Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pip The Parrot

We will be welcoming a new member of the family this weekend.
Pip the 30 year old female African grey is going to be moving in with my daughter and her partner Wayne.
Its quite strange really--we had our own grey -Jake off a camping and caravan forum over 18 months ago-his owners couldn't take him to their new home, and we ended up with him after reding about him on the forum!
While we were on holiday in Rye I happened to be catching up with friends on the forum when I saw someone looking for a home for Pip the parrot. Her owner had died and the owners daughter couldn't keep her due to lots of other commitment's.
After a chat with Bill we thought we could have her ourselves, but then we realised that it would be very pushed for space here with 3 parrots in the front room! I already have Jake at one end of the sofa and Paddy at the other!
After mentioning it to my daughter Becki-she had a chat with her partner Wayne and they are going to give her an always home!
Pip sounds lovely-she talks and is tame, although she is 30 years old-they live to an average of 70 years old so they can look forward to lots of time with her.
Both Becki and Wayne understand the commitment you need to have with parrots-they are not like dogs or cats even-they take up a lot of time and make an awful lot of mess as well. You would not believe the amount of dust they make!
It will take time to get her trust and for her to become settled with them -- Pip has a long journey on Sunday-we are meeting with Pips owner daughter halfway-so Pip has a good 4 hour journey bless her.
We will keep in touch with her owner and let her know how shes doing-no doubt she will be making an appearance on here and on facebook as well from time to time!

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