Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Well its that time again....another year gone by and so much has happened in the past 12 months. There have been some very sad days  as people who are very much loved have passed away before their time,including Bills lovely brother Del-Boy who we had some cracking times with  and my best friends brother Frank who created my very first website all those years ago and always helped us out when we had computer problems.  Then there have been happier times too -meeting new people and going to new places..       Its been a busy year for us..we have done more markets and shows than ever before which has been both great fun and also not so good when it peed down with rain and we have got soaked and blown away in the wind!  But even on the wet days we always met someone who was interested in coming to join me in Painting My Way...     I am looking forward to meeting all the new students who will be coming next year having received a gift voucher for Christmas..and saying ''Hello Again'' to my regular students who come to me from all over the country--many of whom travel great distances to come and paint with me.           Without you all there would be no Painting My Way!!!   There are some new subjects in the workshops in 2014 as you can see on the website  I will be working on yet more new subjects  shortly and they will be on the website soon...           Health wise its been an up and down year for me..the polymyalgia rheumatica is still the bain of my life along with the steroids that I have to take to keep least that's the idea! It started to get better a while back as I started taking turmeric tablets to help the inflammation and it seemed to help a huge amount at first--but any stress seems to make it flare up and there is no bigger stress than Christmas is there?     So I'm hoping now that is over with I will get back down  with the steroids and get back on the road to normality again..                                                                                                                                                        I have a lot to look forward to in the near future--my lovely friend Deb is getting married to Mick next week--I have made her button bouquet and buttonholes for the wedding and they are coming over to collect them and have a drink on Thursday, and we have our old friends Marion and Phil coming over as usual for New Years Eve tomorrow for a slap up meal and some lots to look forward to.. so I will wish you all a Happy, Healthy New 2014 with lots of love from me and my lovely Bill    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                     CHEERS !!!

Boxing Day

We have all the family around for Boxing Day for a buffet...we did enough food to feed twice the 17 that were here! But nobody went home hungry and several took doggie bags back with them!
Tommy was happy with his piece of bread and butter and garlic bread!!

Every year the house feels smaller as the children grow up! Half in the front room and half in the kitchen now when there is a get together!

Tuck in Bill!!!!

My beautiful niece-Nat a Tat....cant believe how she has grown up..

Nat and her lovely Mum Jan--who is sporting a big lipstick kiss on her cheek! We had some fun that we always do when we all get together!

Christmas 2013

Jake opening his pressie off Santa,,,

This little man made our Christmas...he is such a happy little fella...

Always smiling!

and still glued to the TV...

having cuddles with his Daddy

the turkey was delicious! We were all well and truly stuffed after it all!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas And A Happy 2014

Christmas--Its here again already..where has the year gone? We have met so many new students who have become firm friends, had lots of fun in classes, done a few new shows we wont bother to do again,but have had many laughs along the way too. we are  looking forward to next year very much.   I have got a lot of new students booked into next years workshops already.                All of the grandchildren are growing up so quickly..little Tommy is 18 months old now-the youngest of our 6 grandchildren.
its so magical seeing their little faces, Tommy is more interested in the remote control on the above pic..

We have had a busy few days getting the food and drink in, had friends round tonight for mulled wine and pate and toast, the smell of my special stuffing and a new dish Ive done--pork,chicken,black pudding, sage and pistachio nut terrine cooking was just divine and cant wait to   try it tomorrow evening!    Well all that remains is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year 2014.     I will be updating the website over the next 10 days or so..and getting some more dates done for the workshops as well as where we will be and when!!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Cant believe how quickly this year has gone by..Yesterday saw the last Wednesday market of the year,,it was cold and wet but I had quite a busy day..lots of my tiny miniature paintings sold..

This is what was left at the start of the day..there were very few at the end!

I love my new holly lights--they look so festive-- they will be placed around my mantelpiece after the last market of the year this Sunday 22nd Dec...

Have been really busy today getting some more of the tiny paintings done for Sundays market...please note these paintings are all logged with

This is a commission with a difference--this is a black cake tin and I was asked if I could paint a pink/red poppy on it..its not dry yet on the photo..but hope it will be dry enough to varnish tomorrow....I really enjoyed myself today. It will be nice to have a break for a couple of weeks now--the workshops for 2014 are booking up really fast with no places left in some and just a few in others left..I will try and get June ,July and Augusts dates done over the Christmas period..

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big Poppy Workshop results..

Well flu, upset tummies and injuries took its toll on some of the students due to come we were down to just the 3 of them.Diane and mum Liz came down from Derby for their 3rd time..Diane chose some lovely bold colours for her paintings,reds,purples and a beautiful turquoise too..

Lyndsey chose shades of reds for hers,,

Liz loved working on this painting,,,she got the hang of blending the colours really easily.

The fun part is adding the melted wax-what fun we had doing that!

Diane used black and silver wax, it worked really well- she managed to be really random with it which can be quite hard to do!

It makes such a huge difference when the wax is added...

The camera does not show the texture that has been created in the paintings at all well..such a shame...they are always hard to photograph..

Beautiful results ladies! Well Done..

Reeds In The Breeze--workshop results..

I must apologise about being late doing the has been so busy of late with one thing and another... Above you can see  7 year old Luke who is our little helper--he often helps Bill set out the brushes,tables etc and helps me fetch the paintings off the van...he is a very determined young man who knows exactly what he wants to put on his canvas...

Martin chose the yellow ochre shades for his painting...this was his 3rd painting...

Anne wanted her painting to be on the subtle side..she is fast becoming quite an expert at beautiful skies....

Jenny was a first timer-she loved the workshop and created a lovely painting with ease..

Debs came along with Jenny for the first time-she was quite a amazed at how easy it was to paint...

Brian has painted before using watercolours but this was a first for him using oils..

2nd time for Veronica, she is making a beautiful job of her painting here..

1st time for Joan who we met at Onslow Park Steam rally earlier this year along with Clare, both followed my step by step instructions to  the letter..

Claire adding dome detail to her distant hills..

Iva adding the bushes/grasses

Claire's very first time..lovely job..
John's 3rd time with me--he is already finding his own style.
Joan was convinced she wouldn't be able to create anything worthy of hanging on the are most people when they come for the first time,,its always lovely for me to see them gaining confidence with every brush stroke.

7 year old Luke was very bold with his beautiful big poppies...

Wonderful  results from everyone..