Saturday, October 10, 2009


After a couple of last minute cancellations due to illness we were down to just 3 students today! Bill and Tony had been before , and today Tony had bought along his 10 year old grandson George.
The class went very well-George was very attentive and asked all the right questions about the method! The hairdryer came in handy to dry each stage of the painting before going on.
As expected we finished before time although we had several tea breaks,sit downs and chats during the class!
Bill and Tony will be receiving their artists badges next time they come (long service awards my Bill calls them!)
The painting were bright and vibrant in reds, oranges and yellow.The meatallic paint we used on the water works so well, as the light changes so does the painting.
We added a couple more trees to the right hand side of the painting today which worked really well.

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