Friday, October 23, 2009

Weston Super Mare

Well after a lovely time down south in Rye and surrounding areas we came across country to one of my favorite places Weston Super Mare--it was further than I thought-over 200 miles--we have covered a lot of miles this last week, Bill does all the driving when we are away giving me chance to take snap shots of the surrounding countryside and catch up on my reading!
I bought a book to read while away but we have been so busy Ive on read a few pages!
Caught up with a few magazines, but nowhere near all of them I bought with me!
We arrived later than we had planned due to stopping off for a lovely carvery lunch!

We found the guest house in Weston, quickly unpacked and went out to find somewhere to eat dinner.
Its surprising how many places are still open-and we found a lovely place that did T-bone steaks to die for!
Ive caught up with my facebook, emails and other bits and bobs-didnt have internet while in Rye-just in the club room and to be honest it was nice to get away from it!

The weather is supposed to be good here, got a few things planned-Im off to the Dark Arts Tattoo studio on Monday to have my bird of paradise tattoo redone with brighter colours. Its over 23 years old and has faded a bit!
I had my artists palette tattoo done here last time and Ade said he would redo it for me next time I was back!
Right off to bed for me now, completly tired out after all the travelling!

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