Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ludlow Medieval Fayre

We are on Ludlow Medieval Fayre tomorrow--dressed in all our medieval finery! We have to be up before 6am to get ready to go--the weather is supposed to be bitter cold-so we have lots of layers to wear and we will have our fan heater with us so we will be snug and warm in our stall.I don't think I will be painting much while there as it will be far too cold and I wont be able to hold the brushes!
I love the atmosphere there-and we had a busy day last year,,,so fingers crossed the cold weather doesn't stop folk from coming to the fayre!We are sure to have a laugh with the other stall holders--cant wait to see them in their medieval costumes---there has been a run on sales of leggings apparently--the men are going to get the mick took out of them something cruel--though Bill says he is wearing his under his jeans!
I'm wearing mine under my long dress-and have had a coat made that is authentic to the era for artists-made out of a pair of thick velvet curtains so I should be warm enough!
Well Im off to bed now--will post pictures tomorrow of the fayre!

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