Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After a long drive we arrived at Rye at our wooden chalet that was home for 4 nights.It was very nice-clean and cosy with a great kitchen!
We had an ostrich farm just down the road from us and a nature reserve next door.
We went into Rye and found some great shops-the one I really wanted to go in was shut though--there were some incredible dolls in the window--I just had to get some snaps of them-they were so funny-sitting in their chairs with their bottles of gin etc!
Its a really quaint place with all sorts to see around every corner--the Hovis Bread advert was filmed on the cobbled streets here-you might recognise it from my photos!
There was also a great crystal shop with some of the biggest crystals I've ever seen-the one shown was over 5 ft tall.
The internet access wasnt great there-we had to go across to the club to get on line-that wasnt really much of an hardship mind!

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