Friday, October 16, 2009

Poor Spaky Cat

Poor Sparky is in the wars again-he came in the other night with an ear split from fighting with the other younger cats that have moved into the area.
We have been keeping an eye on him in case of infection and would you believe it-he strolled in tonight with his one eye closed and an abcess forming on his face.
Bill will have to take him down to he vets in the morning for a long acting antibiotic injection, while I get on with the class.

He will have to learn to keep out of the way of the younger cats or he will be in trouble more often! Good job hes insured!
We are off on holiday on Sunday for 8 nights-but the pet sitter will keep a close eye on him and take him back down the vets if need be, though the long acting jab he has usually does the trick, dosent usually need more than one!

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