Friday, August 04, 2017

A Day Of Coincidence...

Last week had a notification from my website that I had sold a painting called "Forest Fire" .. after speaking with Kris who had bought it, it was decided that I should post it next week when there would be someone to sign for it on delivery.  .However when I came to look for it to pack up ready we couldn't find it!        Then I remembered it was in exhibition at the Leisure Centre ,Church Stretton!         We went over this afternoon to swap it for another similar birch painting..and while we were there decided to call in at the Church Stretton Arts Festival at the school next door  where I have 3 paintings on display..   we had a quick chat with the lady on the door, she checked and said I hadn't sold anything yet and I replied " there is time yet"   

While we were looking round we heard someone say " I would like to buy these" and then heard my name mentioned! Anyway we met the lady who we had heard-she was buying them for her husbands birthday, when we  went back to the payment desk. She explained that he had spotted them and fell in love--and was going to put them in his office..   he came along a few mins later ..          So we had a lovely chat--     I know where the paintings  are going to live and they have met the artist--it really made my day and theirs !         While we were driving to Church Stretton I had an email from Angela who wants to commission me to paint a monochrome birches painting.. We spoke earlier on the phone and I am just waiting for confirmation of size etc and I will make a start on it.      My health means that it takes longer to  paint than it used to, as my arms do not move as I would like, but as long as the 'commissoner' understands that its fine,,             I was doing a bit better for a short while after being put on some new tablets, but that has gone back to square one at the moment,  well more than square one actually, had a huge flare up happen last night which rendered me pretty much unable to move had been coming on for a few days but still caught me by surprise with its ferocity.. I should be used to it by now  LOL..

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