Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brean Sands

It rained last night and was drizzling this morning as we sat eating our delicious full english breakfast, however by the time we had finished and been up to our room for the bits and pieces we wanted to take with us it had stopped and the sun was blazing!

First port of call was the Dark Arts Tattoo Studio to have a chat with Ade and get an appointment for 11.30am on Monday to have my bird of paradise tattoo redone and brightened up.
Then we went for a walk around the town, we know Weston quite well now its been a regular haunt of ours for some years.
It was so hot it was incredible-to think I could walk around in a sleeveless top at the end of October, and still be too hot.
Then out of the blue while we were having lunch at The Old Colonial ( pork steak stack with black pudding, cider and apple sauce and fresh veg!)the heavens opened and we had a storm-that stopped as suddenly as it started-much like April showers.
When I phoned home to check all the livestock was OK I was told by my friend that it had poured down all day there.
We drove on down the coast after to Brean Sands and just parked up and relaxed watching the world go by as the wind got up and we were to stuffed to move far!
I got some more photos of the scenery, don't know when I will find time to do all the paintings I want to do from the photos Ive taken this year!
We are staying in tonight-the fresh air has tired us both out-so we have got a lovely bottle of wine (or 2) in the cooler box in our room and we are going to settle back and watch X factor and have an early night!
Not sure where we are off tomorrow-lots of choices-a couple of boot sales on in the area so that will probably be first on the agenda-

We discovered yesterday when we arrived that Our host at the guest house is originaly from Ludlow and we know his Dad, so we had a lot of reminiscing this morning about things such as the Sticky Carpet lub from years ago!

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