Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake

Our Jake is 3 today !
To think 3 years ago he was hatching out of an egg and to hear what he can say now--its amazing!
We must write down how many words he can say--he really is a little star--he has the knack of putting different words together and making a sentence-and of course when that happens we laugh and he says it all the more--the best one yet though is
"Bill, Bill, Bill--get off her - stop it--you naughty boy!"
That cracks us up without fail--but all of it is what he hears regularly--Im always shouting through to Bill, so he hears "Bill" all the time-"stop it" and "naughty boy" he hears quite a lot too as you can imagine-but the "get off her" we think should be get off THERE not her, but hes done his own thing with it!
Its also funny to hear him coughing and coughing and then he says "Oh dear-Its a bugger init!"
And if our other bird starts making a noise Jake says "shut up you noisy bugger! "
There is never a dull moment with him!

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