Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bigger Classes

As classes are getting more and more popular I have had to come to a decision about how many students I can take in classes.
Some classes are more intensive than others such as the ''Summer Day'' one where students have to master the palette knife-that can take some time and it wouldn't be fair to everyone if I didn't have time to spend with individual students -so in that class I will only have 9 while in something like the ''Yesterday'' which is coming up in Dec I can take 14 as its more straight forward-although it is big painting! I already have 13 booked in for Yesterday so Ive had to order 3 new easels to make sure Ive enough, while I was at it another 40 canvas were ordered from another supplier--both ordered yesterday afternoon and both orders were here first thing this morning!
Now we just have to find a space for all the canvas's!
I'm trying to track down a special size one at the moment or a commission Ive got--its proving a little difficult-got another couple of websites to try-will have a look while I'm on the market tomorrow.

Lin and Dave want an acrylic and melted wax poppy in quite neutral shades of beige's,creams , yellow and gold to go over their fireplace-cant wait to get started on it --when I can find a canvas to match their requirements!

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