Saturday, October 17, 2009

Class of Oct 17th-Winters Walk

Todays painting was a mixture of acrylic and oil which was a first for many of the students.
I had managed to get some oval canvas and took some along to the class so the students had a choice of which canvas they painted on. Bill got to work stringing them before the students arrived!
Pauline and Chris decided to use them for their paintings in the end.
There was lots of leg pulling going on when Liz said she had a bit of a cold--I asked everyone to decide where they were going to be -Chris said he was putting Liz outside with her easel!
The paintings worked out very well-everyone did the blue version and except Chris and Pauline who did the dusky pink and mauve versions.
The time seemed to fly by today,and before we knew it we were all done.
Liz is back to do Serenity and Mystical Moon,Chris and Pauline are coming to do Yesterday and Gill is coming to the Yesterday Class next April because Im full for the December class!

Im off to pack the suitcase for our holiday now--we have WI-FI at all 3 places we are staying in so will keep you all up to date on whats happening!

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