Monday, June 12, 2017

Sue and Richards Workshop

After having 6 months rest I decided I would try a small workshop at home.. I had my perching stool to sit on  and lowered my easel to try and help my arms.. Extra steroids, Tramadol and a liberal coating of Volterol on arms and legs and I thought I was well prepared for it..!   Sue had never painted before and hubby Richard had painted with me once a few years ago..

Although Sue insisted she wasn't in the slightest 'artistic' she followed my instructions and soon had a lovely painting.. Richard had used acrylic last time so this was completely different for him.He too soon had a lovely painting on his easel.. The time went very quickly...but I soon realised that I wasn't yet well enough to teach.

Richard adding the finishing touches to his painting here..

Well done both of you! Lovely results!   It was lovely to be teaching again ,but there is no way I can carry on teaching this year anyway..           I was in agony   afterwards and could hardly move the next day--even with taking extra tablets. The specialist has tried me on Amitriptyline and now Pregabalin, neither of them have done much at all, except knock me out cold which is not I am now looking at going back to teaching perhaps next year-- fingers crossed... In the mean time I will continue to put my work on my websites, and I will be starting some new works soon-- completely different to what I have been doing but will be easier on my arms,, watch this space..

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