Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wednesbury Art Society

Ive got a lot of preparation to do in the morning--Im off to Wednesbury Art Society tomorrow evening to do a demo for them.
Its a fair way off from us so I'm going to prepare as much as I can at home first of all.
The canvas can be coated with the medium and the paint put on the palette-brushes sorted out -all of which will save quite a bit of time and leave me to chat to members while getting the display stands put up and hanging pictures on them!
I will as usual be painting 2 complete paintings in front of the members--starting with the black canvas 16in x 20in  on which I will probably do a winter scene and then I will do a white canvas --again 16in x 20in -my Summer day painting always seems to go down well when its demonstrated so that's what I will paint most likely!
They have Charles Evens  and also Terry Harrison giving demos for them next year so I'm among good company!
Anyway--Im really looking forward to it--will post the photos here on Tuesday-will be late when I get back tomorrow night!

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