Thursday, October 15, 2009

Market Oct 14th

It was like a summers days yesterday up on the market square-had a sleeveless dress on and was as warm as toast!
There were quite a few visitors in the town enjoying the hustle and bustle of the market and surrounding shops.
I had 2 more bookings for Poppy Field next March,and Celia called by for advice about getting set up at home to start oil painting.
I stock all the brushes needed to start up--and Celia took away all she needed for just £19.50 which included a large tickling brush,a bashing brush, filberts,round brushes, flats and lovely liner brush!
Then I marked all the other bits and pieces in the latest SAA catalogue that she would need-including the oil paint which is on offer at the moment bogof.
So Celia has gone away to join the SAA and buy her bits and bobs she needs.Ive told her to ring me if she is unsure about anything when it comes and she makes a start! She has one of my fact sheets which goes through the whole process of painting step by step-so fingers crossed I will be receiving an email from her with a painting attached shortly!

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