Thursday, October 08, 2009


I intended having a dusting session yesterday after we got back from the market but I was so cold all day all I wanted to do when I got home was sleep!
Bill had popped over the Andrew Francis butchers ( winner of the experts choice in the Ludlow Food and Drink Festival) and got some rare breeds sausage, a beautiful big cabbage from Farmers fruit and veg stall just down the way from us and by the time I had made the onion gravy and ate tea all I was fit for was bed!
It was the earliest night for absolutely ages and I slept like a log.
Today I was determined to have a long overdue blitz on the housework!
You wouldn't believe just how much dust comes off 2 parrots!
I even took all my cats off the sideboard in the hall and gave it all a good clean! I worked solidly all day-got all the ground floor cleaned -was so pleased with the kitchen--all my chrome stuff looked like new after I had finished-
I didn't get chance to do the painting I intended-but so glad I stuck at it-everything was spick and span and it felt great when I finished!

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