Monday, November 01, 2010


Me and Bill had a laugh on Saturday evening carving out pumpkins for Halloween---
It was lovely to have the extra hour in bed yesterday morning--we were down the market for 7.45am --we had our usual stall-plus half of the one next to us as it was spare-we shared it with Angus who sells beautiful scented candles,pot -porri , lanterns etc. He had kindly set aside half of it for us.
I was able to use the stall opposite as well when we realised nobody was turning up.
The weather was kind to us--no coats needed all day-and the rain they said might happen didn't!
Nat a Tat came down to spend the day with us--she came in useful watching the stalls while I was painting and chatting to people about the workshops etc.
It was quite a busy day, but I was glad to get home after my back started playing up again--sciatica started up 7/8 weeks ago and there is no warning when it will start--can go days without any pain at all and then I can have a few bad days with it--thank goodness for anti-inflammatories and pain killers! I'm completely fine today after a good nights sleep--must go and ring the doc and get an appointment to see him soon!

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