Thursday, October 01, 2009

Path in The Birches/ The Pool

The latest in my series of birches are
" Path Through The Birches" which has been painted in acrylic on to 36in x 14 in canvas in soft shades of sage green and creams.
A pathway leads through the trees to a tranquil place deep in the woods.
All the sides are painted and it has been varnished with 3 coats to protect it.
The price including P+P in UK is £200

" The Pool in the Birches" has been painted onto a 20in x 16in canvas-all the sides are painted.
This painting is the first of its sort in my gallery--its been painted by both myself and my husband Bill!
Bill has been known to pick up the brushes and have a go before now but this is the first time one of the paintings has been offered for sale!
Bill painted most of the birch trees in this painting while I did the rest of it!

The pond has been painted with a special metallic paint--I have used 2 colours on the water-gold and green and it really works well!
The price including P+P in Uk is £100

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