Saturday, October 31, 2009

Todays Class-Forest Pool

We had a great time in class as usual today--the students came from far and wide--Patrick came over from Hereford, Sandy from Ditton Priors,Rhada and her friend Gayatri from Birmingham, and Joanna and Robert from Welshpool!
Sandy and Rhada had been to me before but everyone else were complete newbies to it!
I had spoken to Patrick via email a few times-after he had been bought a gift voucher for his birthday--he was completely convinced he would be unable to do it--and in his email to night he likened the feeling he had this morning like that to a visit to the dentist!!
As he says in his email -he was proved completely wrong and he thoroughly enjoyed his day--his wife Linda went into town and came back early to see what went on in class-she liked what she saw and now wants to join a class at some point--she likes Mystical Moon.
He also said that Linda wants the painting hung in their front room so that should say a lot about my teaching!

Rhadas friend Gatatri is expecting a baby in March, so I was a bit worried about her standing for so long, but she was fine and really enjoyed herself.
We had a few laughs when they arrived and Gayatri introduced herself--I have a job remembering names like John and Anne-let alone unusual ones like Gayatri-however after she wrote it down we all soon remembered it!
Rhada and Gayatri came by train so had an early start from Birmingham, we had a bit of a rush to get the back to the station on time to catch the 2.45 pm train but made it in time!
Bill picked them up from the train this morning and bought them up to the room, and took them back again-all part of the service-if we can do anything to help we will.
We had met Joanne and Robert a few weeks ago on the market in town-they really enjoyed the day-produced some lovely results-neither were scared to put paint on the canvas.
Sandy had been to me a few months go for a one to one in which she painted Serenity in Blue-she told us about how when she took the painting home her hubby asked how much she had paid for it--when she said she had painted it -he didn't believe her and what he actually said couldn't be repeated in the class!!!!!! He was pretty well stunned to say the least!Joanne and Robert have been to other classes before mine-acrylic and watercolours-they both loved the techniques we used and want to bring one of their neighbours, and maybe buy her a gift voucher for her birthday.
All in all a bunch of happy bunnys.
We will see Rhada again next week for Summer Day!

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