the stall-they went away to think about it-came back with their friends for another look, then came back for them--as they came into the stall to pay-they spotted the triptych of Brown Birches-and decided to have those instead as they would match their front room.
The monochrome ones were to hang in their kitchen! So the birches are off to Cheltenham to live.

I managed to paint a small oil in between chatting to folk--and it sat on my easel with a note saying "please don't touch -wet paint" .Along came a couple from Manchester who loved it-and wanted to buy it--I explained it was wet--but I hadn't got another small one with the same colours in-it match another painting they already had at home, so Bill found a box to put it in and keep it safe on its journey to Manchester tomorrow! Hope they keep the box up the right way!

We met another artist there called Dan-who painted the most beautiful paintings of cows--I couldn't believe that he hadn't got his own website yet, and this was his first market.
I pointed him in the direction of one of the best websites around for showcasing your work  I have sold lots of my paintings through there.Its easy to use even if you are not very computer illiterate like Dan! I am artist of the week on there this week so must try and get some new paintings on there! So Im looking forward to seeing Dans website soon--we are staying in touch with each other--Ive also pointed in the direction of the SAA -the society of all artists-they are excellent for art materials, a great magazine "Paint" every other month and also you get your public liability insurence included free when you join as a gold member, so well worth doing if you are going to do craft markets etc.
Im looking forward to hearing from Dan soon to see how hes got on with everything!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back Home!

We had a great time in the club on our last night at Dawlish-there was a talent contest for children and teenagers--there were some names to look out for in the future singing--there were balloons on all the tables, and some came floating over as we left so they came back to the caravan with us!
We arrived home yesterday after calling at Weston Supemare to have my tattoo touched up a bit!
I had my bird of paradise redone there a year ago-and when I got home realised there was a tiny bit missing--nobody noticed it but me--so we called by to get it done-Rob who originaly did the tattoo for me couldnt work out what had happened--but never mind--its done now!
We had to laugh at the sign he had up on the wall in his studio!
The huge wheel is still there on the front-and the pier re-opened today- so no doubt we will visit it and have a mooch there.

We are unpacked, the washing done and all ready for work again tomorrow--on the Art Market on Castle Square Ludlow, really looking forward to it--even if it will be a bit cold!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More from Our Holiday!

We had a lovely day out yesterday-we went round the coast to Brixham. We had been there last year and really enjoyed it.
Its a beautiful town with a working harbour-lots of things to see of interest there.

The junks shop window made us laugh-a notice saying breakages DONT have to be paid for!
We also paid a return visit to the  Strand Art Gallery -there were some great paintings in there--as well as a old fashioned market barrow which had paintings displayed on it with nobody there to make sure they didnt get nicked!  Very trusting!
Today we have been to Exmouth, and back to Dawlish to feed the ducks and swans.
Ive got some more photos to load onto the computer from today, so will add more to my blog tomorrow.

New Workshop Date

Ive had a request from Helen who came over from France earlier this year to paint with me.
She would like to paint The Birch Trees and gave me a couple of dates she could make.
So Ive set the date for Saturday April 23rd 2011 which is in fact Easter Saturday.
This painting is one of my most popular. Great fun to do--and suitable for all ages and abilities.The results are always stunning!
You have a choice of canvas size and colour---monochrome and sepia shades.
16in x 20in , 20in x 16in and a chunky 12in x 24in
cost for this size canvas is £35
there is also a larger 36in x 14in -cost for that is £45
As this painting is created using acrylic paint it will be dry for you to take home
please include your phone number when booking.
You can see results from previous classes on my website
and you can also book and pay online as well if you wish.
I will be working on the dates in between March 12th and this and aslo workshops after the 23rd April when we get back off holiday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More From Dawlish !

We are having a lovely holiday here in Dawlish. The weather has been gorgeous-we haven't needed a coat yet-though tomorrow (Wed) is supposed to cooler so we may need them then!
We visited Cockinton Apple Day --Food and  Crafts Festival on Sunday.It was interesting being on the other side of the stall for once!
We bought lots of goodies while there--bread, cheese and chutneys which we had for supper that night!
We had lots of laughs at the fire-eater who was a proper comedian -he had the audience in fits of laughter!
Its been lovely exploring the surrounding areas--Teinmouth,Torquay, Paignton and today Newton Abbott.
Ive taken lots of photos as  reference for future paintings and classes.
I loved this birch tree that was growing by the stream, some beautiful markings on it.
The famous black swans in Dawlish were joined by some unusal gueese today--no idea what they were but very beautiful.
Poor Bill was swooped upon by loads of pigeons as soon as he got the stale cake out-
Ive taken a booking for Oct next year for a demo this morning--I have the calls diverted to my mobile while Im away--it saves Jeannie who pet/house sits for me having to deal with the calls.She has enough to do looking after the pets-without that!
We will be at Alverly Ladies Guild next Oct 24th 2011
I wont be long till Im in bed--the sea air always knows me out--and Im enjoying the rest--but the time is going so fast-wont be long until the holidays over!